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The programme is:—    

Carlton v. St. Kilda, at Carlton.  

Richmond v. Fitzroy, at Richmond.          

Geelong v. South Melbourne, at South Melbourne.           Essendon v. University, at East Melbourne.      

Melbourne v. Collingwood, at M.C.C. Ground.        

St. Kilda have often been involved in       dashing deeds of capture. Years ago the  

"red wheeled buggy " was used to convey the ensnared recruits to the seaside ground.

Mr. W. Byrt, the St. Kilda treasurer, does his work of capture without fuss, but he gets there just the same. Last week, Brady,     the champion of Murtoa, came to town.  

He was expected by three or four clubs,   all of whom were prepared to go to some secured for his services. He arrived un-   heralded, and he felt lonely in the great city.

None of the clubs who wanted him so much   had bothered to meet the train, and so     when Mr. Byrt arrived at half-past 9 next     morning, and offered him the glad hand of   welcome to St. Kilda, Brady went along     with him. He has been training at St.     Kilda, and will be in the team next week.   Donald, McDonald, and Hore will stand     down to-morrow, and Chapman, Cazaly, and     Ellis will take their places in the team.    

Carlton were rejoiced a few weeks ago   when they heard that Fisher, of Kyabram,   had come to town. Every club was after   him last season, and when he showed Carl-   ton that his reputation was justified all was bright. However, there came a day when the birds in Prince's Park carolled less     blithely, when the flowers in the rockeries

seemed to fade, and the whisper on the   corner told that Fisher had disappeared.   Mr. Clinton, the secretary, does not stop at trifles, and so off he went to the north     after the erring one. What were so many     footballers in the metropolis, safely regis-         tered with the League, compared to this shy      

country man, who was unregistered! Any   other adventurous secretary might waylay     him in the bush, and make him sign a regis-   tration from to some other club. Mr. Clin-     ton travelled 400 miles in a motor-car, and       found his man, who will, it is said, leave Kyabram to-day, and will be in the Carlton       team to-morrow. So will Hammond and     Caldwell, instead of Harrison, Willis, and Kieley.    

Melbourne had probably the hardest task    

of any team last week, for, with a re- organised side, they had to meet last year's   premiers, who had not a recruit in the    

ranks. Melbourne will do better than that.  

Their coach and captain, L. Incigneri, has been hard at work this week strengthening   the weak spot, and the Fuchsias to-morrow     should be a different side. Collins, of Haw-     thorn, twisted his knee at practice on Tues-  

day, and will be an onlooker for two or   three weeks. W. Allen will probably be in   the team.          

Collingwood are making several changes     in their team for to-morrow. Dufty, R.    

Gibb, Huntington, Seddon, and Saddler will be out of the eighteen. In their places    

will be Sheehy (back and ruck), from   Northcote; Hislop, a promising forward;       Dobrigh, the Trafalgar rover and forward;     P. Gibb the veteran wing man; and Good-  

all, a forward and followed, who played a        

few games last year.  

Richmond will been en fete to-morrow.       Their new grandstand, which is nearly        

finished, is to be the centre of a ceremony     by Mr. Cotter, M.L.A., (president of the    

cricket club). It is announced that the    

foundation stone is to be laid, but as the       stand is to be used to-morrow, let us hope         that Mr. Cotter's work is to be ornamental.          

In any case, it will mark a distinct advance for the Richmond club. Bettles, a back man        

from Brighton, and Maybury, (half forward),          

will replace Herbert, who is ill again, and         Ohlsen, who has not yet struck form.    

Fitzroy will probably play Jones, an big      

man from Lefroy Tasmania, to-morrow, Straw              

is all right again, but Teesdale's clearance        

papers have not yet come through. Mem-       bers are informed that season tickets may     be obtained at the Punt road entrance to       the Richmond ground.      

University have all the material for a         good side. What they want is cohesion and          

system. Tomorrow Schraeder, who was            

1 II nh when hurt last week, and Houghton, whose ankle is troubling him,      

will be out of the team. Vines and     McIntosh will probably be in in their      

places, and room may also be found for     Morrisey or Cameron.  

Essendon committee men were pleased     with the form of their team at Geelong,   but when it came to choosing the 18 for to-      

morrow they were in a quandary. Sewart     helped them by saying he was too sore after              

his knock at Geelong, so he stood out. Six

of the team—Caine, Kirkwood, Parkinson   McNeil, Lumsden, and Woolley—have been            

asked to allow themselves to be stood down     for a day, and it is certain that they will    

agree, as all are good club men. In their   places H. Neate (Xavier College), King        

(Ascotvale), Rahilly (Fitzroy), Gove (who         was riding at the picnic races at Deniliquin       last week), Hall, Bowe, and Shea will be  

given a run. The committee is issuing sub-  

scriptions for a memorial to the late H.     I < for so many years a trainer of the club.  

Geelong will be without Slater for two      

or three weeks, but Fairburn is available    

again, but the team is not likely to be     changed much. Already 2,500 members'            

tickets have been sold at Geelong, and over 1 11 people will go to South Melbourne to-  

morrow by a special train. the team to en-  

1 1 n nul «I HI mil h it, Geelong  

xt » ti IJ IA pm and will travel  

Melbourne from Spencer street by motor car.

South Melbourne are confident of beating   Geelong and of being premiers. This is          

''?1 talk of premiership thus enthu-     siasts are unanimous that South Melbourne           will take some beating.    


The programme for to-morrow is:— Hawthorn v. Footscray, at Glenferrie. Williamstown v. Port Melbourne, at Williamstown.

Essendon v. Brighton, at Essendon.          

Northcote v. Brunswick, at Northcote.          

Prahran v. North Melbourne, at Toorak Park.  

Brighthon faded away like a local fog on     Saturday just when they seemed to be      

doing well. Condition and system failed      

them. Espie, who was injured last week, will probably be out of the team, and Hen-

derson may be in. They hope at Brighton to have a clearance through shortly for Joslin from St. Kilda.  

Essendon will make some changes in their       ranks for tomorrow. Madden, the re-        

doubtable Mick, will be playing again. He      

is on his holidays, but will come all the way from Burramine to play. Many years         ago Madden was wanted to play for Essen-    

don (League) against South Melbourne,      

and Mr. Crebbin, the secretary, travelled      

all night by motor car to secure Madden.    

I shall never forget Mr. Crebbin's descrip- tion of the ride, nor the reception he re-  

cieved when the story was told in "The   Argus." Hardiman, the old Xavierian     rover; Fincher, from South Melbourne;  

and Mitchell, a 6ft. follower from the Leo- pold club will probably be included in the   team. Huntington will not be able to play  

for some weeks.

Brunswick are coming on. They got into    

their stride at Brighton, and hope to do   better still. White, from Fortrose, who     played with Richmond a couple of years       ago, and Munro, from Fremantle, who can    

do anything but follow, will be in the team

to-morrow, but Thomas is still on the doubtful list.    

Northcote have lacked a director, but        

now that there is a likelihood of McKen-           zie being appointed coach, that defect should           be remedied . H. Thomas is a likely absen-    

tee to-morrow owing to injury, but Veitch     has recovered and will be available. Syd.      

Hall will be included as a defender. North-

cote has some good men, but lack of train-    

ing and system has kept the club back.  

Port Melbourne will cross the bay, to            

meet their rivals at Williamstown, but will             be without Cook, Hayes, Anderson, and              

Bailey. King (from Fitzroy), Campbell,              

Uniacke (from Leopold), and Danks will      

probably be included. The team is in good heart, and expects to beat Williamstown.

Williamstown will have Schade, Cameron,            

and McTaggart in the team to-morrow, in-              

stead of Anderson (injured), Jones, and              

Grieves. All is going well at Williamstown,        

and they are looking forward to May 16, Footscray, and victory.                      

Footscray are having a quiet, successful

time, but they have so many players that          

it is hard to know who to leave out. There

will be little change in the team to-morrow.     Craddock, Gregory, Crouch, and Jackson            

are all training, and available for selection.            

Hawthorn, the infant club of the Associa-       tion, will be fully tried out to-morrow, when  

they will meet last year's premiers, Foots-          

cray. There will be several changes in the  

team for to-morrow; Salvado, Wade, Neil-        

son (a brother of the Footscray player),           and McCann will be tried, and Roach, An-         toni, and Schaefer will stand down. They               has some bad luck yesterday afternoon at        

practice, for Spencer (a recruit from Bal-  

larat) collided with another player, and    

broke his collar-bone.  

North Melbourne have had more than     their share of bad luck, but it is to be hoped   they have had it all at once. Keith John- son will play no more. His injury, a Pott's   fracture, is more serious than was thought     at first, and he is in a private hospital.  

Smith will be out for six weeks, Hardy for   the same time, and Carpenter and Gardiner           have not yet recovered. Miles, however,       will be playing to-morrow, and Barker was           training yesterday. He has been chosen in               the team for to-morrow, and to-day the   necessary negotiations and agreements will       be entered into. A footballer almost wants         a manager these times.    

Prahran will have a strong team in the   field to-morrow, but it is doubtful if Wood- head will be playing. He wants to transfer to Hawthorn, but cannot obtain a clear-  



The British Association fixtures for to-morrow are:—League Division 1.: Yarraville v. Preston,       Gregory; Albert Park v. Thistle, Cummings; Spots- wood v. Birmingham, Armstrong; Burns v. Prah-   ran, Palmer; N. and D. v. St. Kilda, Williamson.     Division II.: Footscray Thistle v. N. and D. A.,     Kay; Yarraville A. v. Cambria United, Means;     Thistle A v. Spotswood A, Hawes; Prahran A v.

Burns A, Medlicott; Hawthorn v. St. Kilda A,     Butler; Preston A v. Sandringham, Dempster.