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_THATI CHBITit4LS .XBLELING.. For niany weeks past'busy hands have mtade a transfornation of the Ilorshamn shop windows. The window. dressers' art has been well coiceeived i catch the purchaser's eye anid poe. ket. Thete is tnot a shop in the town that has not the, Christmas toneh; to particularise would he unfair since all have their own distinrtive display. Praise has betn extended before upon thi± artistic creations of one. or two outstanding windows, ýthich, again,are up to the standard.I Friday night ihought a big r rowd into the street, but last night it was, snrpassed, for. was not lhtiher Christiina abroad! De spitte the ._?arit" of pioney :and the tightness of. the plirse, it was turpris lag to note the unfolding of the gone. trois spirit for the sake of others. "I want to be happpy, and I won't +be' happy' until I make others happy too," i, the retfrnin of a catchy song, and that remrned to be'the slogan in Hor. sham last' liight. Around the. shop poits in both 'Firebrace and Wilsoil streets thlit' Cittititihs spirit wits x iiimplited, by the attractirve sight of greten cypress tree. W lhen aiu tor car ov'ertturned at the Aeherou cuiting. Alexander, a sign writier, Wli am Wilson, had his right arm njurjl.: lie Was taken to the hospital. Where it was found necessary tio nmamstate the.arin at the elbow.