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* CURRENT TOPICS (Advance Australia News Service.) . Christmas appiness. With so much unemployment in Aus tralia-we are not concerned with the causes of it at the 'moment-there is greater need this year for Christmas help for the unemployed, in addition to the ,funds which are. raised every year .at .this time by -'charity organisa tions, newspapers, etc. The Stat. Guov ernments are-making comprehensive ef forts-to provide Christmas relief, and everything that can be done should be ilone fo' halie Chiistmas happy for every individual in Australia. Those who have should no be.e lappy inless they share- with those who. have not. Everyone should. gtv aanid spr.di t he idea of giving, so tht ithe go*wiwll of this wonderful seaon-iannyv carry" bi:"s-. ings both to those waon give and to those who receit-. -'*Only wvl' the clouds be dispei'oli- bs you, and T , rd out ltethe 'midst of the surrounding selfishness an occadsoa1 gleam uf hlip fulness and kinwihnas," said r. Arun)lale in support'ng :.n :irptal.f:nm 2GB for a Christaust unempltiyment fund; 'as. yunand. T try to-iid .,ut those less happy than ours:.' -s. ,md Sgive -them happiness tn time of need. If you arc to haver. a happy Chr'shji:s you must make Ahe Lhiristiamaes f others happier 'thin .they would otherwise be. . - 'Cheriry Blossems. Whether they piss quaranm:ine oiir not. the gift of 6000 cherry treee oy-Prince Takamatsu for plant:ig at LtCrinira is delightfully charn-teristi- of Jirsan ese courtesy and gratitaude. it i'ikrs a subtle link between the I wo' euun tries The flowering of- a oodwlll fruit in friendship, and friendship is moic potent than armamen'a. aind All the pariphernalia of wair. Naked Sun-Bathing. Nude sun-bathing, which is all the   rage in France, is not likely to catch on in Australia, says "Macquarie Street," a medical specialist, writing     in the "Sunday P t. - : -- S yt '' dn:-y), because our ciimste is diferent e ourselves are diltoeirct froim the ts-cid mould of the y pi'al Mtdvae-}l.r'pl:'n. Germany was naif starvel fIr ysiis, and after the' Rat T.e. It.41'ts : ae nui.and other n:rarntriti. disorde's do-e her peops to tho e an.ight rn-u England, equally. sr..º.ea ? -s g:ýit ti'e saime inay. But w1 i-an iolt i inii.e Australianis sole a tv .idoptiing . mt:ed sun-bathing iin lhe nude purily is a health measure nceit:e- wP dec not itced it` .'Macquarie .-e t" says al] ih :e is to say :- " With our liberal diet and sunny skies ' the extreme' measures possibly applicable to war- trike and sun-poor Europ&rere uncilledzlfor Our lbathing. cQ ufn&ýrov etle.~lle -ped spaces-' ýfr -ti ` mi *Tmuntu:~~fh'tl~violet. honelit; so nc -hade notcisit to gein, and -i great deal to to.;e, by' guoin1l-e cwhole hog. -It is bar'vy worth it." All Good'Australisins. "All good Xbstrl'1i-u- and ifii y gncd I workers,'' o the'Prime antti-rir pr.)ud 'ly speaks of-ia Cabinet. The :tsistant Miinister for Cutstoms imdh-.tetoriRrnS', refuses to'-\iarany hbut '. us-t nclian hclothing, anxthe'-'r for (.ir-t.:ms '(M>r. Fenton) '"'t&s..: if he i. ofxred impiorted canned frds ". So we' rend in the press, Both Ministers saet the cpeople a patriotic eca~tiila* '*i !'iplmott ing home industries: If every. lit'zen dlemanmded- Autra.-iL--ie ie instcifd of Sforeign the probleth, of unemploynui at ,vouild solve itself and t hp pr.itieity of the country would be enormously increased. How ICtStrikes An American An Amcerican journalist who visited the Legislative AssemAbily in Sidnac lately found ti an anilusing ciperience to watch fhe indcobrous amenities of iheblate which cause so mnich distress ti Mfr. Bavin- and his supporters. Our American ' visitor. writes :-"One-some times wonders what would happen if 'the efficiency experts who can so - sue

cessfullv eliminate waste front a fac tory or business should apply their talents to legislative bodies! If wt'st ed words andi emotidn and tie iould* be taken out of our fgoveriinetcf `-hat. wonders they nmight accomplish.. On one side wag the Governngent. appar ently a fairly 'trong young lad, doing his handsprings as best he could. On the bther, the Opposition, his tongue in his cheek, boofng iall the Govermtient' efforts loudly until the patient 'Orlder. rorder,. rorder' of the yawning Speaker brought a momentary - peace." What a revolution'" would be accomplished if goodwill predominnted over party feel ing in our Sydney Parliament. Character Counts, "''Thweng,"'' the co-educational school at Mosinan conducted by prinmii pals'. imbued with new ideals in clJun tion has reserved a wall of one of its rooms as a -kind of national portrait gallery of great Australians. hanging not only their portraits but if possible sonime message or stirring sentence in the actual handwriting of the origi:nal. General Brudenell White. prince of AuIs tralian soldiers and - gentlemun, has nwritten as a message to the school: "We want in Australia to establish a God-fearing, happy and prosperous rare The fulfilment of these ideals rests with the children of Australi:a I beg their teachers early to inculcate the truth that in life character counts for Imore than auglit else. And character comes fiom high ideals. a marked sens of duty, a spirit of self-sacriice, anm! habits of indu.try. Will the boys an.l girls'. of Australia pledge . themselves tfi these aims5 - If they, do' they gill rige upjto those- allantl-fellows who diedjgt tlum~ n ;ho trust. "in? muinst last lag mntenmýrial ` The New Edison. ''The brightest boy in lhe Fnitlt States" he lis b-been called-the tall. spectacled 164-ear-old ynuitlh who w-on the examinntion- set by Edison and has a chance of succeeding to tlhe grinat inventor's laboratories and responsi bilities. Wilber B. Ilusaton led from 4S other youths representing all State in the Union. He made the highest grade on probably the hardest examina tion to which high school boys were ever subjected. His father is the Epis copal bishop of Olympian. Washington. who once despaired of his son because he did not take to classics. He takes naturally to science, and his- hobby is to tramp along the shores of Pugel Sound at low tide, collecting marine specimens for-his dried collection.