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, houid use NESTLE'S MILK _ .---__ .? DESPITE the fact that Nestle's inspectors rigidly inspect the health of every cow on Nestle's farms and insist on perfect cleanliness in milking sheds and dairies, Nestle's chemists have the final say. As the rich fresh country milk reaches the condenseries, every gallon is scientifically tested for purity. Not a pint below standard can possibly be accepted. Thus the Nestle's Milk you buy is not only absolutely pure, but rich in cream and valuable vitamins. i PURE COUNTRY MILK FROM HEALTHY COWS t ?,L Cut your costs RIMAR Y producers every- : where are proving byadual teft tinhat C.O.R. Power Kerosene is super-powered and non-carbonising; definitely increases the acreage per gallon and reduces overthauling co1s. Turn the experience of others to your personal advantage. Changer today to this profitable .fuel. . NON- CARBONISING Ol;XI ONWEALTH OIL REFINERIES LTD. S e P o urne Phon , M 6z. Refinery: Laverton, Vic. - OR RING HORSHAM 662.

HAROLD SMITH "IMBER, HARDWARE and IRN MIERCI?ANT, MJcPHERSON STREET, HORSHAM. (Due East of Convent). Full Stocks of Hardwood, Softwood and all Builders' Requirements at Low eat Rates. ESTIMATES GIVEN For all classes of buildings. Bing 'Phone 313 for a quotation.

$ Ink * ** r *OM S *i d S *i : :~:. ··-. *i i5~~ *~ *t '~ *

* SHOW ROOM ATTRACTIONS. listinctinve Spring Fashions for the Maid and Matron, abundantly arrayed. -Moet exclusive Itohe in floral gear g-ette, deplictinu the uneven hemline ; -very pretty designs in soft sprin ton Sigs ; size; S.. and W. Priced from £6 ti, to £ each. Smartly cut small women's Frocks in ' "el; els" "'Malika," Georgette- tland reversible satins ;. very attractive * styles. some with flared :skirts, others *showing the uneven effect: All the wanted shades. '£3 3/=: to £6 6/. , Quite the smaitest. Frocks for the small O:S. figure. These are showing in :.:'eelnese," georgette: and - satins. :Smartl cut to guivc slendler lines in navy,: green, beige\ niid black. Range * from £4 10/ to £8 8/ each. SDistintive styles are 'it special fea . ture tlhis ,;eisoli for the. out size and *i extrfa oiut si ligulre. N\ever have we ha* lid sih a variety of sumart gowns in * these it.,i;fifnits Georgette, crepe de c~ hine inidi celineseall cut on thelvery best lii?es, naiv y, ige nl black. . Moderately liricedi from £5 5/ to £12 * A wonderful variety of Robes and ? numper Suits showing, in nmos- attrac f tive designs, also ~eisemlde snits These are ino.tly unt in SW. iad :W. fittings. "Malika." reversible satins ndieelanese are- the fa?iored nmterialqs.. W.onderful. 3 variety to choose from at most n moder * ate prices. * × *F ·i-. A~~Et~ *e· ~ *,

IPrinted Satins are iite the' latet novelty in dress? ~fabhries. :Fascinattig robes, smiartly ,cut-"on circaiirr liues,': :with .the 'daintiest ;oilars. a:nd tuffs. -? Beautiful ranige: of quaint: prints 'to: " choose. from. Priced from £5 5/ to £0 9/ each. Slicilsive rainge of Summer Tweed(' Sostumes, all ,tailored on the' newest Hines, .some showing with half: belt' •elcro~s, front shades of beige and ,fawns, sizess S.S.W. to X.O.S. Priced froim £4 10/ to £7 15/ :caci. .W ouiiderful. range of Small Girls'.: Frocks. ..The daintiest: little- creations :. in ,celanese. mostly smocked :or em : broidered. Pastel" shades of pink." sky .iand creme,. sizes 1 to 20 in. Priced from `20/ to 45/ each. Simall Girls' Tobralco aund Indian Head ,Frocks and Suits. some self col ors .,and smocked with contrasting ishades, others' in sprigged designs; the daiintiest little styles, sizes 16 in. to 24 in:. Range from 6/11 to 25/ each.

Frocks in printed Rlyon;2 Fuji Silk and Locknit Celaniese:. Shades include new llue, raisin, lemon, alinond, nmenth and red l ;,'exclusive" range :to choose from and at - moderate,ý.prices ;'.sizes range from 24 in. to 36 iii. Inspection in lied. tainable in. great variety -in our, Show Roomn . .-~·. ~

Snce Straws are quite a now feature * nMd mo'st b'c Iomin they look worn with I he new Slring (owns. Two tone and s,!f tshades of rminlosa. menthe, naples a nd string- gracefully sliuped and ttrim I'red to suit all wearers. * SCharming Bangkok, Parribuntal and IHemp IIats, delicting the new drop * with iuneven sides. These are showing ina all thet new colors and daintily A trinmmed with .flowers and ribbon. RI:noge from 21/ to"65/ each. S Girls' Summer Hats have iquite a new Sn (lt this season. New Straws, Or un:l-e. also Basket Straws with small ; Sw t ers and pleated ribbons to adorn ; rhll i. Our range is most exclusive nl a full range of itzes.'. -Maids' Collpge BIazers in ngaranteed * S 11 woI l flannel bound with braid ; 'iz's range from 1 'to 9. Priced from 17/' to 21/ each. * la ids' College Tunics in regulation style with three box pleats, guaranteed Sc .uaing, sizes 20. to 39 in : 18/6 to S Malids' College Blonses In fuji silk * andl tllbr:llo. all cut on tailored lines. Molerately priced from S/11 to 13/6; all sizes. * Girls' College Hats in Tuscan shades: full range of head fittings bound and Sb.handed with navy ribbon. Price 0/11, untrimmed 5/11 each. Small Girls' Or.randi Bonnets and S :lts in a wonderful range of shades * and sihapes. Some with hail spots. Priced from 4/11 to 7/0 each. Complete range of Ladies' Tussorn Bloomers in sky. pink and creme, sizes ,.S.W. to X.O.S. Priced from 3/3 to CGirls' and Maids' "Lustre" Silk " " '! Bloomers and Princess Slips in sky, pink and cream. All sizes to choose frcmn at very moderate prices. SLadies' Underwear in Celanese. "Lns- * tre." "May Bell" and "Charm" in Shadow Bloomers. Petti-Bockers, Bra- - sitoires, yests, Bloomers. Slips and Vests. Most complete range, all rea sona)ly priced. Summer Cardigans in cashmere, also silk and wool : shades include.almond, i iniosa, sj xe and cream ; sizes . to * X.O.S. : most useful for tennis wear. 1Priced froin 27/0 to 45/ each.

: SHOW SPECIALS IN. GLOVES . * :' Fancy:,- Glove, showing turn-down ga luntlet cuffs in contrasting stitching' * in needed .shades. Price 2/3. S Gauntlet Cuff' Gloves. showing strap Sannd pearL buckle- ecuff, in shades of - cllampane,. delite, beaver, grey, black *i? and white. Price. 3/:. i Pleated turn-downi nfan cuyffd, - ood Sfine- quality suede. ,Price 3/11. Suedette Glove, showing fancy stitch ed points and metal buckle, gauntlet band, in bea ser; delite, grey,' black and navy.- Price 5/6.. S . ilk Glove. turned down cuff, in all shades. Price 4/11 . . * Ladies' Silk Glove, fancy vandyke ple ated cuff :,in. shades, of nude, rose c w ood, champagne,: grey., Price 3/11. Ladies' Fancy Gauntlet Glove, show ini~ smart contrasting, gauntlet finished,. w ./ith pearl button, -also contrasting. I points. Price 3/11. - " . Yan Ralte" pure silk Glove, show * in i a variety of fancy ganmritlet, cuffs:in * numerous new ~season s shadesj Price S9/U .to 13/11.

HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. L ustre' Silk IIosiery, showingV in shades of honey, beige, kasha, manon, . mars. Price 4/11. Bond's pure silk Hosiery, finest qual ity.:o in new seasonli's_ shades. Price Prestige Silk :Hosiery in: shades' of, rose, nude, vanlity, hogger, and other new shades. Price 5/11.. Banner Sjlk Hosiery, in smartest shades for present wear; -price 5/11.' Also Banner pure 'silk in, all shades:.: Price 6/11.' "Stale3! Silk Rosiery in every con cei'able shade. Price 5/9. 'Birkshire Bemburg" 'fully fashioned .Silk 'Hosiery, showing sinart- square heel in present season's" shades. Price Phoenix Hosiery, pure silk, showing spire, heel and' square '"heel? in thiree qualitiesa showing::shades ,o.f ;aloma, sunburn, suntan; dustan, etc. Price 8/11,.121115/6. Prestige pure silk Hosiery, Dnre silk throughout. in smartest season's shades. Price 14/11 and 18/11.:, Brettle's. Silkestia and Lustrini.- os-: iery in shades of nude, putty ?pigeon breast,' kasha, beige and 'grey.-. Price .5/11 and.7/11.

,KAYSER-WINDOW DISPLAY. Having a big shipment of Kayser Pure Silk Hosiery and Gloves opening * we advise you to take particular notice of our special window for * this class of apparel. The designs, * shades and qualities we feel sure Swill be most pleasing for all types of wear. Kayser half-heel pure silk, fully fashioned Hosiery, in shades of illusion, . , chalet, circassion, patio, etc. Price . • .8/11. Kayser 102X slipper heel Hosiery, in * good hine quality silk. Price 13/11. Kayser SSX slipper heel Hosiery, pure silk, 'in?hliades.of arab, roseskin, sand tone, jupitor. dune; Price 10/11. * Kayser, Fancyv.Lace Clock, pure silk / (Hosiery, in special new shades. Price / , 1 12/11. Kayser pure silk Glove in many new designs aind. howing very smart gauntt lets in shades suitable for all wear. / ILK Prices 5/6 to 6/11. / GLOVE/r _LOVV & HO C1 *;

*. [ .?J's Dust Coats :ingreynt fawn.I * ashing material, belt around.` bow *: 'Special Price. 9/11 each. SMen's Dust Coats, made from m-liard wearing aeroplane cloth, in grey, navy andl.fawn shades. - Show:Speci? Prlee 14G leach. ' Men's Fashion Shirts in: ~' quality e repp material, popular designh, collar'?: * to match. Show Special Price 7/G -x xc x -Ic

e' Fits Fashion Shirts iin poplin de hiuxe, collar to .-atchi; showing iiin all . n e w e s t .p a tte r n s . S h o w S p e c ia l :P r i c e:Fi k r n t 8/11 each. M .:en's Fuji Silk Shirts in iextra heavy ": quality, doubledouble. pure silk. i: Sishion,- Sports and ' Tennis styIes, -Shoe Special Price 16/ each.' - Men's:Fashion Shirts, made from the famouis "'Luvisca" material, with collar o match. Show - Special Price 21/ each: .' a. e-. n's Felt Hats in smart snap brim .. style .or bound leaf shape in popular faiwns, greys and brown shades. Show SSpecial Price 17/11 each. '.eni's Felt Hats in best quality fur, -: Silk ,lined; extra special trimmings, all the newest shades. Show Special Price. 25/ each. ui-: -r 1 :.Men's Imported Fur Felt fHats. We-;--. ,are,shonwing big stocks of Woodrow, i:Borialinos Mossants and Stetsons in th ~elattest overseas shapes and colors. ?M1en's Art Silk Sox in a big range ,of ?'dei~"is and colors, a wonderful wear Iun?: sox. Show Special Price 2/11 1)pair. Mien's Silk and Wool Sox in a good heavy qtutlity, made up in patterns and eulorinzs wnhicth are sure to appeal. Show S'pecial Price 3'11 pair. , Men's Wide End Ties in an endless 8 ' variety of popular colorings. Show Special Price 1/11 each.

Men's Wide End Ties in checks, * stripes and new small woven designs. * :, Show Special Price 3/11 each. Men's Suspenders inheavy quality * wide iwebbing in. assorted patt.lerns. show Special Price 1/6 pair. ' S.? en's` Pyramld Colored Border ,IT- .d.v ierchiefs, colors guranteed. Sliw. Special Price 1/3 each. Bo : ys' Fashion Shirts, collar to matcit same quality and designs as men's sizes. Show Special Price 5/11 each. Boys' Blouses in grey and striped d- " signs. splendid wearing quality. Show .:::, Slpe ial Price 2/11 each. owl - 3* j-_~y * *~i ir,-·* ~b~db~ ~t1 ~ *

0e***6 . * gO (A lvt*ýe #C3 i~i~i~f-3i·~is~i~ t-c~~·~-·~c·ci-ci·ldi~