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To-morrow will see the conclusion of the   Victorian Football League's competition for the premiership of Victoria, when St. Kilda and Fitzroy will meet on the Melbourne Cricket-ground. It is expected that, given   fine weather, the record attendance of   54,747 made last Saturday will be beaten. The incidents of last Saturday's game, when St. Kilda triumphed over Fitzroy, have lent additional interest to the match tomorrow, in which Fitzroy, as minor premiers, have the right to a second


In order to provide entertainment for the

early comers at the match the League has arranged that the semi-final of the military   senior cadets competition, Port Melbourne v. North Melbourne, will commence at 1 o'clock. The cadets have some promising   players in their ranks, and should provide

an interesting game.

St. Kilda will have exactly the same team in the field as has successfully borne its colours in its last two games, and this in itself is a great asset for combination, is a great essential in Australian football, and the men are thoroughly in touch with one

another. There is great enthusiasm in the seaside city at the prospect of premiership, and when the team did its final training in the field yesterday afternoon there must

have been quite 2,000 people looking on.   The stands and reserves were quite full.   St. Kilda has had a long stern chase, and some of the loyal supporters, who stuck to the team when for years it did not win a game are now looking forward to reaping the reward of their unswerving support.

The team will leave for Hobart next  


Fitzroy have put in a solid week's train- ing and will have their crack centre- man, McLellan who was away last week owing to a family bereavement, in the team again. The only change in the team con-     sidered likely until yesterday evening was the substitution of McLellan for Wil- loughby, who was disqualified on Wednes- day evening. At practice yesterday after-

noon, however, Bamford, who did so well last week, collided with another player, and wrenched his leg. He had to be assisted off the ground. The incident caused great consternation among the club's supporters,    

but it will not be known until to-morrow

definitely if he will be fit to play. There   was some talk of bringing Strownix down from the country to take up Willoughby's   share in the ruck work, but the committee naturally hesitate about bringing in a man who has been out of League football for some time. Lambert, who played last week, will be in the team again. The Fitzroy training-ground was largely attended yes- terday afternoon and the men all worked solidly and well.

There has been some discussion and many

inquiries regarding Fitzroy and St. Kilda members' tickets to-morrow. The punch-     ing of the tickets last week in some cases was hurriedly done, so that the space left for to-morrow's game was encroached on.       The League authorities will mark the tickets to-morrow in such a way that any   irregularities may be overcome. No one with a genuine member's ticket will be   blocked at the gates.

The League is issuing new numbers for to-morrow's game and the correct list can   only be obtained from the official list in the League's official publication the Vic-   torian Football Record. There have been attempts to infringe the copyright, but no

other list is genuine.


A match was played yesterday at Croxton Park between the general superintendent's office and the staff of the of the Railway department. Scores:— General superintendent's office, 3 goals 7 behinds (Willmott, Davis, and Goble); staff office, 3 goals   4 behinds (Ross, Chandler, and McLean). Best players were Willmott (best on the ground), Holmes, Linton, and Enderby, and Ross, Chandler, Stephens, and Bauer.