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WIEN THE SEA COVERED HAMILTON A cowry shell deposited at Mudtly Creek when the land there was about a hundred fathoms under the sea and .found by Mr. Walter Greed, of Hamil ton; was the subject of a paper read by Mr. F. Chaplain, A.L.S, F.G.S., to the Royal Society of Victoria. The paper states that the remarkable cowry describel ,by the late Professor Sir Fre derick McCoy under the name of Cyp raca. gastrolilax remained a unique spe cimen,, so far as the national museum collection was concerned, until the sub ject of this note wa, found by Mr. Walter Greed. Mr. Greed discovere his specimen, a nearly perfect example, in the lower beds at Clifton Bank, Muddy Creek, and presented it to the national museum. The fragility of the Muddy treek specimen made it sutr prising that the shell was obtained in so perfect .condition. As it was, how ever, a portion of the thin shelly flange had developed cracks more or less par allel with the periphery, and portions that came away had to be supported with paper. Other fractures seen in the shell ran in zig-zug fashion acro;s the peripheral cracks right through the .flange.into the dome of the shell. Thu prevalence of those fractures in the shell and flange seemed to suggest that there was an abnormal amount of or ganic basis in that type of shell.