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FASHION FORECASTS A -0---A AN ELABORATE EVENING WRAP. Travellers to the east will remember the quaint jacket worn by the Chinese coolies" from which westerh women have evolved the wraps so much in vogue at the moment. A charming example of the elaborate coolie coat

is worn by Louise Brooks, feminine lead in Paramount's "Now We're in the Air." It is carried out in French blue mnironcin" with a gay pattern of llowers and birds appliqued in shades of yellow and black satin. The lining of primrose satin shows at the edge of the vwile sleeves. EMBROIDER YOUR AUTUMN HAT. S;nmrt little model lints particularly ,uit:ible fot' between scetsoins' wear are worn Ibv C'lral Itow in her latest for P'araiuimt:it, "Get Yiur Mi a." Withl a tv.ilor.l .I uit of slk she wears a finll(e r'l.hel tm r:It' I:it. rill l rcf o o'"" and slightly droopedl of brim. The fea ture of eit ha:t is the trimming, whinii consists of wicaths of tiny tlawers and leaves tnlroiiiiwetld with r11l;i n on I t straw of thelt' r.o'a. This trinmmingi hlas an air quite in k.'tpin;g with the straight lines of lther suit and yet adls a note of bright color to her outfit. Clcvir lfinit'rs wil! bie alh!i to adolp Miss Bow,'s I idea to liir io' n:'e at little cost an., withll wornderfullly results. WINTER COSTUMES. The' two-pier e luit is still continuing in favor, hu, thl' ..e''.l s',wiiig fol the coming ii ,season vary in minor mat ters of det il from lIst year. Coats are.shorter andi more of til' sal vari ety; skirts are still Ivery rief, biut are cleverly cut with pleats to give plenty of freedoiI. Esther lIalston features a very smart two-piece in "Love and Leorn."' a new release for Paramount. It is in fine light-weight cloth of a pinky-beige color and the long revered collar and wide cuffs are carried out in squirre/ fur. The skirt is pleatedi in litie knife pleats, stitchetd half way down. ŽMiss Ralston's jum per i:: a very originail ncte theing trim meed with s'ltin in a sunray pattern.