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A Merrier Christmas There are indications that a montli hence we wiltl be celebriting then mer riest Christmas that we have. experi enced for some years. The last: two Christmnases were a painful period to nmalny peoldle. whose exhausted baIik iecounts ldebarrtd festivities of any kind. But now it is pleasing to learn that there will he much more money circulatilng this Christmas than there has boon for a.couple of years. During Ihe week silier aind cooner coins to the value of I)£30.00) were, taken fronm the Conimuonwealth Subl-Treasury for distribution to the various banks,. to meect the extra demand for "channgu" during the Christmas trade. Last year £10.000) was sulicient to cover the relquirements of the trade. These sil ver and coppier coiins are sold in bulk over the counter by the Comnionwea1'' Treasury. and are sold by weight. This wrek's supply was delivered in the banks on a lorry drawn by a couple of horses, but accompaniedl by full armed policemen. Two banks each took two tons of coins for distribntion througihout their branches. Christmans shoppers have also made their appear ance in Ilorsham earlier this year. and there are plenty of signs to lead us to belie-ve that this year we w-ill regain much of the old-time Christmas festive spirit.