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Th^re, in die privacy %jt Jus sanctum ihe Colonel sat, and edited his paper with the predatory shears and the dishonest paste pot,

Max Adler.

Ostrich feathers frequently fetch £yo

per lb.

The edible dogs in China have blue


The annual profit of the Suez Canal is


Miss Ina Wildman (" Sapho Smith" of the " Bulletin") is dying of diabetes.

Robinson Crusoe's island, Juan Fer nandez, has been destroyed by an earth


Leading Victorian banks are reducing their rate of interest for fixed deposits to

2-J- per cent.

A Charleville butcher recently sold a bullock hide in Brisbane for £2 14s. It

weighed 91 lbs.

Julian Thomas, " The Vagabond," a writer of great ability, died at Melbourne on Thursday last week.

Judge Windeyer has retired on a pen sion of £1820 per annum. Thus is the country's treasury depleted.

It is not generally known that Bishop Barker's carriage is now used as a mourn ing coach by a Sydney undertaker,

Sydney Meat Preserving Company have bought 6,409,037 sheep and 50,489 cattle during past 14 years at Homebush.

The last descendant of Daniel Defoe, the author of that most fascinating of boy's stories, '* Robinson Crusoe'" died recently.

The vacant Judgeship was offered to Mr. J. H. Want, who could not accept. Acting Judge Cohen has, therefore, been


I»340»I35 cattle sold for £6,146,621 during past 14 years at Homebush sale yards ; also 25,293,501 sheep, of the value °{ ^9.959.315

14 lines of steamers ply between Europe and Sydney. Practically, a steamer leaves Australia for Europe every other day.

It was Mr. Gladstone who declared that the State could never concede that a " permit to sell intoxicants should be converted into an estate."

Eight bottles of whisky at a sitting or one hundred bottles a year, are drunk by the Dandenong Shire councilors,-and paid for by the ratepayers.

Charles Dickens, junr., recently died. He had all his illustrious father's indus try, and made nearly as much money in

an American lecturing tour. i

The late Julian Thomas ("The Vaga bond") was the only journalist ever al lowed to land on the Isle of Pines, a New Caledonian convict settlement.

Following is the full title of the peer named :-Marquis of Dufferin and Ava, K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., G.C.M.G.,. P.C-, D.C.L., L.L.D., and


Mr. T. R. Smith, senr., father of Messrs Sydney and T. R. Smith, M's.A., died at Penrith on Saturday last. He was for years landlord of the Red Cow Inn at


In August, 1845, a public meeting of inhabitants of Yass was held " for the purpose of deciding on the best means of procuring shepherds and labourers from

Van Diecnan's Land."

The name of one of the claimants of the Gore Estate at North Sydney was John Henry Ogilvie Gore Power Ffrench. He suicided-the name was too heavy a burden for any man to bear.

Dr. Barnardo in 30 years has res cued 30,0000 destitute children from a life of misery, vice, and crime. He has -emigrated 8,000 boys and girls to the British colonies, mostly to Canada.

The free population of New Caledonia is 13,038, the convicts 19,757, natives 27,238. The oldest inhabitant is Bere voski, who attempted the assassination of Czar Alexander II in Paris, June 6,


The Divorce Court on Tuesday morn ing made absolute a decree nisi granted to Mrs. Dean against the notorious George Dean, and declared the marriage dissolved. The petitioner has custody of

the child.

Sarah Cashman and Katherine Wearin, found guilty of drugging Henry Carter and robbing him of £129, have been awarded 3 years' penal servitude. One prisoner had 85 and the other 82 convic tions recorded against her.

Solicitor Kong Sing very properly told Stipendiary Delohery, in a Sydney Court a few days ago, that he didn't see why Chinamen were raided and hauled to

justice and heavily fined for playing fan- tan or pak-a-pu, while Europeans who  

gamble in pubs and clubs and private houses remain unmolested.

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