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. Off with the skirt ami into the swim with this sleek costume which we made in headcloth with contrasting: corselet of spotted cambric. A zip fastener in thc back seam makes this the neatest pos

sible flt.

fíRACE yourself up. Lace yourself up. \

And you're in your 1956 swimsuit. Ifs a new hot number with an old-world

charm for starting off the New Year with <


WHAT'S NEW? swimsuit.

WHAT'S OLD? corselet lace-up.

In the past we've had the most daring Bikinis, the scantiest of all swimsuits. Some were made with just a couple of knotted handkerchiefs.

Now the pendulum ls swinging back tb the covered-up look. The newest swimsuits are made as a. basic one-piece with a detachable lace-up corselet and little-girl skirt.

A demure eye-catcher, these two-in-one swim suits will be every man's favorite on the beaches this summer, too. For men prefer to see a girl in a frilly skirt rather than a Bikini. It's more femi nine.

You'll be able to wear

lt's o two-in-one lt's the Nell Gwynn

it with the skirt and look frilly. Or without the skirt and look slinky. EITHER WAY YOU'LL LOOK PRETTY.

Our dressmaker's inter pretation of this ARGUS SLICKS pattern will be on display in the Myer's fabrics department until Friday.

TO MAKE THE SWIM SUIT you will need one yard of 36in. wide mate rial, one 16in. zip fastener.

TO MAKE THE COR SELET SKIRT you will need one and a quarter yards of 36in. wide con trasting material, four yards of bias binding, one and a half yards of nar row ribbon for lacing, six whalebones .- four 5in. long and two 4in. long.

Make a paper pattern from the diagram below.

Each square represents 2in, Allow for turnings. To. fit a 34in. bust size.


TTsiNG pattern A on ] ^ fold, cut front. On 1

double material, cut B 1 (back) and C (bra-top). '


1. Take in darts on A and B as marked with dotted lines. Join centre front'seam of C. Gather lower edge as marked and join to top of A.

2. Join side scams. Join centre back seams as far as marked. Insert zip in centre back opening. Join gusset seam.

3. Gather top edge of C as marked, so that it measures 20in. across when complete.

4. Using bias strips in contrasting material, bind top and' leg edges. Still using contrasting material, make four straps in double material to measure 2lin.

long and lin. wide. Stitch two straps 2in. apart at each side of front for a double halter neck.


fold, cut twice. (Cor selet ls made in double material.) Cut two pieces 36in. wide and lOi-in. deep for skirt.


1. Tack the two corse let pieces together at waist.. Join two skirt pieces together to make a two - yard . wide' strip. Gather one edge and join to waist of corselet.

2. Bind all edges. Make five evenly spaced eyelet holes -.lin. from centre front edges of corselet. Slot ribbon through eyelet holes for corselet lace-up.

3. Cover whalebones with' odd scraps of mate rial and stitch to inside of corselet, stitching the four , 5in. long bones one each

side and lin. in from centre front edges, and one each side and 6in. in from centre front edges. Stitch remaining 4in. long bones 10¿in. in from centre edges.


Watch for next Tues day's ARGUS SLICKS pattern . . . it's for a cute pair of Cuddle-Me Cotton pantaloon pyjamas which arc just the thing for hot summer nights.

fl) Desiree Johnson models the up-to-the

tecond swimsuit with j the old-world charm) all of its own. Covered I with the laced skirt, it has become a frilly playsult. And thc corselet band is de signed to take inches from your waistline,

. BELOW: To moke the swimsuit *® and corselet, cut paper patterns from these diagrams, in which each square

repprcpsants two inches.