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* The J orluno Himlir at Hie flicatrc Royal, Is still attracting crowded liou«eb

\f the Priure-ws Hicatre 'Barr) of Hull)

moore' will U plajul foi only six more ni Kitts. On Sfllurdu next Hit. Parlhh Priest* will bo. stn* tri b. Mi Doone

Mthôufih Struck Oil ' nt the King H Theatre, lins pro.ed u SUCCÍ-» the drama will be withdrawn on 1 ndJ> On Saturday next "Arrah na Pogue ' will he produced

J mm H first Pla\ ' is meeting with n large measure of success it.the Bijou Theatre V theatre partr will lie held In tin Women s Political Asso ci it ion In the family Urcle, on Thursday next

j The followiiuf«ts will make their re j inppiiranre nt the Opera HoubC this afternoon -

llenri l-unüi the mtoxtratcd (.eniub \ G Spry, Miss Mingara Ogilvie, «tul Harold ltcevcs, drtmauc

Ki ri tone

1 U the Snowden four new _ ii king and Singing

Pi* tuns, In jil 1009ft, will be presented at the nmtiucc and ivcnhi-r performanees.

Wirths Circus will rim for another two weeks ind new artists direct from 1 «rope and America ire hooked lo open on Monda) next. 1 here will he

a mat mt c to dnv

Moondine* and 'Ivanhoe" the two ular sub joel« at Hoji p, SI Georges Hall, will be shown I for the 1 ist time to nihill Isojct week *'Dr Tckyll

and Mr H>de M as told bj Itobcrt Louis Stevenson,

will be screened

Wirth'b Skntinr Palace will hold on Antarctic Ga nu \ ill on Wodncsduy evening, September 24

Tho progriinmri presented nt the Kmpre**s rheaíre. Prahran attract crowded niglrtl)

At the Ivrit* Theatre Prahran, the picture pro- gramme is replete with the latest bloscopic produc-


U the. Melba fliealrc the star film is "Tragedy at the Big Hgle Mine" * The Still Voice" and

Pedor" are populai fllui- at the llritannla


.he Glenferrie Tlieatie programme this afternoon and evening will nu hide the Discovery of America, tommpnémg on Monda) next Adam I-indFa) Gor dons The Sick Stockrld.r* i. announced to be


The kinetophone T \ I>1{son*s latest develop- ment in cinematography vvhorfiby right and sound are synchronised, will be introduced at Spencer's Oljmpii toda) Included in the programme of

silent" pictures will be "Cbristppher Columbus."

The I II Nunn testimonial benefit matinee, which tal es place at the King s Theatre on Tuesday next proini-cb to bo unusually successful The prjo gramme embraces all the principal arhbts from the

different theatres.

In the Auditorium this afternoon the sixth and last of the present series of Chamber Music Con rerts will be given

-rrantrements for the "¡eason of American comedy at the Majestic theatre are complete, and Mr Harr> Carbon Clarke will open there with his new compati, next Saturday night, in "Whose Baby Arc lout ' by Murk M Swan

The picture* of Paul T T.ainey's African hunt ore a great source of nttraction at the Auditorium, where thc\ are being tlispltvcd every afternoon and e\enin_: The Auditorium being otherwise engaged thorn will he no matinee this afternoon, but the pictures will be shown to ni^ht

The D-iudiç- are announcing their lost,nights at tfie Athehxum Hall ilic plan is at Glen's.

Mi«s Dorothea Spinney tho 1-nglish tragedienne, will give the last of the Precian plays at the Inde pendent Hall on Wednesday evening next.

Messrs Horace Tohn Book the English enter taincr, and John McGownn, biritone, will gi\c a popular recital at the Masonic Hall on ?Wednesday,

October 1

"Next Tuesday evening an interesting programme will be ghon in the Masonic nail by students of Mi6s Hose McGowan The box plan is now open

at the Pianola Co

At the New G .lett Theitre this afternoon and to nfght the seven Heraldos, acrobats and Eurtis Roosters will be included In the comprehensive


At the Royal Pictures Chapel street to day and to night, the chief attractions aro "Moondyne," a Btor> of the Australian bush and 'Ivanhoe,'* an adaptation of Sir Walter Scott's stor).

At the G lae ian um to night Frauleln Frieda _? isolier and Professor I-rich Koch give an ice skating dlspla), and this occasion will be their last appearance for the season, which colses next


Madame Clara Butt and Mr Kenncrley IUimford will give a return season at tim Auditorium, Mel bourne eommincing on ibaturdi), September 20 Preliminary bookings arc now being received

At the Chamber M tiste Concert on "Wednesday evening next in the Town Hall, the programme wall inelude Dvonks Pianoforte Quintet which Mr G oil studied under the direction of the com


V feature of Wests Pictures this week is a m)Htic drama, ' Dr Mcholsou and the Blue Dia mond" which will be shown at the matiuec this ' afternoon and to night for the last time

The last five nights of the ' Butterflies" at the Majestic Theatre are announced \ matinee will be given this afternoon Tonight the company will appear in n change of programme

Manv attractions are promised at the People's Concerts in the Temperance Hall this evening

Mr Gregan McMahon s Repertory Company will enter upon its tenth season at the Athcnanim Hall on September °0 with John Galswortb) s great drama, ' Strife "_