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Spcclnl Ocean Forcen«-.

(Issued hy the Weather Bureau, Monday, D p.m.)

"FreMh to «Iioiik mid nquiilly ivi*M(i-rIlt*_ ullin*, mill fioulli from Hie Vlctorlun eonnt."

Squally conditions generally obtained on .fondnv between the Bight and Tisminia, and nie hkclj to be maintained for the pi osent, espceinll} with increase of lntitudc

i-outh fiom the Straits


LONDON, Sept 15

T irly in lune the Peninsular und Orienta! Steam Nnwgation Co nnnouneed thnt a new monthly sen ice was to be started beta, con J ondon and Fast Const ports mid Australia \n the Cape The Ben inn, which ih in I <ihled for this service has been launched It is a sister ship to the Ballarat, Bell im,

anti Benalla


BRISBANE, Monday -R.M S Oí \ icio bel thed at tlic New I arm \VJmrf this moin nig being the first \csscl of the Oncnt line to come so fit up tim mer


Within an hour or so >e.tcrday morning Port Melbourne underwent n striking change in appear imce due (o the Arrival of tin Iiojil M HI liners OroiiU«. and Morea and the Ccrman Mail lim r tiorben Hie Orontes ..likli carne from S>dw*y is homeward hound and will resume htr \o>Uf.e to morrón whilst tie Morea and Gooben which arc on a .mit fiom Uiropc arc to sail for S\dnc> to


Coastal passenger liner, to enter in appearance here yesterday mamine were the Indarra from Syd ncj the Warilda and Coomi, from Queensland ports and the Warrimoo from New Zealand Wa liol art The> berthed beside the wharf

J he I* and O Branch line is represented here it I r_.fc.ent hy the Uilcannia und Common.vcalíli Hie former arrived from Sidney on Sutidaj and is berthed at Williamstown being homeward bound The Commonwealth reached port jesttxday from London Ma Cape Town and Adelaide Wiring up a Iwrth in the Victoria Dock to land patwbcngcra und general cargo The Wilcannia leaves for London to day

The Francois Mluch ns her name implies tails under the trench fla-i, entere 1 Port Phillip Heads jestcrdn. afternoon from I Iverpool but fin imp; the prevailing winds unfa von rabie was eompelled to anchor off Portsea in the evening Hie barque which cirrics general rargo lias mile a creditable ".oja^e of 0!í dnv«; She lias a qunntit. of ex plosives-about ° 000 leets-to tranship at the Al tona powder anchorage

0% VcshcIh

JIuritai ( line) left London for \ustralia

Sc.t 10

W alpara (B 1 S \ Co) homeward hound or

rived at I ort Sai I on September 13



north v, lum Vessel Hcrth


1 elna No 17 . Ylurildi Coogee No 10 Port I íncola Warrimoo No 21 . Vl_i.iilt.ini . Cooma No .-! I otlirni*,LU

ludan j No 21 Pottin(,en SOUTH WHARF


No _ Apoldi No S Commonwealth No 4 Vustralla No 111 Hob irt

Vo li Berwick I air_

I OYW R SO! Til VV II VRb -.lava

PORT V1LI BOURNF - Railway Pier - Orontes

Morea Gochcn

V, II II WISTOW N - New II VI A S Melbourne

ANCnORLD IN THE BVi Bart Dart, Aurora

Pier - Wilcannia - tolinvolil Jean STnAiinns io Aiim\n

Nortlitrn Dimboola Otinili

hinoiinit W uimatG SulToll

W olloivra

(,llE|,Ott Sidnei

Nun .orl

ntlc Burnie Si dne>

Montreal Si duel


lo lu Hie 17

Soi t IS

N pt IS fat |it IS Scpl IS Sept IS

sir* Ailinn s io sait.




Warilda Oonah

VI ilcuitiia Vld.nliam Hobart Gocbcti

1 ort 1 incoln I ootig ina r omi lulim Orontes

V\ irrimoo llimbool i

V mt .coona

lino« Iel Hall Man in ilu

S.dncy Cairns Burnie Iondon Tapan

.ntiicrp Sjilnrj Sjdiicj

1 .unccston Ouecnslnn 1 I romantic Ilirop

\cw /.aland S.dnei

I amice sion

South Afrlel lakes

Jodnj To daj

Sopt 1 So|t !" s |t !" Sctt 1 Sipt 1

So|t 1 Sopt 17 Sept. 1

Sept 1" Sept 1

HOBSON'S BAY VV itcr -his Dai -" Jim 1 "I p m

Nepi 11- 0 a in VI ml N strone; vi either dull s |ual li 1 p ni VI in I N straw, vu ithu dull squall! 4 | in VV In I N mo kratc

,either dull squall}


Williimsloun Hall-Time of Drop - Sept.

I'll .Dunn ft-Ssei pm filan hrri time cr cspotidinc lo Sept 1_ 21i f-iiiiii 6. boee a I Grtiuivlcli mein lune

I ost ollicc i loci, at 1 p m Sept 15 2 lscc


Ari-l-ic-il-Scpl 1.

Orontes It VI S (Orient lino) P (li.. Inn« 11 t Stiunttn irotn fa> d_e> cn routt. lo I urope i [ orls t

Vlorci S (P and O line) 10 SIM tons

Andrews from I irope ila | orts Pas mucra (as per list telctrrap! i-d from 1 rcm-lntlc alix id} pub lislied)

Coomi ss (Vustnlhn Steamships line) 4 000 tons H G Smith from Quccn_l ind i orts and S.dncj

VI irrimoo s s (Union lint) T Maclean from Non /caland ports an 1 Hobart

Inhrri s s ( \ U S N Co line) 0.00 tons VI VI Osborni from "itlncj on route to Ade

laide in 1 I Ycmintle

Warilda u (VI hilo SS Co line) - " tons _ Vlackonrlc from Sulnoi on route to 1 r mintie iii Vdclaldi

1 micois trench bq 1 Oil tons - vloran from luorpool V Irgoc Son and Cliapm in igints

CoibLn (Ccrnun mall liner) s "0- lons T Mliborn from 1 nrope vu ] orts I it-cngt-rs (a* per list telegraphed from 1 romantic airca li pub li=hed)

Cominon-oiUh s s (i and O branch line)

0 011 lons I Huss-ci Cooper from (vondon ila 1 orts John S indcrsoii and Co agents

Aurora si f K Davis from Hobart (for docking) I B 1 llerker Prop I Id agent_

Melin rill rex-SlpI IB

Rotamah tua for Launceston 1 umeralla W arrnambool

Clcnrcrt Out-Sept lt!

lahrnohl lq J Pulla for Cullao I nell an 1 Co at,cnt *,

IntcrKtntc Cluiran,.,.,-Sept Ï5

Rotoimhana «s "000 lons P Maitland for launceston Hutlilart Parler ltd agents

Brisbane bs D VlacDonald for Neu castle Vlelbournc S S Co I td , agents

r*.|>urln -Scpl "

I ihrivol I for Callao -"0 Ool bigs »holt


(Distances Reckoned Via the West .dianne! )

Meroin \

GV.1'1 SCilVNCk (J Vhles) - Inward-Sept 15-9*0 am Knowsley Hall and l.mvon

NI VV II \* 1 N (Oil Villis) - Arrive 1- Sept la 1 II Iliirdcn mil I Isinore front citiise

IVII SON S I'HOMONI-Om (119 Milis) - In ward-Sept IS-1J 0 a m Clan I irnuli tr 1. . nu, Knowsley Hill 1 lu am llarwon 8.1a i ni Hav I 1) 10 a ni topsail schooner 11 10 am Vlitlnlda _ Ja p tn 11 ivvl es lliv mid Wear Outward-Sept 1 >-Gi, pin I ircoola

LAMS 1 N1HVNC1 (21. Villes) - Irritai - Sept It-Vlanivv lill from Melbourne Sept la- ll inllali and Queen cliffi Irom Vlclliourne Sailed -Sept lo-Vlanivvatli for Vlclboiune

I VI10 1=1 IND (1 1 Ville) - Passed Mest - Sept 11-7 0 p ill « rai Sept la-I î, a m , lltwkcs II iv 111 am, sleuner 720 am. Prophet 1 0 pm Ijinmeroo I'issel North - Sept 14-7 I. pm steamet ft 10 p m Period, 10 50 pin Cuitara tofi pin Jeoonda

SPMI I'OINI (I.I Hiles)-lim ird-Sept 15 10 41 um birqui sltti toloitr

CVP1 Ol'llV (101 Miles) - Inward -Sept 1. - , nul tluee misted barip» Olltw ird-Si pt 15-1 V> pin Clan I intiihar Pis. eil 1 ast - Sept 15-11 li lil Rill post i Valrl ti IO a m sup po ed 1 auderdili , I. p ni sti liner )ellow fun uri black top living 1 QSC

CM'I N1I.ON (00 Mill.) - Inw ird-Sept 11-7 15 Mil lui ob Sept la-I'la pin supposed Dtinshw

NI » Sill 111 WALIS

GRFIN CM'I (I ' Villis) - Passed South - Sept 1 .-1_ .* pin lammiroo

SVDNIV (5 Mihi) - Vrnvrd-Sept 15-Vin luu from Sin I riiitcisen '"yruini and Time from Km I hampton Sjdnn from M. Uroona Niklo Mai ii fiom Jnpin hntooinhi from (lis gow Stolbei" from Ilaiiihtlrg, Kunownt, from t'liitnslitiil I alni i from farndon Sailed-Sept lu-Hellenic for Hull Captain Cuni for south

M WClSiH (W7 Miles) - Vrrivcd-Scpt 14 -Melbourne fruit Vuet 1 mil Sept lo-f.hiltons M etriliee and C) ret in from Vlelhourui Cadmus from Ide! tide


nitlbimi (1074 Miles)- Vnlu 1 -Sept 14 Changsha Iront Hong Kong Sept Ia-Ii VI S Or

líelo from London Sumatra, from namburg, Mata tua from Dunedin Houtman Innamincka, and Itomlul i from Melbourne Vallina, from Sydney (¡abo from lloclvhampton, marloo from Cair_!

salle 1 -Sept 15-Chat igehn, for Sydney, Houtman

lor ItnLivia

DOU11I.1 ISLAND -Passed. - Sept 15-Upolu,

for Miirv!lorotlc,h

WOOI)\ ISIVND- Sept 15-Limerick, anchored

off VMilti Cliffs from London

MVlnllOllOIJGH (I iii Miles)-Sailed-Sent li

-Tin ma, tor Hund iberg

CAP!' CU'IHCOHV - Passed -Sept. 15-Can

turn foi Melbourne

-.l^ lill I,-Sailed-Sept 14-Wlllstilre, for


ItOUvIl ' MPTON (15.5 Miles)- '.rnv rd -Sept.

11-Hitrwah from iSydnev

lOHNSVILI.I (I Bl" Miles) -Arriv-ed.-Scpt H -\V)aiuh i from Cairns Providence from Bril bane Sept lr-Wodonga from Brisbane.

POITvT MIUI1 It -Passed -Vpt ll-Ujaiida,

for Mndrat

0001)1 ISI \NI) - Pnssel-Sept ll-Strathbtrs, south (sigllnllid Iteport me to mv owners )


VnUVtDr ( 01 Mlles)- \rrivcd-Stpl H Rupari from Port 1 tncoln Sept 11-Dimboola from West Viistialn I ssc_ from Liverpool Cevic .CMS. /letón ind Vincas from Melbourne

Sailed-Sept 14-II VI S Ps)che for cruise Sept

11-Dimboola for last


AII1VNV (1 tOO Miles)-\rriv ed-Sept 15

Ivomurn from eist Silled-**cpt la-Wandilla,

for \dehl le

mrvllVIll (li*r, Miles) -Vrnvrd-Srpt 15 -Wallntito lr ni Sivimmh II VI S Malwa [tom

easl Silled-Sept K-II VI N. Milvva for bon


nnOOMP-Siiled-Sepl 11-11 MS. lenton»,

foi survey grounds

DI Rli". -'-illili -Sept II-Minderoo for Singa



SI INI I I. (l*r Miles)-Arrival-Sept II-Mar

rauih Irom Vlilboiirne

nilliNII (tr -ville ) - _tived -Sept la-Ko». me la ii oin lung Island

TOW III VI) ( 10 Miles)-Sailed - Sept la 4 41 p in 1 ooiic. um for Melbourne

11011 VIU (174 Miles) - Vrrived -Sept la-Pi loom, fiom s^dnev

Mil /I \LAND ] nillir (1 20, Miles)-Arrived-Sept 15-1'aira. I gantil from Vlelliournc I

ORnMOUTH-1-tiled-Sept lo-Ivaituna in I Melbourne I

\UCI!LAND (1041 Miles)-Sailed-Sept lo- I V letón i foiSvdnev Ivoromil o for Newcastle I

CISIlflRNI - Vrnvcd- Sept la-Senonla from I Newcastle |