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When a voung Englishman is known as a remittance man one begins to suspect Hut lim career may have been n bil sluuh lmi so it turns out in the ease of Roger Colville, who is onl\ won back lo in honourable life llnough the love of an Austi ih in gul, Maisie Djer The stoiv is told in a new film, 'The Komittuncc Man," which was shown pnvnlclv nt Hovt's Picture lhcitrc vesterdaj by the I.incolu Cass 1 llms Piopy Ltd who ire responsible for its pioduelion Colville is a bank clerk m Alelbouiue who has embezzled the bank's funds to tide lum ovci financial difhcultics no has lust mel Mnibie but lov e is not j tt av ow ed belw een them and she is just leaving Melbourne to return to her fnthei Ned Dvci whom "ho has not seen foi ton jeirs Ned Dvci is a chauiclci in his district, and puzzles all his neighbours by his possession of plenty of cash which he spends lovallj al the hotel

in the little township of iniainba Ifc does no vvoik on his land but the secret is tint he has discovered a nell illuual pitch and is hoirdmg tho gold

When Colville ne\t meets Alusie it is ii her home Ile has left Alclbouruc mil it

rived at Tinamba where ho icsetus bei father fioni some local i lillians who ne determined to dei cc lum He h uns the old mansseeict is templed bv Ins ill luck md in the great scene of the film is discoicud bj his swcetheiil Al usu sti IIIIIL, lui fathers ti casino He pie ids foi it lenip lion and Maisie won b\ lu pa sum itc piavirs and moved bv the pininpinin nt hei own heart believes she can win lum back to a straight course But then tioubles are not jet ovel Now Dvci in iilmilcn bout has revealed tint he has IOOOOo/ of gold in hi4 house the nntonotis 1 lack Dick it the hi ad of «onie simon hand n lives on the scene but Al nsit escapes fioin tht lion«! 111011111- I nil ilk s hoi se mil brings bick i«sistanu is the men ure on the point of dell ii ling with their biotv Maisie maines the mau she loves mil io ceivrs as hu down the golden treasure

the film is cntircb, of Australian produe tion and is 2 700ft m length It will be produced at Hoy ta Theatre on Mond ij