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The 'Black Strati' arrived at the Queens wharf at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. By her we have received our files from Melbourne complete up to Monday, and telegraphic news from the adjoining colonies to the close of last week. We have

also received our files froni Otago to the 25th ultimo. H. M. COMMA! STEAM-SLOOP VlCTO niA returned to Hobson's Bayou Saturday afternoon, haying successfully lauded stores for the lighthouses at Gabo Island aud Wilson's Promontory. She also lauded at Waterloo Bay, stores, &c, for the geodetic survey party, and four Axis deer, at Sealer's Cove, on behalf of the Acclimatisation Society. On the 3rd aud 4th instant ship and boats were engaged surveying the waters lying cast of Croco dile Rock, for the purpose of ascertaining if any reliance could be placed on the re port that a rock having very little water over it w;is situated thereabout. After thoroughly sounding all about tho local ity, the conclusion arrived at by Captain Norman was, that no such rock existed, and the shallowest part was 41 fathoms. BY ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. Queeuscliffe. Dth Mrcah. Tho Hindoo ship from Newcastle ran ashore in the Soutli Channel. The Cap tain has telegraphed to Melbourne for a steamer. The old flag staff was pulled down to dav and a new one erected. the lower lighthouse lias been pulled down for removal to Point Lonsdalc. The Ship Montreal from Quebec had a quantity of salmon ova on board, but it nil died two days after leaving the port. The Captain thinks the spawn died from the effect of the shaking on the Rail way. Ballarat. Oth March, Ou the entries for the Seventh Grand Champion Race, to be run in Ballarat, being opened this afternoon, the following twenty horses were found to have been entered : — Messrs. Warren's Benicia Boy, Tozer's Monitor, Kicghrau's Mormon, by Mormon, Keighrau's grey colt, dc Mestre s Archer, Yuille's Modesty, de Mestre's Haideo, Henderson's Caindcn, Wilson's Ebor, Harper's Barwon, Harper's Banker, Waldack's Athaling, Lang's Saturn, Lang's Aruma, Fisher's New Holland, Fisher's brown fillv, by Gemini di Vergy, Tait's Talleyrand, Cheek's Zoc, Check's Kelpie, Henty's Melbourne. Sydney, 5th March. News has just been received from the Macleay district, of a heavy Hood which visited them. The Macieay river rose suddenly to 20 feet above the usual leveL Tho river rose so suddenly, aud with so little warning, that several people were drowned, and many others liad narrow escapes for their lives. The destruction of property was im mense, although up to the present no estimate of it can bo given. The Clarence river has also been flooded, and five persons were drowned in it. The Government call for tenders for the supply of 20,000 bushels of seed wheat, the produce of any colony. No doubt this is to supply tho place of the seed wheat which was destroyed by the floods some little time ago. SvJMfEY, 7th MarclL The North Australian Jockey Club has issued its programme for the Juno meet ing. The stakes to be run for exceed £1000. QUEENSLAND. Brisbane, 7th March. Mr. Cowner, Colonial Secretary for New South Wales, has arrived by the steamer Brisbane. It is expected that an amicable arrange ment will be come to between Queens land and New South Wales with regard to the border duties. SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Adelaide, Wednesday. Tho address in reply to tho Governor's speech was carried by a majority of eleven. An amendment was moved, to strike out the passago referring to pro tection of the northern part of the con tinent (?). Government had determined to regard the carrying of the amendment as a vote of want of confidence. Adelaide, 6th March. Bishop Short has won a section of land at Kapundn, which was raffled for. He has presented the laud to that denomina

tion of the Church of which he is Bishop. A stipendiary magistrate superintended the lottery. There is no change to note in the flour and wheat markets, and very little of either is offering. The Havilah sailed at 4.30. Mr. and Mrs. Martin are passengers on board. The Government contemplate making a reduction of the Volunteer Staff. In the Legislative Council a Bill was read for tho first time, having for its object tho abolition of the law of primo geniture. . Otli March. Buyers of wheat are still offering 4s., but little is to be had. Flour is no minally at £10 10s. to i'll, but no trans actions arc reported. 7th March. The Post Office money order system has been extended to New South Wales. National Bank shares, on which £i arc paid up arc now worth £4 7s. Cd. Captain Ward of Sydney has been ap poiuted by the Adelaide wcu to act as their umpire in Sydney on the occasion of the forthcoming rifle niateli. Flour remains firm at £10 10s., and wheat at 4s. Id. Cleared Out— Iserbrook, lately arrived from Mauritius, for Guam with a cargo of flour.