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HAMILTON and Imperials, traditional rivals of the Western

District League, clash tomorrow in what should be a spectacu

lar trial of. strength.

Hamilton has shown top form this season, while Imperials. appeal as a young side which is improving rapidly.

However, form "goes by the board when these two sides meet. Something spec ial is expected by- Hamilton supporters, who divide their loyalty between the two local


Big Reg "Bomber" Murray, former Port Melbourne ruck man, is an inspiring force with IMPERIALS, and is capable of lifting his' team to great heights. '

Local leader

. HAMILTON is'led by Bob

Templeton, a local boy who this year is playing in de fence instead, of attack. His team is favored tomorrow because of its number'of star players, and greater all round strength.

CASTERTON, always .-. a dangerous team at home, rriee.ts Coleraine at Island Park. : .

' Alan Le Nepveu, formerly of St.'Kilda and Hawthorn, is building up a sound team of young players at Caster ton, but Geoff Harriott; Col eraine skipper, has a greater blend of experience at ' his disposal/ ; . .. ,'

Coleraine'.iooks" the winner in a testing game. ?' . -

I PORTLAND; at.. home, I should carry too -many guns for Meripo-Digby, ' although the combine ran Hamilton to ia close last quarter last week.

But MÉRINO-DIGBY are ! goals better at home than away, and: Portland has never been its happy hunting l ground. .'

The SEASIDERS are one of the leading, teams this year, and under . John. Spen cer, former- Carlton- player, they are being moulded 'into a powerful fighting force. ; ;

They should win. tomorrow. HEYWOOD, the. League leaders', have a bye^this week.

Heywood:is powerful in all divisions., and ls the team for others to beat. V 1 ; -

. Kevin Malseed, kicked 15 goals for Heywood ;last week, bringing- his,total to 36 in four, matches. , He should pass, the century again this season, without .trouble. ..