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lol tl shoulder ior the groom!

From Ailsa Garland, Argus fashion writer. I

LONDON, Wednesday: T/ie bride wore white - BUT WHAT 4


Anita Ekberg isn't noted for her restraint' in dressing, but I'd. have thought that for her wedding day she would have chosen something more romantic and more bridal.

When she married Anthony Steel in Flor ence, she gave him the

"cold shoulder" and. wore NO hat, NO gloves, and NO stockings.

It was thc most amaz ing bridal outfit I've ever seen - more suitable for beach than for. a first

wedding:. x

. DONALD ZFC, who was best man at the

wedding, cables from


Believe mc, it was the most fantastic furn stat wedding I've ever seen. :

The day began calmly


At a quarter to four, clutching the ring in my hand, I tapped on Tony's door in thc Hotel Excel


He opened a bottle of , champagne, then Anita'

came in.

Her solden hair hung loosely clown over her shoulders. Her dress was of classic design-WITH ONE SHOULDER


In thc huge square out side thc.Palazzo Vccchio, where thc ceremony was to be held, nearly 2,000 people were gathered.

Inside they pressed round us like a Cup Final crowd. They laughed, they chattered, and some of the women nursed babies .who yelled their

heads off.

Beads or perspiration rolled down Anita's face on to her one bare shoul


When she arrived she had looked dazzling and startlingly beautiful. But at that moment she looked as if slte'd been locked in a Turkish bath,

After 45 minutes the nightmare ceremony dren

to a close.

Back at their hotel Tony and Anita slipped upstairs, where a cham bermaid cerenioniouslj opened thc door' betweer their adjoining suites which until then hat been locked.