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Imperials may jain the lour tomorrow

TRADITIONAL riyals, Hamilton and Imperials, meet tomorrow ? m the main Western District League match, and few care to forecast the result as form means little when -these two

IfrZ>ue efmes are always played at top speed Krills nCVer fail t0 provide &en&

í Victory for Imperials Uould put them in the four. : Hamilton will miss captain ;Bob Templeton and Horton, but McNaughton and Mlt Ichell should prove effective


Hamilton's biggest problem will be to find a counter'for "Bomber" Murray at centre Irhalf-back. for Imperials, _

j Murray gives his side good tove and his placed kicks tc fte centre-line also makes

Imperials dangerous mid-


: Hamilton's rovers appea «tonger and could hel]

.counter Imperials anticipate

«titre drive.

Both use the same ground as their home quarters, and if Murray can be well blank- eted, Hamilton could win.

Not for years has CAS- TERTON been ' confident about its matches against *> OLER AINE ...

But this season Casterton share leadership, while Cole- raine has lost three of its four games.

Not since the war has Cas- terton had such good pros-

pects for the pennant, and lt

should win tomorrow.

j At the moment -PÔRT I LAND appears its main dan-

ger In the fight for the final top honors.