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Message to Argus readers from


Popular Argus

features in The Sun

A Sun for every Argus reader

As a service to readers of the Argus which ceases publication with today's issue, arrangements have been made for many of its editorial features to appear daily in the columns of The Sun commencing Monday next, January 21st. These include Peter Golding, columnist; Armstrong's cartoons, and the following comic strips: The Heart of Juliet Jones; Garth; Rip Kirby; The Berrys, and Dennis the Menace.

Extra copies of The Sun will be printed each day to meet the demand of Argus readers. Argus readers who become regis- tered readers of The Sun News-Pictorial will be entitled to benefits of up to £3000 under The Sun's Free Insurance Scheme. (An application form appears daily in The Sun).



The classified advertising columns of The Sun will be avail- able to Argus readers at 4/6 per line week days and 4/9 per line Saturdays.. The rate for personal notices is 2/6 per line. Advertisements may be lodged at the Argus office, 365 Elizabeth Street; at Newspaper House, 247 Collins Street; with local newsagents, or by telephone to FY0231.

Australasian Post & Your Garden

Publication of these periodicals will continue. The Austra- lasian Post will be on sale from newsagents every Monday, and Your Garden at the beginning of each month.

Job printing

The Job Printing Department of the Argus will continue to operate at the present address, 365 Elizabeth Street, Mel- bourne, telephone FY0211, and all current services will be


Plus 3 Mew Sun Features

Three entertaining new features begin in Monday's Sun. Firstly, there is Russell Braddon's dramatic story of NANCY WAKE, Australia's most highly decorated war heroine, parachutist, saboteur, organiser and comrade in arms of the French underground. Her story begins in Monday's Sun. Then JEAN BOWRING, Australia's top home economist, has joined The Sun to contribute a daily article on home management and cookery. And the start of a weekly series, THE STARS AND YOU, by Carroll Righter, the most highly paid astrologer in the world.

You'll enjoy your daily reading of The Sun