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Everybody gets

into the act . . .


Charades - the old, almost-forgotten parlor game - is back in Melbourne and booming.

Thousands of people are making charades top favorite af fheir Christ mas parties.

And television can take credit for restoring life to the game that has been as dead as a dodo for nearly 20 years.

Charades has made its comeback because, of HSVTs Sunday 6 io 6.30 p.m. programme, Fun With Charades.

60 seconds to auess

Two teams of four clash each night. One member of the team is told the charade - it could be the title of a book or play, name of an article - and from his wordless acting the team must work out the answer within GO seconds.

Because of its simplic ity, it's easy to stage. But with imaginative teams taking part it is first-' . class j family entertain


"Fun With Charades" is compered by Miles

Maxwell, a young school teacher from South rd., Brighton.

Tall, lean, fair-haired Miles teaches music, Eng lish and social studies, at Brighton Grammar, and has the Imagination needed to make the show


Although the two jobs keep him flat out, he has no intention of dropping


"I love teaching - music especially - as much as my TV work," he said yesterday, "so I'll

keep both going. "


Carols By Candlelight, a feature of Melbourne's Xmas Eve for thc past 19 years, should be one of the most spectacular pro

grammes ever seen on Victorian TV.

It can be viewed at 8.30 p.m. on GTV9.

GTV9: 7 p.m.: Test patterns and music. 8.30 p.m.: Complete telecast of Carols by Candlelight. 12.15 a.m.; Close.

ABV2: 3.30 p.m.: My Hero. 3.55: Close. 5.30: Children's TV Film Club. 6: Close. 7: News reel. 7.10: Away from it all. 7.35: Sherlock Holmes. 8: A Ship Comes to Antwerp. 8.15: This is Christmas. 8.35: My Fav orite Story. 9: Close.

HSV7: 6 p.m.; Judy

Jack Show. 6.30: Annie Oakley.. 7: News and Weather. 7.15: Patti Page Show. 7.30: Western Serial. 8Í Whitehall Playhouse. 8.30 : Four Star Playhouse. 9; Carols by Australian Boys' Choir. 9.30: Comedy half hour. 10: Xmas film, "Greatest Gift." 10.30: Film, "Our Daily Bread." 11.45: News and Weather.


GTV9: Closed Circuit Rehearsal.

ABV2: 10.55 a.m.: Solemn High Mass. 12.15: (approx.) Close. 3.30: The Littlest Angel. 3.45: Silent Night. 3.55: Close.

5.30: Lassie. 5.55: Close. 7: Newsreel. 7.10: Amos 'n' Andy.. 7.35: Pickwick Papers. 8: This was my Christmas. 8.30: Buried

Treasure. 8.50: The Lit- i tlest Angel. 9.5: Silent

Night. 9.20: Close. ¡

HSV7: 2 p.m.: Religi

ous Film, "A Star Shall , Rise.'.' 2.30: Religious ' Film,'"Cpuntry Parson."

4: Religious Film, "Dust 1 or Destiny." 4.30: Film, "Beyond Tomorrow." 6: Judy Jack Show. 6.30:

"Three Musketeers." 7: j

News and Weather. 7.15: i

Isadore Goodman. 7.30: j

Jet Jackson. 8: "Father Knows Best," 8.30: Our

British Heritage. 9: San i

Francisco Beat. 9.30: j

News and Weather. , |