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11 , SO CAUGHT up in the excitement and glamor of the Olym ; pies we are apt to forget that Christmas is creeping up fast, j But it is, so in this week's shopping round there are a number ii of new lines that would make gifts with a special difference.

. Pretty, tingling china bells to hang upon the Christmas tree are shaped like angels, snowmen, choirboys, or Father Christmas.. They cost 1/6 each at Myer's Gift Section (ground floor, Bourke st.).

Even the very young can go underwater fish ing with Dad and his older brothers. McEwah's are now selling a junior frogman's outfit, com prising flippers and

goggles with safety glass. Price £1/1/.

. Give the boy friend a .

distinctive gift - a tief

bar, featuring the City of 1 Melbourne coat of arms. Price 32/6. Or If you wish you can buy a tie bar with links to match for 57/6 at DAMM AX'S, 75 Elizabeth street.

Handsome and un usual pilsner glasses are those of anodised alu minium in, six different contemporary colors with chrome plated base. They cost 22/6 oí MCEWAN'S;

For the children won I dering what to give Mum ; for Christmas, there are :

i twin bottles of a well I known brand of perfume, ' attractively packed in a I plastic container, which ; is moulded around each > bottle. Price 5/11 the ¡ pair at MYER'S (Ground ; Floor, Bourke street.).

I Australian wild ? flowers, watarahs, wattle I or Christmas bells, are 1 the colorfully em \ broidered motifs on spun I rayon pyjamas, seen at » BAILEY'S, 140 ELIZA ; BETH STREET, jor < 39/11 a pair. In either I pink, blue, or white, with > contrasting piping, they ! fit sizes SSW to OS. And ¡ for the Olympic minded i there are pyjamas with I front panel of em » broidered Olympic sym \ bois and athletes for

49/11 {short legged), or ' 52/11 (long) . ; " - Y . Very dashing: for sei-' side holidays are men's "no iron" cotton sports shirts, featuring' authen tic Honolulu prints in a riot of bright colors. With short sleeves and two way necklines, these flt sizes SM to OS. Price 37/6 at LONDON STORES.

And for the sports minded. young man .about, town there are rayon cravats with hand painted motifs represen tative of his favorite sport, be it swimming, tennis, or golf. Price 21/


. When those happy, carefree days by the beach do eventuate, a shuttle bail set will keep both youngsters and old sters happy for hours. Priced at 22/11, the set

comprises two bats, an! all plastic . shuttle and ; ball. Available at Mc EWAN'S. . !

No trouble getting ¡

junior to have his mille11 if he owns a whistle ! ¡ mug, the whistle beings moulded into the side of < I the pottery mug. Price!' 4/11 at MYER'S GIFT h SECTION (GRO UND ¡ ' FLOOR, BOURKE ST. j. . A real bargain is an 1 ! 8-piece set of Swiss!; straw-cloth table mats,]' selling for only 5/11 the < ! set. All you have to do is ! ; fringe the edges, just by<

pulling out threads, back < ! to the line of firm stitch- ! ; lng, which prevents any;> fraying. Featuring jungle <| motifs on either red,!;

cream, yellow or green > backgrounds, the sets are ! ; available at MYER'S ; > (Ground Floor, Post.! Office Place.).