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Family Notices

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BROWN Qulgley). - On July

, st. Vincent's Maternity, to

Mary and Kevin-a son (Anthony


DE GROOT (Hobson). - On July, i it St. Vincent's Maternity, to Wäret and Bryan - a daughter. (Both well.)

EDWARDS (Ittrrlson).-On Jun» j» at Jessie McPherson, to Sqd. Ur. «nd Mrs. P. K. Edwards-a


GUMMOW (Slorach). - On jun» 29. at McKellnr, Hamilton, ta Morna and Frank.- twins, a

¡Sn and daughter (prcm.). (All

«».> .

HANNAN (Turner). - On July 3 at Vaucluse, to Margaret and Bruce - a son (Michael John).

HENSLEY (nee Croot) - On lulv 2. at Nhill Hospital, to Lila and Bruce - a son Han Druce).

HIGGINS (Wilson).-On June 28, ?t Dromana Community Hospital, to Shirley and Noel - a daughter

jtnnlfer Robyn). (Both well.)

KEAN. - On July 4. at St.   Andrew's, to Pat and Greg - a son (John Lachlan).

LOOKE (Sinclair). - On July  

3 at Bethesda, to Judy and Ken IL a dauBhter (Jennifer Ann). (Both well.)

MADDEN (Vanthoft). - On Jilly '3 at Sacred Heart Hospital, to Thelma and Bill-a son (Paul Wil lum). . , t

MANSOUR. - On July 4. at st Vincent's Maternity, to Mar garet and John - a daughter.

MORSE (Hamilton). -- On June 29 at Mercy- Hospital, to Barbara and Noel-a son (Christopher John), (premature). (Both well.)

NICHOLSON. - On July 4, at Sunshine Community Hospital, to Dean» and Nick - a son (John Griffith). (Both well.)

RAYMOND (Oravenall). - On july 4, at St. Andrew's, to Eh rlcy m¿ Neil-a son (Russell John). (Both well.)

ROBERTS (McCashney) - On July 3. at Seymour Memorial Hos pital, to Dorothy and Pat - a daughter (Dorothy Patricia). (Both

well.) .

STEWART (nee Twomcy). - On July 4, at Hamilton, to Virginia

and Michael - a son.


ANDREWS.-On July 4 at Echuca District Hospital. Herbert Thomas, dearly loved husband of Phoebe Andrews, of West street. Moama. N.S.W.. loving father of John and Joyce (Mrs. P. Seymour), aged 12 sears.

ARMFIELD. - On July 4. at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. N. Beswick, of 75 Hertford road, Sun shine), Ivy Florence, dearly loved »Ile of the late T. W. Armfleld, loving motlier of Lena, Edna, Bill, Tom, Len. and Nell, passed away peacefully in her sleep.

ARMSTRONG. - On July 4. at his son-in-law's residence. 58 Sut- ton, street, North Balwyn, James Carswell Armstrong, dearly beloved husband of the late Agnes, and loved father of Thomas, Isa (Mrs. P. Black), and Stephen, aged 86 years. -Mother and father re- united.    

BAKER_On July 4. at Hamil ton, Ethel Elizabeth (Peter), dearly beloved wife of Harry Baker, of Countryvlew. Condah, loved mother of Joy.

BARON. - On June 30. at Vaucluse Hospital, Arthur, dearly loved husband of Doris, 1 Rose berry avenue, Preston, loved son of Ellen and the late Laurence, devoted father of Ellis, loved father-in-law of Ilma, and precious granddad of Dianne and Laurence ROSE. -A good dad.

BARTLETT.-On July 4, nt her residence. 101 Bell street,. Heidel berg West. Daisy Myrtle, dearly be loved wife of Charles William, fond mother of Zelma (Mrs. Col lins), Will. Mavis (Mrs. Marlow). Merl (Mrs. Holborow), Lorraine (Mrs. Norgate). -Some day we'll understand.

BELLMAN. - On July 3, at his home 30 York street, Mont Albert, Albert William Montgomerie, be loved husband of Mary, loved father of Lorraine (Mrs. Bligh), Alic» (Mrs Martin). Alan, Norman (deceased). Harold, Effie (deceased), and Ethel (Mrs. U'Een), aged 81

years. ? -

BRUNIER.— On July 3, at his   home, 1 Farmer street, East Brighton, William Davies Trem- bath, dearly loved only son of the late Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Brunier, loved brother of May, aged 67

years. —At rest.

CARVOSOE. - On July 3 (sud denly), Clarence Leon, dearly loved brother of Lydia, loved uncle of   Jack (deceased), George, Betty, and


CARVOSOE, Clarence Leon. - A sincere tribute to our workmate, who passed away Royal Melbourne Hospital, July 3. (inserted by his


CRUMP.- On July 4 at private hospital, Elizabeth Mary, of 5 J* street. Oakleigh, beloved Ute of th» late Horace Arthur, and mei ""other of Jim and Thelma (wa. Dawson). -Father and mother reunited.

DUNCAN. - On July 4 at his home ,13 Monash avenue, Deepdene,

Jephtha. beloved husband of Sadie Duncan, loved father of   Donald, Ailsa (Mrs. L. Hodge), loved father-in-law of Joan and Leslie, loved grandfather of Christopher and Mark.

EVANS. - 0n July 3, at 1437 High street, Glen Iris, Charlotte Emily, beloved wife of Herbert Condon Evans, and dearly loved mother of Ben, Mary (Mother M. Cecilia, Sydney), Edward, John, Lesley (Mrs. R. Thomas), Pat (Mrs. K. Manning), Sheila (Mrs. K. Dalton), Noel, and Bernard. Requiescat in pace.

GOODWIN. On July 4 at her daughter's residence, 23 Landcox Weet, Brighton, Ruby Grace, of Cameron street, Cheltenham. dearly loved wife of the late Will- iam Henry, loved mother of Les, Laura (Mrs Edwards), Keith and Dorothy (Mrs. Field), and Norman, fond mother-in-law of Norvel, Enid, Reg, and Rose, fond grandmother of Beryl, Lorraine, Elaine, Rhondda, Ray, Carmel, Christine, Reggie, Lance. Alan, Jennifer. Lynette, Tony, and Stephen, aged 64 years. -At rest,

HALDEN. - At South street. Moe. Frederic, beloved husband of Mary Ann, and dear father of Carrie and Sam (late 1st A.I.F.), Janet, Anne, Mary, Fred, Alex, and Jessie, in his 88th year.

HALDEN. - At South street, Moe, Frederic, loved father of Janet, and father-in-law of Mac. -Loving memories.

HALDEN.- On July 3, at Moe. Frederic, loved father of Alex, and father-in-law of Mavis, grand- dad of Jean (Mrs, Phipps), Eunice (Mrs, Blair), and Ralph, loved great-granddad of John, Michael, and Kelvin. -Loved by all.

HALDEN. - On July 3. at South street. Moe, Frederic, dear grand dad 0f Coral and David Warford. great-gran of baby John. -Always remembered.

HARRISON. - On July 4, at S"",honio. 241 Hawthorn road, Caulfield, Sylvla Gladys, dearly Ä.d jn°ther of Dorothy (Mrs. «»'»rds), Desmond, Leo, and

Danny, fond mother-in-law of . «¡Si; aní Margaret, dear grand mother ot Sondra, Óarry, Pamela, «mon. and Leigh. -At rest.

Pifi?0^3-0t» Julv 4. at Seymour, ökC2nsta_nc« "ie beloved S'S íau«hter of the late Alfred Ä.*ty.Veness' oi Tallarook and loving sister of Lizzie (Mrs. Ken SM&. ^««d), Margaret (Mrs. Äar- jfceased). Alice (Mrs. Han .(TaliiJll'»"! ÍMelbourne). Annie

L*""?^). Ruby (deceased). John 1?» Mary (deceased), Valen R t.p. te)* aKcd 10 years- -

ÄTFiR- ,r °n Ju'y «. »t a Oeor» 'i°.sp TALL P«el°ng. William Sf.;ndear,ly «loved husband of (Sra* r'JSved fatl,el' of June ¿1 ai"S: Tbomas), father-in-law

mfäii TAt't?eït!W of Andrew

WurSh^r , A* «>te ; residence.

band 01 vïïl John,;beloved, hus


INKSTER. - At his residence, Warracknabeal. John, loving father of Wally, father-in-law of Mary, and loved grandpop bf John and Anne, aged BB years.

LOCKETT, - On July ,3. at Wangaratta Base Hospital, Richard Henry (Dick), beloved husband of Ivy, loved father of Jock and Nell, aged 11 years.

LOHR.-On July 4, passed away peacefully after a long illness. Ella Berkeley, beloved wife ot .Victor, and mother of Dick and Kay Holder.

MiRAMS. - On July 3, at a private hospital, East Malvern, Lillie, beloved wife of the late Norman Mirants, of Essendon, loved mother of Hugh. Una (Mrs. Nan kervis), Marjorie (Mrs. Pratt), Sheilla (Mrs. Stokes), and James (deceased), loving grandmother of Bill. Gillian, and Michael Mirants, Joan and Fraser Nankervis,

Vaughan and Evelyn Pratt, Antony., James, and Marion Stokes, and Peter Mirants,

MIRAMS. - On July 3. at ..

private hospital, Millie, dearly be-, loved mother of Hugh, loved mother-in-law of May. dear nana of Bill, Gillian, and Michael.

PARKINSON. - On July 4, at Warrnamuool. Leonard Leslie James, beloved husband of Laura Lillian Parkinson, of Mailer's Flat, and loving father of Phyllis (Mrs. T. Johnson). James, Reda (Mrs. V. Board), Robert. Sylvia, Ronald, Colin, and Wilma (Mrs. S. Sheen).

PRENTICE. - On July 3, at her home, Kathleen Mary, beloved wife of the late Arthur Prentice. loving mother of Thelma, Dorothy, and Desmond, -Rest in peace.

PRICE. ~ On July 3'. at Colac,

Kenneth Morgan, fourth son of the] late Edward and Elizabeth Price, of Swan Marsh. -At rest. (In terment at Colac.)

RICH. - On July 3. at 12 Pem broke grove, Balwyn, Arnold, be loved son of Susan and the late Charles, loving brother of Elsie (Mrs. Cross), Charles (deceased), Herbert (deceased), and Sidney (de ceased).

STEVENSON. - On July 4. at his sister's residence, 6 Bladen avenue, East Brunswick. Manossah Emanuel Stevenson, beloved brother of Ephrlam (deceased), Tom (de ceased), Janet (Mrs. Rees). William (deceased). Sarah (Mrs. Williams), Morgan (deceased), Mary (de ceased), Walter, Catherine (Mrs. Austin). David, aged B9 years. -One of Nature's gentlemen.

THOMAS. - On July 3. at his home, 8 Graham place, Box Hill. William John, loved husband of Jane Louisa, (deceased), loving father of Ellis (deceased), grand father of Ian and George, aged


THOMAS. - On July 3. William John, dearly loved son of the late George and Sarah Thomas, ot Nering, and loved brother of George E. (decoased). Phillip N. (deceased), Sarah (Mrs. Devine, deceased). Martha (deceased), Emma (Mrs. MoucreifT, deceased >, vVllmot (deceased). Mary (Mrs. Prosser, deceased), Everett, Carol ine, and Albert C, -Peacelully sleeping,

TILLEY_On July 3, at his resi

dence, 36 Ivanhoe parade, Ivanhoe. ¡ George James, the dearly beloved husband of Vida Tilley, and lovod father of Bill and Lois. -Loving]


TILLEY. - George, passed away July 3. -A very sincere tribute iront all members of Ivanhoe Base ball Club to .the memory of our late friend and president, who gave so much of hts time in our Interests. We will miss him, (J. L. Goldsworthy. Hon. Secre tary.)

TILLEY. - On July 3, at hia residence. 35 Ivanhoe parade, Ivan hoe, George.James, esteemed friend of the members of the Heidelberg District Group Grocers" Associa tion of Victoria.,-At rest.

TILLEY. -. On July 3, George, I

loving friend of Eileen.

TINNEY. - On July 4, at his residence, 233 Best street. Devon port, Robert- Lenton, loving hus band of Phyllis Caroline finney, in his 72nd year.

WHITESIDE. - On July 3, Rt

Centre road, Clayton, Annie Flor ence, tho dearly beloved wile ot tho late William, loved mother of William (deceased), daugher-In law Blanche, Annie, son-in-law Amby, John, David, daughter-in

law Ivy, Marjorie, son-in-law Ron., ivy, son-in-law Len, -A devoted

mother at rest.

WHITESIDE. - On Jilly 3, at Centre road, Clayton, Annie Flor ence, the dearly beloved mother of Annie and Amuy Kallady, Gellion dale, grandchildren Amby, Nancie,

and David.

WIBURD,-On July 4, at Caul field Convalescent Hospital, George, dearly loved husband of Hannah, ot No. 834 Hampton street Brigh ton, and loved tither of Nancy .(Mrs. McGrew, U.S.AO and George.

WINTER_On July 3. Rlchardl George, dearly loved husband of Janie, 14 Outlook drive, Eaglemont, late of 134 Kooyong road, Aruia uaie. (Private funeral.)

WINTER. - On July 3, at Heidel berg House. A tribute to the mem ory of our highly esteemed manag ing director. Richard George, trout the .stall ot. Geo. T. .Winter - Pty. Ltd..

WOOD. - On July 1, at 10 Dendy street, Brighton, May, beloved wife of Patrick Dennistoun Wood, loving mother of Gwen, Helen, Rum, and Miriam. (Privately in- terred.)

IVOOLCOCK. - On July 4 (sud denly), at the homo of his daugh ter and son-in-law, 2 Gleniuss atreet. Balwyn, Albert Henry, loved husband ot tho late Mary Ellen, beioved father of Clarice (de ceased) and ironía (iura. rt.

Bannister).. father-in-law of Rob



GODBER. - Loving memories uf Rosanna (Rote), luvca wile Ol jacK, and loving, devoted mother, ul Maurice and rcose, puoaco away ut Castlemaine. JUiy 5. 19o5.

We miiiK ol her often

And mention her name, une Uni: !.-> btuben,

Lite's not the same.

-(inserted uy her Husband Jack, and auuBltter Rose.)

GODBER. - in loving memory of my ctear gran, who leit us juiy o, 1056. -A smile that greeted ua always will bo our memory fur ever. (Inserted by Maryiyn, Aii oun. Leaicy, and Murray.)

GODBER. - Loving memories ol I dear mother nnd gran, passcu away Juiy ii, 1D55, (Maurie, Vt. ana tantily.)

HAINES,-Treasured memories of my darting husuand, Royai, passed away July 5, ltfbD. -Many a .uiieiy iiuiirtaciie, ulten a anent tear, bul always beautiful memories ol one i loved so dear, my Royal. He bJlleicü with courage, and nuver deserved what ne went through. (inserted by hts loviiig wue. Myra.)

HANSON. - in loving memory ot my aeur wife and our loving mother, Kuuy R.. who passed away .Juiy &, iu»3. (Les, Ewing, and Joyce.)

HERON, Christina Ross.-Loving I memories. Chriss, left us July 5, I'J&u. (Stan.)

HURST. - In loving memory of my beloved husband, Ernest, passed away July 5, 1055, loving lather ol May (Mra. Clark), Nellie (Mrs. Johnson), Ada (Mrs. Lynch), and Fred. -As sure as the sunshine follows the rain, so sweet rest has followed pain. (inserted by loving wife CIs.)

O'BRIEN. - In loving memory of Walter Francis, who passod away July 5. 1065. (Inserted by his loving wife. Mabel, »nd family. Lois, Joyce, and Robert.)

ROBB. - Treasured memories of my dear husband. Jack, passed away July 5, 1853. -Life goes on and memories stay as I think of you e»ch day. (Loving wife,



VAGG. - In loving memory of our dear sister Norma, who passed away July 5, 1955. -Always In our thoughts. (Clive and Lex.)


GAFFNEY. - I wish to sincerely THANK the members of the Bruns .wlok and Tattersall^ Clubs for their kind tributes expressed in the sad bereavement of my beloved mother. (R.I.P.). Will all please take this as my personal acknow ledgment. (Larry Gaffney, Mascot, Sydney.)

WALSH. - TOM, FLORA, and JACK O'MEARA sincerely THANK all relatives, friends, and neigh bors for telegrams, cards, and Moral tributes during their recent sad bereavement. Will all plea3fi accept this as personal acknow ledgment of our gratitude. 46 Greig street. Seddon.


ARMFIELD. - The Funeral of the late Mis. IVY FLORENCE! ARMFIELD. of 18 Hertford road, Sunshine, will leave Walter A. Warne's funeral parlor. 291 Barkly street. Footscray, THIS DAY (Thursday), after a service com mencing at 1.15 p.m., for the

Fawkner Crematorium.


ARMSTRONG. - The Funeral of thc late Mr. JAMES CARS WELL ARMSTRONG, of 58 Sutton street, North Balwyn, will leave Nelson Bros.' chapel. North Williamstown, TOMORROW (Friday), after ser vice at 1.45 p.m., for .the Wil liamstown Cemetery.


BARTLETT. - The Funeral of the late Mrs. DAISY MYRTLE BARTLETT will leave 101 Bell street. Heidelberg West. THIS DAY (Thursday), after a service com mencing at 3.15 p.m., for the Fawkner Cemetery.


BELLMAN. - The Funeral of the late WILLIAM MONTGOMERIE BELLMAN will leave Le Fine's funeral chapel, G Rutland road, Box HUI, THIS DAY (Thursday), after a service commencing at 3 p.m., for the Box Hill Cemetery.


BRUNIER.— The Funeral of the   late Mr. WILLIAM DAVIES TREM- BATH BRUNIER will leave his home, 1 Farmer street, East Brigh- ton. THIS DAY, after a service commencing at 11 a.m., for the New Cheltenham Cemetery.

T. BATHURST & CO. (late A.I.F.), LF6337, LF4568.

BRUNIER.— Members of the   Caulfield Branch. R.S.S.A.I.L.A., are advised that the Funeral of their late Comrade WILLIAM D. T. BRUNIER will leave his residence, 1 Farmer street, East Brighton, at 11 a.m. THIS DAY for the Chel- tenham Cemetery.

J. E. BROADBENT, Secretary.

CARVOSOE. - The Funeral of the late Mr. CLARENCE LEON CARVOSOE- will leave our parlors, 21 Camberwell road, Cam.berwell. THIS DAY (Thursday), at con clusion of a service commencing at, 1.45 p.m., for the Fawkner Crematorium.

JOSEPH ALLISON PTY. LTD., Camberwell, WF7237.

CROZIER. - The Funeral of the late Sergeant ALBERT ED WARD CROZIER will leave the Bathurst memorial chapel, corner Glenhuntly and Kooyong roads, Elsternwick, THIS DAY, after a service commencing at 3 p.m., for the Spring Vale Crematorium.

T. BATHURST ii CO. (late A.I.F.),. LFC337, LF4568.

CRUMP. - The Funeral of the late Mrs. ELIZABETH MARY CRUMP will leave our chapel, 712 High street, Thornbury, TO MORROW (Friday), after a service commencing at 10.15 "a.m., for the Fawkner Crematorium.


DUNCAN. - The Funeral of the late JEPHTHA DUNCAN will leave Sleight's funeral home, St. Kilda road. Melbourne, THIS DAY' (Thursday. July 5). after a service commencing at 2.45 p.m., for the Spring Vale Crematorium.

A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD. Phone MX462Ü (3 lines).

EVANS. - Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul ol the late Mrs. CHARLOTTE EVANS will be celebrated at St. Roch's Church, Burke road, Glen iris. THIS DAY (Thursday), at ti.45 a.m.

The Funeral will leave the church at 10 a.m. for the New Chelten ham Cemetery.


GOODWIN. - The Funeral ot the late Mrs. RUBY GRACE GOODWIN is appointed to leave the Bathurst memorial ciiapel, cor ner of Glenhuntly and Kooyong roads, Elsternwick TOMORROW (Friday), after a service commenc ing at 1.30 p.m., tor the Spring Vale Lawn Cemetery.

T. BATHURST & CO. (late A.I.P.). LF6337, LF4568.

HARRISON. - The Funeral ol tho late Mrs. SYLVIA GLADYS HARRISON will leave the Bathurst memorial chapel, corner Glennuntiy and Kooyong ? roaos, ''Elsternwick, TOMORROW (Friday), after a ser vice commencing at 3.15 p.m., tor the Brighton Cemetery.

T. BATHURST & CO. (late A.I.FO, LF6337, LF456H.

HUNTER. - Tire Funeral of the late Mr. WILLLAM GEORGE rfuNTEH will leave our chapel,

hope street, TOMORROW (Friday),] alter a service commencing at 101 a.m., lor tue Western Cemetery,

P. H. TUCKER ¿5 SUfi, UCeiong West. Phone 2848.

LOHR. - The Funeral of the late Mrs. ELLA BERKELEY LOHR ,will leave Padburys chapel, 9o9 White Horse, road, Box Hill, THIS DAY (Thursday), at the conclu sion ol a service commencing at 2.30 p.m., for the Spring Vale Crematorium.

A. W. PADBURY &, CO. PTY. LTD., WX2714.

MIKAA1S. - The Funeral oi the late Mrs. LILLIE MIRAivIS will icuve lae hume-ol her daughter, 15 Oakuuie avenue. Balwyn, THIS DAY Uhursctay), alter a, service commencing at 10.lo a.m., for tue Me,bourne* Crematorium, Fawkner.

LE PliiE di SUN 1'1'Y. LiiJ., JB4148.

TILLEY. - The Funeral of the late Mr. GEORGE JAMfcS TILLEY will leave his residence, 35 Ivanhoe paraoe, Ivanhoe. Irllb DAY, alter a service commencing at 1.30 p.m., for the Melbourne Crematorium, ruwkner.

E. '1AYLOR ic SON. Ivanhoe. I JX3191.

TILLEY. - Heidelberg District Group uroceiV Association of Vic turlu, - Members ol tue above group are respectfully Informed that the Funeral ol tue late tiLûRulï TlLLKiT will leave hi» residence, 35 Ivanhoe parade, Ivan hoe. THIS DA ir, after a service cummenciiig at 1.3u p.m., lor the Melbourne Crematorium, Fawkner.

R, LANG, President. C. BKA*, Secretary.

T1NNEÏ. - The Friends ol. tne late ROBERT LEMON TINNEY nie informed that his Cremation will take piace TOMORROW (Friday) nt the Carrvllia Crematorium.

HASLOCK & GILLARD. A.F.D.A.. Devonport. Tasmania.

WIUURD. - The Funeral of the late Mr. GEORGE WIBURD, Of No 834 Humpton street. Brighton, will leave our parlor. 123"Carpen ter street. North Brighton. THIS DAY (Thursday), st the conclusion of a service commencing at 1.40 pim., for the Spring Vale Crema


LTD. Tel. XB1162.

WOOLCOCK. - The Funeral of the late ALBERT HENRY WOOL COOK will leave -his daughters home. No. 2 OlenhJss street, Bal wyn. THIS DAY (Thursday), after a service commencing at 3 P.m., for the Brighton Cemetery.