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TWEED... is a Lady

No longer a rollicking tomboy, tweéd, this season, is a lady, bringing an invigorating feeling to Autumn fashion. Related by name only to the

rugged North of the Border fabric, tweed is destined to be worn by the

smartest women on the season's most important occasions«

Light as a handful''of down, this

whisper of a tweed suit finishes at " ,, the sleeve in a -flurry of smokey

Arctic fox. House of Youth model.

Stell-Ricks calls this ensemble Ked " v Setter. The tweed of the rich red

bronze and black snit is repeated in .. bolder weave for the matching coat.

WOVEN in lighter weights than we have

seen before, in softer textures and . gentler colors,; tweed : makes every thing from high fashion dressés, suits and town coats to sturdy country coats.

Town coats in tweed may be frosted Unexpectedly with the cold fire of rhinestones or briefly touched with the glamor of ocelot, Persian lamb or Scotch mole. , / . " .

The name tweed derives from à clerical error. Or so legend has it. Apparently a consignment of

Glittering with the subtle sparkle oil precious jewels, this wrap-round coat isl typical of tweed's recent volte face,! translated perfectly for us by Leroy. 1

the coarse, heavy woollen fabric known in theil 18th century as "twill" was invoiced out by a tired

or careless clerk who scribbled thc name so "illegibly that it could be read only as "tweed."

; The fact that it was woven north of the Tweed " River seemed sufficient confirmation of the name

to the consignee and from then on the name was accepted as correct.

And now, the groomed and cultivated descendants of the original "twill" are gathering top fashion

honors all over thc world.



There is great elegance in thc perfect line, thc smooth sophisticated distinc tion of Persian lamb on this tweed suit

in two new greys designed by Original,

I Fashion reports from Paris and the United States |: head every fabric list with , tweed. The arbiters of I fashion who head the Haute Couture are swinging

I more strongly each season towards the use of high

I quality wool materials from Australia. Last season . I their cry was for wool jersey, tliis year for tweeds. I Thc Australian fashion industry has followed the 1 lead set overseas and tweed will be seen as the I vital factor, the talking point of this Autumn's I fashions. .

Persian lamb finds ah affinity in this firmly checked grey suit created for town wear by Louis and Charles Noble.