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A meeting was held on Thursday last, at the White Horse, Currre-street ; Mr Alexander

Anderson in the Chair.

The first business was the auditing of ac counts. For this purpose Messrs Wilson, Watson, Wells, and the Secretary, Mr Darby, were appointed, and, after retiring for a short time, reported that accounts for £33 13 6d were examined and found correct. This amount together with a further sum of £8 13 6d was passed and ordered for payment.

Mr Norman then referred to the prevalent reports that the League was about to be dis« solved. He was sure that such a notion had never been generally entertained among the members, as it would have been better they had never met than they should abaHdan their colors while they had. yet much to achieve* But it would be necessary to act with pru dence; they had given instructions to Mr Fisher to defend every case in which the Com

missioners should sue.

Mr Wilson-No ; not to defend -the resolu tion was that such cases should be referred to the legal advisers.

The Secretary said that legal advice was only to be taken in case of seizure.

Mr Norman observed that such an impres sion at least had gone abroad. « It was clear they could not afford a repetition of such bills as that they had just paid, - which though very moderate as regarded the services rendered, was far more than the funds would bear on many occasions ; perhaps a committee oight be appointed to decide what cases should be defended. He moved to that effect.

Mr Parker reminded the meeting of the re sistance in Yan Diamen's Land to the Dog Tax, and recommended' that the course which i which had been taken there should be adopted

' here-that of suffering a single case to go be fore the Supreme Court and thus settling the whole question in dispute.

Mr Watson seconded Mr Norman's motion. It was quite wrong that persons not belonging to the League should be defended from its


A conversation followed in which the con

duct of the Talunga and Onkaparinga Commis* i sioners was strongly censured and ascribed to private motives. Mr Norman thought it pos sible *ihe summonses were issued under the false idea that the League was defunct. Mr Wilson thought the question not worth agitat ing as the Act was in abeyance, and the prin ciples they contended for was virtually con


Mr Wells strongly objected to defending actions in the Local Courts. It was no tri umph to defeat a summons on technical grounds'while the principle remained unshaken. He thought Mr Fisher should be instructed to defend no more cases in those Courts.

Mr'John Fisher of Gumeracha and Lyndoch Valley, mentioned that he had been summoned to Gawler Town for-his rate, and had put iu an adpearance. He and many ether settlers in the north were anxiously awaiting the result.

A conversation followed upon ways and means. It appeared that £80 had been al ready spent and that some of the hundreds had not sent in the agreed subscription of £20. Eventually two motions were put to the meet ing-namely: moved by Mr Manful and se conded by Mr Watson, "That the action against Mr Fisher be defended by the League," and an amendment by Messrs Wells and Par ker, " That no expense be mcurred on behali of any person whose hundred has «ot contri buted £20 to the funds-of the League." Thc original motion was carried on by a-division by .8 against 2, and it was determined that Mt -Fisher be instructed to take such steps as should be requisite to bring the oase before the Supreme Court.

The Chairman mentioned that he was about to leave the Colony for a time, and would, therefore have to resign his post as Chairman of the League. He should always look back to his connection with that body with pride and pleasure. He also announced the receipj of £3 from Mr Steelforth of Moorooroo. Ii was not considered necessary to name a fresl

Chairman, as Mr Anderson is only making a

short visit to Van Diem en'à Land

It was proposed that all hundreds not send ing in the agreed amount of £20 should be struck off the list, but on the Chairman's re commendation the motion was postponed till

next meeting that they might first be written


Mr Norman mentioned that a memorial was

in course of signature in the hundred of Wil binga in favor of the Amended Road Bill, which many of the residents thought an im provement on the old Act, and a great conces sion to popular demands.

The meeting then adjourned till Thursday

week the 17th instant.