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Salo* Iii? public Statiion.


BY I NONIOS, % ^ ?

'Oo Wednesday, 'December 2nd, at ibis temporary j

room«, Kiag William-street, at 12 praoiteiy-, X AA BARRELS of splendid ale *"V 30 bags Mauritius-sugar

V>^04}agaaf whiteditro, very superior

56 pieces unbleached calico

100 ladies' light cotton print dresses &

50 pots Yannontb bloater paste

50 do. improved Pâte da Diable > "'? 50 dozen bottled porter

10 cases ofsherry in bond

- And a large quantity-óf ironmongery


ArLouse in Hindmarsh, with 2 rooms, neatly ^oilt and finished, and ona parti ev built attached, ?with a right to a well of water adjoining.


1$¥ I. NON MUS,

On Friday the 4th December, at his temporary

rooms, King^illiam-street, at twelve o'clock precisely

TWO tous or fine Van Diemen's floor

2 tons of fine salt

2 tons ot coarse ditto, Liverpool . 4 50 kegs of metallic paint

10 barrels Scotch ale 1 case of ironmongery

1 oase of very superior paper hangings 2 cases pf superior Port wine 2 dinner sets, blue

1 splendid drinking horn and cap 1 cabin lamp, quite new 1 waggon, fice, fice

?Damaged Flour, Wearing Apparel,

and Merchandize.


By Messrs Lambert ¿ Son,

At their rooms, Hindley-street, en Tuesday, De

cember 1, at one o'clock precisely, without


FIFTY Bags of best Van Diemen's floor,

slightly damaged.

A n assortment ofsclotblog .'consisting of

White enid breeches and gaiters Buckskin ditto and leggings

Sitk handkerchiefs and waistcoats Shirts and tr»wsers

¿»beets, tabte-c'oths, and stocks

Mackintosh koapsack and life preserver Quantity-valuable booka.


W ByMr. Neale,

- On Wednesday, December 2, at 12 o'clock, at his

premises, Kundle street

ABOUT 12 head Superior broken in milking


3 beautiful young Devon bulls 2 superior draught horses, and

6 excellent horses, fit either for draught or



by Mr. Neale,

' On Friday, Deoembejr 4, at twelve o'clock at bis

room, Randie street, positively without reserve, for the purpose of'closing consignments

A QUANTITY of India matting and fur

niture, consisting of English and Indian ' manufactured chairs, tables, sofas, couches^ glass, earthenware, &c, &c.

Also, at the risk of the last buyer, a few uncleared lots of china, and nests of covered

- pan«.

Jit the risk of E.A. Stone.


' Öy W. Halles,

*~Qn WednesJay,iDec.,2nd,^t his room, Hindley

street, at the risk of Mr B. A. Stone, the follow ing; uncleared lota,

IG HT hbds. pale ale

Jk 9 pieces cotton baa&ecchie fr

6 printed dresses

11 white counterpanes 4 .white bats

4 black ditto «. 1 doz. knives and forks 24 razors

2 casks whiting

Piece of print, 27 J yards - 1 hhd porter

I ditto pale »le - : 23 iron saucepans

I ease Cavendish tobacco

? 1 gross combs .; * Flannel dress

' Sale to com men oe at twelve o'clock. f ^Extensive üále of Merchandise. TO BE SOI.TJ TS Y PUBLIC AUCTION,


ley street, at 12 o'clock

rj^EN tons Van Djem»frVLeca\.potatee6 JL 450 bags rice ,

300 bags maize " . *

.8 tons'V. D. L . Timur ^ 45 barrels American floor " 120 dosen strong Scotch ale

15 bags Lombock heans

1,1 tons Cavendish tobacco

5 cwt Neerobead ditto 1 ton coffee 3 chests tea

30 bags Mauritius sugar

"7 «wt. foal* sugar

12 boxes Muscatel raisins 45 ditto London soap '130 kegs paints

, 15 jara linseed-oil

3 5 bales sheep wash tobeeeo -10 barrels pork ? -

2 tons Liverpool salt - , - <L<lr« cask« sherry

Fort ia wood and bottle Keg Scotch eduff 2 cases mustard.

And a great variety other Merchandise. .    

4FTSR wnica,

A number of Goats.



Oh Fridiy, December 4.h, at Iiis room Hindley

~s reel, ot 12 o'clock -'

L^* IX Gent *¿ dieting CMM ,

i'7^ **> ¿oz n umbrellas *

- 2<HMba. Windsor soap 1

, 40 dozen Oem's dress «locks; t

4 Stow Healing lights' ~ ?.*-.'-..:

6 Watts fw ¡ne . ; ? ? ' ~ ^ J2iiaKen tumblers,' ' * .cir .j An J « gr*-at »ariel v <>f nike* articles. <

The Adelaide Auction Company  

HAVE given instructions to N. BENTHAM

to offer, to let or to sell by Auction, on Wednesday, December 21st   CRAFERS NORFOLK ARMS HÓTEL,

Situated on high road to Mount Barker, and the Murray, distant about 8 niles from ibe City,

and 2 miles from Mount Lofty with view of  

St Vincents Golf, from the


now furnishing . Thé Estate consists of 80acres fenced with an excellent 40 acre paddock, 2 sheep pens, 13 stall stables, slaughter yard. Butcher's, shop, piggery, and fowl houses, also good detached

stone kitchen.


Large parlours, extensive dining hall, landlord's parlour, bar, store room, and cellar tap separated from the Hotel by double doors, and stair case, 5, large bed rooms well lighted and an abundant   supply of

ELEGANT FURNITURE, GLASS, PLATE, and table linen, sufficient to lay ont a


This desirable property is insured to the South   Australian Insurance Office for £3000, and is in

full business.

For furner particulars apply to Ñ. Bentham i agent to the Company,

Adelaide Auction Company


On easy Terms io the Buyer. THE Company have instructed  


to offer by auction on Saturday, December 5th

23 beautiful building lots in O'Connell-street,  

North Adelaide

80 acre Section 536, Hurtle Vale

3 acres with good House and Garden in Pros

pect Village, now in possession of Mr


A very valuable 5 acre block, at the New


14 shares in the rising Town of New Brighton  

1 1/2 sbare in,tbe Victoria Survey

And I excellent water frontage at Port Lincoln.   Terms 15 per cent deposit and the remainder in j Bills at 2, 4 and 6 months. "_

Adelaide Auction Company

HAVE instructed the undersigned to offer by j

private contract the following valuable] properties.

240 acres at Jupiter Creek, Meadow Survey

Sift ** -«Uh-a quarter of a mile of j

- water frontage.

=80 acres, being the "first-choice in the new St. j

Vincent Survey.

Terms to suit purchasers.

For forthej partioelars applv to


Agent to the Company

To Merchants, Shippers, ¡and j


Tb« Company have instructed N. BENTHAM

to sell, ou Saturday, tue 5th December,

ALOT of PRIME OIL in various siced i

casks as U'idei

No. 2, 18 gallons

fi, 8,21 gallons each 11, 13$ gallous 15, 35 gallons 16, 66 gallons

And 24 other casks varying from 30 to ISO |


After which,- a variety of merchandise to "Close j {.consignments. -

Adélaïde Auction Company.

To Saddfers, Stable Keepers» and others, j



TH E Company have instructed N. BENTHAM j

to offer on Monday, the 7m December, 230 bags of rice

6 gentlemen's saddles complete 3 ladies' ditto ditto 48 elegant whips

48 Single enafflk bridles

48 pair bobbles

6 superior saddle bags 28 eases of gin

4 hhds ditto

12 Quarter casks sherry

43 dozen prime port in bottle

And various other merchandise«


(\ff the Port Gawler shore, *

SKIFF, ('about 21 -feet long) with two _upper streak» of lead colour and black bottom ; can ba had by paying all expenses, and protiog tbe same to be theirs; if not oil led for within one week will be sold io pay expenses.

-Apply to Mr Pearson, |New Port.


£5 Reward,

fÊT 'OST, thant two months since, from the park I M-i tcndj & dark brown stock horse named j Dick--bracked under the maneroo the off side)

R, and *FM9fi tile off shoulder, has several white] mark« on fee Back" onder the saddle, anda few}

white hairs «n lite nose.

The above reward will be paid oa delivery, of j the horse «t «Hailee? Auction Room, Hîndley j

Stn«*. M .

No*ember 30 th, 1840.

Four Pounds Reward.

CTR AY ED, ; f«*j Secliou 753; on the

^ Onkaparinga^ Iii ver, near Mr Mor phett^ sheep station; Four Working Bollocks,

all branded on the near-nnid-side G B : one a light redcwiljh*large horus, one a dark red, one yellow with large horns, and one white with-yello w spots. Whoever will bring the «ame to Section 753¿ or to Mr Slater, at 'Kensington, shall receive the above reward,

The Soutfr Australian Shipping


A RE desired to notify to Mthe public, that

several parcels of Brawn's River imd other prime POTATOES «re deposited in their warehouses, the prices of which may be known on application;

Port Adelaide,

25th Nov., 1840.

--:-.-.-,.' ., ;? -/^

ANTED, to proceed to Launceston in , * * the ïïhtsty Miller, six Shoemakers and/sixAgrioultural Labourers. Good wages will be given. Apply to

JOHN NEWMAN & CO, ; Jindie Street.

--;- P . . ? .'

: To be> IttspoBed of,

rv* H E Lease and, igopdwiR' of a respectable P>. JJoteJ, 7 miles from Adelaide. .Apply lo MrBunoû^SolicitorjGreDfell-ilree^Addakle.

Agricultural Society.

AT a Meeting of gentlemen desirous

of promoting the objects of the     Agricultural Society.

David McLaren, Esq., in the chair,   It was resolved -

1st. That a General Meeting of all those interested in the pastoral, aericultural, and   horticultural operations of the colony be held on Tuesday the 8th December next, at Ford- ham's Hotel, at 2 o'clock precisely.

2nd. That the following gentlemen be re- quested to act as a committee for preparing and arranging such meeting, and for a public dinner on the occasion, viz ;

David McLaren, Esq., Chairman' Hon. Captain Sturt  

T. Williams, Esq., (of  

Hermitage) Croupiers James Frew, Esq.  

W. S. Whitington, Esq.     John Morphett, Esq.  

George Stevenson, Esq.     H. Watson, Esq.       John Hallett, Esq   Wm, Pinkerton, Esq. Stewards

Charles Berkeley, Hon. See.

3rd. That it be an instruction to the com mittee, that the price of the dinner ticket do not exceed ten shillings.

4th. That the above resolutions be published.




Hon. Secretary. Adelaide, 29th Nov., 1840..


AT a meeting ofthe Committee of the AgrioaHu

ral Society held this day. present Geo. Stevenson Esq'in the chair. John Hallett, Esq.

Henry Watson. Esq..

W. S. Whitington, Esq.

W. Pinkerton, Esg. V

It waa resolved-that invitations be forwarded to the-more distant settlers, requesting their atten dance on Tuesday, the 8th of . December, at- 2 o'clock precisely ; and that they be farther re quested to bring with them to the meeting samples

of ibis season's produce.

It was also resolved-that the settlers to whom sncb invitations should be sent, be /requested to communicate with such of their friends and neigh

bours to whfjm similar invitations bavé not been forwarded,: owing to their address bein? unknown to the Committee ; and to request their attendance

on the occasion.

The business of the meeting to commence at 2 punctually. Dinner on table at 4.

Tickets 10s. each, to be bad of Mr Fordham, on or before Saturday next, December 5.

CHAS. BERKELEY, Hon Seo. Adelaide, Nor. 27, 1840.

Chamber of Commerce.

AT the Annual Meeting, held at the office of

Messrs Hack & Co. on Thursday, Nov-I9th, j 1840, the following proceedings tonk place:

J.R. Hack, Esq. in the chair.

The reporlhaving be«n read by the Secretary lt wa mored b? Jas. Frew, Esq, and seconded by W. Blyth, Esq ,

<!. That the report now presented be received. 1


" Your Committee resign into the hands of the I members the trust committed to them OH the j lormatiou of the'Chamber of Commerce. The j have retained office beyond the period for which they were elected from peculiar circums'ances.

and they now present a brief abstract of their j


*' Tor nearly twelve months after the formation I of the Chamber, no particular objects of interest

called for their attention. The Auctioneers' Act then led to their assembling, and the result of their communication with the government was the withdrawal of the proposed 'duty*©n goods sold by


" The Board bare long been In communication

with the Government on the subject of the duties, ] and the correspondence has not yet closed.

41 Several matters of miner interest affecting] commerce, have also occupied the attention of tbeij


" In compliance with the rule of the'first Gene-,

ral Meeting, a code of Bye Laws is now submitted j for the adoption of this meeting.

" No subscription ba6 jet been asked, but "it is j now desirable'that the members should pay the j


" The number of original members now on the j books ÍBtwenty-three, several removals and resig nations, having occurred.

" The Board trust that the regular meetings j which it is proposed should henceforth beheld,j ahoold bave * tendency to promote a -good under standing among ttbe -merchants of the province, and advance the general interests of the commer

cial community."

Stoved by John Morphett, Esq. and seconded J by D. Mc'Laren, Esq

2. That lbe Bye Laws now read be adopted j

from and after this day.

Three members Of the Board having to retire, a ] ballot thea took place, «bea the following gentle men were elected in the room of Messrs McLaren, Walker, and Russell -

. ' James Frew. Esq.

* William Giles, Esq.

J. B. Garratt, Esq.

Moved by joh« Morphett, Esq., and seconded j

by Cha*. Beck, Esq.

3. That the annual subscriptions for the current year be paid on or before the 1st December neat, and thatnon-payment of the subscription by that time shall be'considered a withdrawal.

' ," ./. v . A. H, DAVIS,

Hon. Secretary.


POR salé or to let for the Season., *- - Apply *o


- Rundle htreet. j

For Sale


Two Bollock drays,


THE Committee of the Vine Association   having determined to send Capt. Caw-     thorne to the Cape of Good Hope, for the   purpose of selecting Vine Cuttings, the sub- scribers are informed, that he is authorised to call upon them for the amount of their sub- scriptions, or they may pay them at either of the Banks, or to the Secretary. Captain Caw- thorne will undertake any commissions for the selection of other plants.



|\K Sale at the Stores of the undersigned

Lamp chimneys fis. per dozenT

- Tumblers 5s; per doiea ; : ;.,'. $

Brown^ lüver pc4atoes^ &e;» &C.,

. v, , VY ft; E. SOLOMON^

For Launceston direct,

«ffi^ THE fast sailing schooner DUSTY -^^§fer MIL£ER^Tl20i tons register/ JOHK SkuNDERS, n^f«; she will sail for the above port po Tuesday, the 8Ü1 day of December hasgood** accommodation for


For freight or passage apply to


_ _ Rundle Street. Adelaide,

30lb Nov., 1840,

WBICKFORD, Chemist, Drogist, &c..

« Hindley Street, begs to inform Iib friends and the public, that he bas purchased that old es

tablished business three doors west of Mr Hack's; ] and having made considerable additions to the stock, he bas now on sale a great variety of

Drugs, Chemicals, Snuffs. Cigars

India curry powder, Pickles and sances

Linseed oil and turpentine. Stockholm tar ' A good selection of the best perfumery '

Genuine horse and cattle medicines, &o. &o All of which be will warrant of the best quality and at reasonable prices.

- N. B.--W. B. having served five years with a qualified Veterinary Surgeon in England, ts ena bled to dispense medicine and giro advice in that department of the profession, if required.

A constant «apply of healthy leeches.

Just Arrived firom England,

AVERT beautiful and choice assortment of

doeskins f for gent's dress trowsers ; els'*, a good assortment of West of England wooldjed cloths, consisting of black, blue/ claret, olive brown, daihia, invisible green, &c, &c. ; also

A very splendid assortment of rich black and coloured satine; figured and plain silks ; toilinette, white and boffcashmere.for gent's dress waistcoats.

W. P E A R C E,

Clothing Establishment. N.B.-Wanted, 12 good workmen.

MR. DUMBLETON begs to inform his

.friends and the public, that be is about to retire from his present business, and he takes the opportunity to retorn bis sincere andgratefal¿banks for the support and patronage he has been so constantly favored with.

Persons having claims against Mr D. are requested to send them io before the 18th Dec., 1840; and all outstanding ^ebts must be liquida ted on or before that date, otherwise they will be handed «ver to his solicitor.

November. SOtb, 1840.



MR PLATTS having been appointed col-  

lector will call upon the subscribers for their subscriptions; and the committee earnestly recommend so valuable an Institu- tion to the liberal support of the colonists.

H. WATSON, Hon. Sec.    

' i

Beulah Hotel,


J. H. Theakston begs to inform the

public that he intends to give a ball on   Wednesday next, December 2nd. A full band provided; tickets 2s 6d ; dancing to commence  

at 7 o'clock.

To be Let,

AN excellent family bouse via the best part of

the town, consisting of a dining and drawing room, four bed rooms, a good kitchen, and a large

store room with a weil of fine waler in the rear of the premises. Fir particulars enquire at (the offices of the South Australian Company, North


Lost, Stolen, or Strayed,

FROM Mr Alexander's, of Walkerville, the

tbe Camel ¡rn po rt dd by Mr W. H, Phillips. Whoeves will bring thu same fro his residence, North Terrace, Adelaide, will be handsomely rewarded for their trouble ; but whosoever detains it after this notice will be prosecuted.

North Terrace,

November 30th, 1840.

South Australian Club

r|>H E alterations and improvements in the ? Club House being nearly completed, the Treasurer begs leave to inform those Meiribers who may not be aware of it, that the following Resolution was jpassed unani mously at the General Meeting: held in Sep

tember last.

*' That the Secretary be requested-to apply to the Members to pay their-subscriptions for 1841 in advance, for die purpose of meeting the necessary outlay for'the completion Of the Building,*'


Hon. Treasurer.

30th Nov., 1840._?.

Apothecaries' Hall.

W. E. BAYLDON, in returning his

most grateful thanks to his friends   and the public for the very liberal patronage be- stowed upon him at the above establishment, begs most respectfully to inform tbem, that he has dis-

posed of bis business to Mr W. Paxton, whom he   can with confidence recommend as worthy a con-  

tinuance of their kind favors.

W. Paxton, in succeeding to Mr Bayldon in the above establishment, begs to assure the inhabi- tants of Adelaide and its vicinity, that it shall be his constant endeavour to merit a continuance of those favors so liberally bestowed on his prede-


W. P. also takes this opportunity of mention- ing, that having had many years experience as chemist and druggist, all prescriptions and family recipes entrusted to his charge, will be dispensed with tbe greatest accuracy.

Hindley-strert, Nov, 20, 1840.

; ! NOTICE ~~ Tl HE Civil Sittings of the Supreme Court

advertised to take place on die 26th in stant, are postponed to Thursday the 10th day of December next, at the hour of 9 o'clock in the forenoon, in .consequence of a request I made to His Honor the Judge, by all the

gentlemen practising in the Supreme Court.

18, Nov. 1840,


Clerk of tbe Supreme Court

Dr. Kent's Steam Worlcs. "

BRICKS of (unexceptionable < qnaJity ma

nufactured from clay, mitred by steam, can be supplied ¿to any extent at the steam mills, on 3ection 355,1 immediately opposite

the end of Rundle-streetV'

: Price per thousand, ll. lös., at the mills, or 3/. delivered ta any part of Adelaide;

To the Public.

JAMES CHAMBERS begs to inform the in~

. habitants that, JU the solicitation of many «f bia friends, be hasdetermíiíedto c^iatnenoe run ning, on Monday next, a ONE-HORSE FLY«. Tor hire in and abont-town. ' «?-. ¿

Tho Fly will stand ai the* CInfcÀonse frons nine in the morning until seven at night, and the charges will be regulated by strict economy ; at the same lime, the publio may depend opon ci» y iUtjj attention, and^comfort._t._^_^

STRAYED, from Dr. Mtles's station, ^ Willanga, November 16th instant, » Black Mare, and Foal one day old : whoever will bring the same to the above place, or Morphett Vale, will be handsomely rewarded. Fire-brand on near shoulder H. Lt.

?y i - ~- ? ?

To Builders, Carpenters, Plumbers,

Glaizers, £$c.

TH fi Adelaide Window Glass and Lead Com

pany beg leave to announce that they bare on sale, at their warehouse in Hindlej-street, «ear Áíorphett-streét, the largest and best assortaient of the following goods ever imported into this Colony, and at such prices as will defycompe


The'best window glass, cut to any size, and

sold in large or small quantities A large quantity *>f sheet lead Patent lead pipe of all sizes Window lead and solder

Block tin, in bar or ingot

Hydraulic and lead pumps

Spring, valve, andpan, water closets Brass cooks of every description Plumbers' and glaizers' tools

A large-quantity of splendidnaperhanging* Painters and plasterers* brushes

Colors (both dry rad ground) for plain «nd


Copal and carraige varnishes 3apau, and gold size

. White lead and milled putty

Linseed and boiled oils and turpentine Canvas for paperhanging

Extra large sized paper for lining canvas G)ass paper and powdered emery

A splendid conectionoistamedglaMfigurefc,

and gothic and ornamental borders for -church and private windows

A .quantity naf the best patent diamonds

.Glass ground and ornamented. 'Sashes end shop

fee nts -glaced on the shortest notice.

The Company is now «ready to estimate for plumbing, painting,glaaing.paperbangiog, writing, gilding, and graining, and which Will he executed in (he best possible manner.

N. B.-All demands on this Company, if the accounts are sent in on the Friday, will, if correct, be discharged on Saturdays.




a-ovstmscD THIS «DAV.

ON WEDNESDAY, Dec. 2, at 12 o'clock, at

his temporary rooms, King William Street

Flour. Merchandise, &c.

ON FRIDAY, December 4th at his temporary

rooms, -King William -street, «it 12 o'clock


By Messrs. lambert & Soo,

THIS DAY,"Dec. 1st, at their room, Hindley

street, at-one o'clock-Wearing Apparel.

By Kb*-. Neale.

ON WEDNESDAY, December 2. at hi« room,

Rundle street-Cattle, &e.

ON FRIDAY, December 3. at his room Rundle

street, at twelve o'clock-Indian Furniture, Sec

By CT'HaUes,

ON WEDNESDAY. December % at bis room,

[lindley Street, at A2 o'clock-Merchandise.

ON WEDNESDAY, december 2, at his room,

Hindtev Ft reel-Ale and-sundries.

ON FRIDAY. December 4th at his room«

Hiodley Street, at 12 o'clock-Merchandise. By the Auction Company.

ON WEDNESDAY, Dec. 2nd at their room*

Hiodley street, at twelve o'clock-Merchandise. ON SATURDAY, December 5,-Freehold and

Leasehold Property.

ON SATURDAY, December 5. at their rooms

Hiadley Street-Oil.

¡ONMONDAY, December 7, at their]rooom* ! fiindley street-Saddlery.