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FROM our Port Lincoln correspondent, we hear,

that the cutter Frances has been wrecked on one

of the Neptune lslands at the mouth of Spencer's Gulf. Strange to say, the whole crew subsisted upon penguins for fifty days, after which two of their number ventured to Port Lincoln, a   distance of fifty miles, in a small dingy boat. This latter place, they succeeded in reaching in safety, and a whale boat was at once dispatched, which brought back the remainder of their companions.

Mr Hawson's son had died from the effects of the wounds inflicted by the blacks, to which reference was made in a former number, after lingering under great bodily suffering for a


At the date of our corespondent's letter, Oct. 22nd, the* Emu was daily expected, but had not arrived- The Waterwitch was to have sailed to S treaty Bay on the morrow, Oct. 24, with supplies to Mr Eyre and party, after which they were immediately to push on into the interior/

Fish are caught in great quantities at Port Lincoln, but were selling at the high price of

I sixpence a pound- Our correspondent states

that two hundredweight were caught, in thr short space oí au hour, ou the evening of hi»

arri\ al.

Labourers wages average about the same .there as in Adelaide,-£ I a week and ration? being allowed to a man, and 12s a -week to a strong active youth.

Water it is said is to be procured ia abundance about 20 yards above high water mark, at about the depth of 19 to 21 feet j and at the distance of one hundred yards from the sea, it. can lie procured at the small depth of 6 feet.

The crops of all kind-but particularly nf corn and potatoes, were looking remarkably well, and promised to be exceedingly remunerative.

Kangaroo is very plentiful in the bush, and and is found very serviceable to the settlers foi


The St. Vincent had arrived with a pieniifal supply of stores, v

REGISTRAR GENERAL.-It will afford a large number of our readers no small gratification w hear, that W. Bartley, Esq., of the firm ot" Bartley and Gwynne, has been appointed to the office of Registrar General, vacaat by the death of Robert Bernard, Esq. What is particu larly warted is a person -who wiii bring hi* whole energies to bear upon the effectual aa«t successful operation of the bill at preseut before the council, 60 soon as it shall be carried mtu a law. Such a person, we have no doubt, his Excellency will find in Mr Bartley, and, under this view of the case, his appointment will be received with very general satisfaction.


Sunday last, J)avid M'Laren, Esq again ad ministered the ordinance of baptism by immer sion, at the back of Park Cottage, the residence of Mr Randall, in the River Torrens. As on the former occasion, the banks of the river on each side were lined with a numerous and highly respectable class ot spectators, who, after the ceremony was over, paid very serious and marked attention to an address at the water's edge, with which Mr M'Laren favoured them- Only one person was baptised,-this making the second instance of the kind in the colony.