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^Oeorgé Fife Angas Esq. Captain J. W. Buller "John Fussell, Esq.

Charles Hindley, Esq., M.P. Mpnrv Kingscote, Esq. John Pirie, Esq.

Christopher'RaArson, Esq. J-'hil Rundle, Esq.

Edward Divelt, Esq.

James Roddell Todd,-Esq. Henry Waymouthy Esq.

London office, 4 New Broat«*t.,*City

Manager-David McLaren, Esq.

rjISCOUNT days, Monday, Wed

nesday, and Friday; office hom« from |o to 4.

Discounts at the rate of 10 per cent,


Interest charged on past due bills,' 15 per cent. ; and on renewed bills, 12

per cent.

" InterestSràllowed on cash deposits, as


Under £100 (if lodged three jnontlis)

6 per «cent.

Under £1009(if lodged three*aionths) 7 per cent.

Sums above £1000, subject to spe

cial agreement.

Deposits from £1 upwards received «pon interest.

Deposits under £100 payable on de mand ; above that sum, at seven days'


- Interest allowed oh cur-rent accounts .at the rate of 4 per cent, per annum upon the daily balance.

Interest charged on overdrawn ac- j

counts at 10 per cent, per annum. !

Drafts are now granted by the Di- ! Teetora in London upon the Colonial

Establishment at 30 days sight at 2 j

«per cent, premium.

Drafts granted upon the following places at the rates specified for the

present:- j

On London ......2¿ per cent, premium On Sydney.......3 percent, ditto ' On Hobart To wn3 percent, ditto . On.Launceston. : 3 per cent, ditto

On Mei bou me ..3 percent, ditto

" Arrangements are in progress for1 granting Kilts upon the new settlement . of New Zealand. By order



Adélaïde, April 3,1840.



WANTED, by a person who has

lately arrived in the Colony, and who has much experience in husbandry aird sheep farming, aeitua .tion as overeeer of a farm ; or to take care of Stock.

The advertiser bolds letters of reconv - tn end a tion of the highest character from the most respectable parties.

Applv at the office of this paper. April 8th, 1840.


I LL be found, the largest-stock - of Linen Drapery, broad superfine «loths, family nrourninfr, bombazines, .rapes, merinos. Saxony's, baby linen, .ilks, satins, hosiery, velvets, haber dashery, ?flannels, blankets, lawns, sheetings, Irish linens, lace, ribbons - -unlimited, all at a .great reduction in price.

»French corsets, stay«, and «hemise

ready made.

Wa<«r1oo House, 6th April, 1840.



-.9AAA PAIRS of boots and shoes,

tJUU1/ ¡nc|u<Jing every description of .treng. fashionable, and fight makes, fir ladies*, geutlemen, bush wear, and

.children's use.


On Saturday ^ettwijl be ready for inspection.-a' large quantity of Gen

tlemen's Wearing Apparel, London ¡ made, in coats, coatees, . trowseis, I jackets and vests¿ of almost every des < cription suitable for the season-with1 '-an entire new stock of HATS, ofsplen

did qualities, arfow prices.

. Hindley street, 8th Aptil,4840.


?EMW. Subscribers wanted to -i*- compete the pM/posed number.;

Theiamoufrttff «tigfcMysubscription H&ay^ ^Jttiowj^ o^

^thisvpâf^^ ati^ the particulars will ] *». fUHy explftvosd in a few days after

^Ae Hst'I* fofl- '

' AA'dél«îde, A prH 8,1840.

WHR ERAS, otrtàîo IVrSona have been

dgetag U«e Sloe» fi oat tba Sections of «ka Sou-h Ausiraifoa Üoaapattv,iaíh«*)uiinadíau». . vl inttf nt AdeJtWe, »iuWt,tba oarmhiato* of

This tt lb give Mtfc^ibst mai parties JbajNl tr^pvmiû? in ñutirá, will to p^è^t^ *ttw

4«w dirgcür. **.*."." *'

Aprttfr, 18».

for Stocks

\T & E.SOLOMON take this opportu ^ . nity to inform buyers-" and sellers of

Horses and all kinds of Stock, that they have opened aRegistry of Stock,for sale^by private bargain, at the Auction Mart, Cume-sireet, where gentlemen who are in want of Horses or other kind of stock, may by examining the Register Book, suit themselves and receive every information regarding price, and where

the animal can be seen.

The terms of ReJsierinsr are as follows For every Horse 5s,, Bull 5s., Cow ls. 6d., Bullocks ls. 6d., Steers ls. each, and Sheep ?5s. per-score, and when the -ale is effected by the owner to any person introduced through the means of the Register Book 1\ per cent commission, or if sold by V. & 1*. Solomon 5 per cent (if for cash), and 7$ (if for bills) wilt be charged, allowing a deduc tion of the-money paid on the registry of each

head of stock.

IrW*0 LET, a family House in Kermode

? street ftorth Adelaide, containing five excellent rooms, the land fenced in.

Also the adjoining quarter of an acre, on a building lea*e for 5 years. J

House and quarter of an acre of land bottom of Run.:ie-st eet.

Also, on a building lease, a very valuable

frontage in the most eligtblé bVsinesssituition

in Rundle-street. -r

Three or four Cottages in Caroline-pl <ce,

Rundle-Sfreet. ' - "

For further particulars and terms &pp^y to N. MAILES, at his room, H ind ley-street

To newly arrived Emigrants

and Others.

pO LET, in Kermode-street, North Ade

laide, a roomy house and shop, with underground Kitchen, Cellar, &c

For Sale,

In Frànklin-street, Som h Adelaide, adjoining the Turf Hotel, a good house, with large store and a quarter acre of land.

To be Sold,

Tn single acn-s, 14 acres oí superior land, heine one of the flat horse shop bends of the river Torrens, and is ingeniously laid out that every acre possesses a river frontage, with a constant supply of fine water.

For Sale,

A convenient family house with 20 acres or freehold land within three and a half miles ot Town, and ready for the reception of a respect, able family. Liberal terras will be acceced to

For Sale,

A desirable and comfortable Cottage Ttesi dence, in South ITerrace, with one-eighth of an acre of land, and stable, &c.

For particular« apply to W. H. Neale, Auctioneer, &c, Franklin-street.


FOR Sale. 4 Hi»»«, jas? imported from Vnn

Diemeo's Lai.'. and all in-excellent work in-order. Prire £\Q per hive, to be «eeo «I Mr. PitcherVHoi tb *d-Uide.


A set of tnndam harnea*-, anpeiior drserip'ion, price £20 ; «nd double jen carriage bi roe«», na «fe price.

B -quire nt »tie proprietor's. North Adelaide, or

at Smi'b and Vallance'* Aoctina Koom'-s, H ind le \



The undersigned has just received a small and select quantity of the very best

Crown gilt uniform coat and waistcoat


A splendid assortment of the best superfine

West of England Broad cloths consist-   ing of

Superfine black cloths

Extra-superfine wool-dyed ditto Superfine blue cloths Extra superfine ditto  

Extra superfine claret cloths    

Ditto olive ditto

Ditto dublin ditto  

Ditto drab and black Kersey

Ditto ditto buckskins


Clothing Establishment King William.


¥ UST Landing from the barque " Hero,*'

and on sale hv the Undersigned,

Eighty Tons of Sugars, ofgood qua


AUGUST & COOKE Adelaide.

25 b March, 1840.

On Sale.

EJECTION No «he provincial sur

vey marked with «he letter B, in the On kaparinga district, about 14 miles from town.

Two sections in the Finniss special survey . one Land order, d^ted 21st May, 18'9 ; one share tn the J oint .Stock Cattle Company.

Apply to


35. Randie slr-««.

. To Let,

4 STRf" NG substantial wooden Jïouse on ' * acre No. 35, Rundle street, consisting of six apartments and a kitchen ; two of the rooms are papered and two are oil painted. There is a well, bp the preitiises. Possession may be had about the fcOth April.

Apply to


35, Rundle .vlie**.

- - -, Sheep. .

FOR SAJLÇ--Aquantity of prime Ewes

io Jajfc^to imp^*ed Merino rams. .

* A quantity of/fat Wethers, varying rajftge fi^ two l»ibur jmd^ half; years.

A*Sock af -vary^superior Rams.

' °A\*o, Working Bullocks, Horses &c.,&c Th e above sheep bave been recently brought overland from New South Wales, «nd were there selected with great care from the flocks of the most celebtated breeders They are warranted free from all disease, having never teen infected wfth scab or catarrh*

Further particulars may be obtained on application to Captain John Finnis, at bis residence, North Adelaide, or to F. H Dutton,   Esq., Miss Bathgilne's, Rundle-street.

April 1, 1840

British College of  



? Gouger-street, Adelaide.

Established 1840.

For the cur« of Dysentery, Di »rr boss. Conta mp

lion, D bility. Indigestion, Vomitings, Biiioue» <>r Nervoos Affections, Goat, Rheo tn ans*««, Tie Doler«-nx, Jitundic-.-, Liver Complaints. Astlima. 6 ave^Sion^, Pi >s, Scurvy, Dr psv, Insanity, Cholera Morb us. F vers. Epi epii<* Fit-, Apoplexy, Fistula, InfUmraati ns.U ceis. Cancera. Croup, Quinsej, Kind's Evil,-in short, every disease to which the boroan trame is liable, by tbe use of * *


Vegetable Universal Medicine. 'I1 H E character of Morison's UNI

VERSAL VEG KT A BLB MEDICINES is too weil known to nt-etl comnietit.

Tue extraordinary, and almost tncre j dible cures they have effected in Bri tain, are the general topic ofcomei

sation from John O'Groll's to Land's End. -Upwards of 400.000 persons have been cured -of various diseases by the sole use of this invaluable Medi cine, - and in-numerous instances .when declared incurable' by the faculty. Anxjous to benefit the public'of South

Australia, the subscriber bas deter

mined to « pen a Branch of the British College of Health in *this Colony.


Geueial Agent

The following cases of cure ar*» sub mitted as indisputable evidence of the extraordinary virtue of these Medi

cines :

A briej Report of cases pf cure effected hu the

use of if orison s Universal Medicines, in the months of. October and November, 1830, vndei the sufienntendence of Richard Tothill, E*q., Surgeon, M. R. C. S. L.t Paris street,

El et er.

INSANITY-Samuel Crabb, aged 55, residing at Pm Hoe, tbrre miles from Exetei, was cu>ed of insanity,solely by «fa- u.-e of the Vegetabl

Universal Medicines of the British Colley of Health, after having been in thf Exeter Asylum.

Lacy Reynold«, a-'ed 28, wife of a labourer, Heavitree, cured f a bilious complaint of three ye*T standing, is now tu better health than, she had he»-ti tor four yeats

William Horn, aged 58, a shoeimaker residing in Ho loway S'teet, Exe-er ; cored of ,a »toro «ch complaint, having been - freguenily seized with vomiting cf bilitoua, matter, accompanied with


Elie« bet h Ilemton, aged .44, residing in the college. Exe er ; cured «.f a stomach complaint, pal t>it-tion, with a pain in the bead ami g id -i

Sarah Newton, aged.36, lesiding at Topsiiarn, four miles from Ex* ter ; cared of a stomach com

plaint, pa'pitatiou of the heart uttd general weak- !


Jane Newton, n;red 42, «esíding- on the Quay, Tirpsham,* foin miles rom Exeter ; cured o a «t-.niach complaint, having vomited all ber food, accompanied wiib b?o d, soon wirer «wa Urning i'.

Sarah Isaac. «ged 35, residing at"39, R..rsell St ee», Exeter - cured or a bil ¡iou* tftveti n. and rheumatism all over her,"with which »be bad suf fered four motiihi. ^ > ?

Franota Melmah. aVed IC, residing on tbejQ ay «1» ps; rond of a tour hid d ai o fr«in both nos lils, accompanied with excruciating pa n of the to eli» ed p*lp ta;¡< nof die h-ait, nnd a <-iiiar j obst tuc) i .f, afcor having hee<i six wrek« initie Exeter Di« pen« »arv ; besides four mouth* udd«r several physi


Elisabeth WebVr, aged 18, residing in South 8i»e<«, Exeter; cared of a Momach and billion* complat-.t ;. was th«« .afflicted for 18 months.

Anne Bennett, an«! 33. Iivin¡¡ in Briiige Street, ! Ex «?ter, cared of chronic rheumatism all «vcr ber. nf ten teats'staiidiiijr.

Ge rge We ber.açeri 41, by trade a joiner, re. siding o James Street, En ter ; cured of bleeding l,ilr«- «wo.. »- ar

(Signed) lt. TOTHILL, 5I.R.C.S.L.

CtJBR OF CA^CRK-lo Mr. Pearson. Engl eh street, Dontfrns.-Sir, for tba benefit nf tbose who «re affl cled with cancer, I nuke this pub dc Platement :-My wife wan afilie ed with a cancer io her breast for upwards ol two year«' it had t&fended down her side an under her arm. During the above time, w used many tbincs -rn a remedy, bot to no purpose- be cancer still ioe.r<a*ed. On applying io you, and after voa bid examined the case y«-u said it would be hard «.otk t» ext rael it, as it-was evidently in the laßt stage, having broken ont. However, after your

noble exertions the ca nc-r «vas extracted. The breast is now we I, and toy wife is restored to health, without any catting or scraping*

Ybui's r sptclfully.



* --Burton ale, Loudon ale, and London «tout, in hogsheads and bottled; West India rum, port, sheny, and Cape wines, loaf su¿ar, tea, patent wire - dish covers, fly wire work for meat safes, blinds, &c., Parkes's wheat mills and maize müls, Barron's wheat mills an J maize mi Us« flour sei ves, oats, sawn and split timber^iron fencing, bricks.. _

Fiiiiders-KX-, pp posh e Messrs Reek tc Co's

A Partner wanted.

AN advantageous opportunity offers for a

single young nun who may bedesiious of entering into business, and taking an active part in the concern, and who can command a moderate capital.

The person making this offer is only induced to do so through ill health "

The store is in the most central part of the own, and from its Situation an extensive usiness may be carried on to great advantage, Any person understanding business, pos sessing integrity and sobriety* may learn particulars on application to Mr. Quick. Stephens-place

VOW LANDING,ex "Elizabeth/' from

^Launceston, and on sale by the ton or bag



H ind ley-street


TH E undersigned has for Sale a quantity

of superior truss bound Hay t Any ap- ; plication to Mr; 3. SGUBK, back el «he Com mercial Inn, Grenfell street* or to the under signed near the Brown Hill Creek, will

mirv« itôtoedia» attention. |


March 18> 1840.

To Bakers and Confectioners.

-pO BE LET ON LEASE, the valuable ? * Shop mid Prémises now occupied by JOHN STUCKEY, situated in the best part of Rundle-street, together with the good-will

of the oldest established and' most flou

rishing business in Adelaide-the proprietor intends retiring into the country.

Also lo Let on Building Leases.

That valuable and well situated Town Section 79, fronting King Willliam and Kundle Streets-557 in Siurt-streei,and 642 in Gilhert-Street,

For Sale in Lots to suit Parties. .

-No 532. in Sturt-street, near the Queen's Arms; 40 acres in 'he Tam O'shanter Land ; 1 acre in Hindmarsh, and one share in Port Vincent.- For further pat ticulars, apply *o

JOHN STUCKEY. ITindlej-st., Feb. 26.

Timber and Firewood for Sale

in North Adelaide.


* PANY will receive tenders for the purchase «if their trees standing on Acres Nos 826, 827, «65, 866, 867, 868, 869.870, 871, 873, 875. 876,877. 881, 896 89*, 907, 908, 909, 910. 911, 912, 926, 927, 938, 939, 941, 943, 949. 950, 951, 953, and 954 ; the Ttees to be grubhed,and paid for on removal from the ground. Letters addressed to the Manager, ait tie Commercial'Offices of the Company, in North Terrace, where any further particulars may be obtained.

N.B. The Acres are all marked at the four corners, and maybe identified without difficulty.


A DUN coloured HORSE, about sixteen

^ hands and a half high, with a black mirk across the shoulders. Strayed from the township of Glenelg.

Any person bringing it to SMITH & VAI LANCE, Auctioneers, Grote street, will be


rpO BE SOLD, a vatiety of Town Land

? several acres and -smaller plots o Groundin the Village of Walkerville, Hind

marsh. Kensington,&c, shades in Pott Lin? coln, Port Victoria, and several valuable country sections.

Apply to-ROBEfîT ll ESL ED EN,

Agent, Currie Street Adelaide, January -1st, 1340.


ItYC ETI IQMSON, Baker, respectfully 'announces to the Inhabitants of Adelaide and its vicinity, that he as removed his business from Rosina street to the shop lately occupied by Mr. Hussev, llincMty street, nearly opposite he **Ko\al Admiral,"-wbe«e he intends carry ng on the baking trade in all its branches.

N B, Country orders punctually executed

D EQUI li ED, a wooden TANK, lined j ? ^ with .Zinc, to hold 20 ton of water

Persons desirous of making the same, will be j

pleased to send in tenders to lt. FERGUSON, | Iro»»"Stores, Groie-street.

M ari h 30. t£40.


A Card.


Licentiate of the Royal College of   Surgeons, Edinburgh, begs to intimate that he has commenced the practice of his pro fession in the vicinity of the Emu Hotel, Onkaparinga Road.

Vownog Vale, ,  

11th April, 1840.  

Leicester Rams.

.C*OR SALE, Fifteen Leicester Rams,

T just imported. Flock-masters wilj find this a desirable opportunity of aodiug weight j

both to the carcase and fleece.

Apply to

GARRATT & FISHER. Pirie-itreet,

11th April


C* LEVEN of the Thebarton Club are still

open to play, for any sum, eleven Gebts j of any other Club, at Mr. Üiistow's, Great Tom <>f Lincoln Hotel, on Easter Monday, April 20th. Other amusements. Refreshments will l>e provided.

RECEIVED, by :ate arrivals,

Sheep-wash touacco Hyson-skin tea

Brandy; Claret, Sherry, Madeira,

and Port Wines

Invoices of Nails, Corks. &c


Easter Holidays.

A BALL and .Concjert.wJ[ll be held at the

" Builders Arms,'* Currie-street, On Monday and Tuesday next. The proprietor havine spared no tiouble or ex pence in secur ing the best Vocal and Instrumental music, hopes to be favored with the company of his friends and the public.-Tickets, 3s. each, to be had at the bar -Dancing to commence at 7 o'clock in the evening.

C. J. CARLETON. late of Hindley

street. Lemon Syrup and CORDIAL   manufacturer, begs to inform his friends that he has removed to more commodious pre mises in Gouger-street, near Cragies Build     ings. C J. C., begs to introduce hts Lemon Syrup to the notice of gentlemen as an ex cellent substitute for lemon in punch, and as forming with the addition of water a pleasant and cooling beverage. Price, 3s. 6d. per bottle, or 18s the half dozen, delivered in any part of Not th br South Adelaide*

N. B.-Capta tm of ihips tapplied on liberal term*

Two Pounds Reward.

STRAYED from Adelaide, «bout ten days

ago. a very large BLACK BULLOC K, narkedeither LO or OL on the off nb.

1) JU

The above reward will be paid to any one delivering him at Balhannah« Mount Barker, or the CbTnmotcinî Inn, Adelaide*'

Overland Route to Western


4T a Meeline of ike Committee for making

arrangements foran expedfli«-n to explore an overland route to Western Australia, held the 7th April, «he Hon, fhe.Surveior General in the chair, the following resolutions were agreed to :

That a communication be made to the Government of .Western Australia, detailing the objects contemplated by this committee, ard further stating that the assistance of the Government of thisProvincehas been «'brained.

That a communication be madetothe lion, the Surveyor-General, the Tlon. the Advo cate General, the Hon. G. Leake, Esq., of Western Australia, with « request that they wi'l form a committee in conjunction with such settlers as may feel interested in the same undertaking, for the purpose of c> llect inc private subscriptions, and co-operating

with this committee.

Resolved -that similar communications be made to the Government of New South Wales, and to the following gentlemen who are requested to act as a committee with the same powers as that of Western Australia ; Hon. E. Deas Thomson, Colonial Secretary; William Macarthur, Esq. ; Captain Parker; P. King. R.N. ; Stum Donaldson, Esq. ; George Maclean, Esq ; Charles Campbell,


That the com r.ittee would propose in arder to facilitate the --pn^rres* of the «pedition? that dei ôts be formed at 'Convenient points on t he toute {'that'it5 is^ 'proposed to m eke Fowler's Bay the first depot on «he rcwïes from Adelaide, and to leave it :o the Govern ment of Western Australia to decide upon the sites which their local knowledge may point out as the most eligible for similar sta tions as far to the eastward as may appear


That a subscription li«t be immediately opened in Adelaide to collect funds tn aid of the undertaking.

That lt.. F- Nexvlaed. Esq , be requested to act as Treasurer to this committee, and tit at subscriptions be received at the Banks

of Australasia and South Australia.

E. C. F«tOME, Chairman,

CHAS. BONNET, Secretary.

The Committee again met the 9th Aprtl-r the Hon. the Assistant Commissioner in the chair. It was resolved that the followiug statement head the subscription list;

" .Sex eral meetings having taken place at Adelaide of persons interested in the disco very of an overland route to Western Austra lia, and it beiMU: the general opinion of those meetings that such au enterprise wm.ld very greatly benefit the colonists of Eastern, South ern, and We-ter n Australia, lt was deiet mined t<> open subscriptions for the limiterai ce of this must desiiablé oljeci under the direction of the following committee :

Gap1. S'ort, As-itt. Com. I. B. Strang**?. Esq Capt. Grey Cliar'es B- hoey. Esq Ll ut Frome, Fur»«)or Dr Rankin

G ne a' D AI'Far lene, Esq

David M. Lnr<n Faq l«eoig<- Hamilton, E\q JnUn MOM lief. Faq G A A««t«y. E-q R F Newland, Esq John Finnis*, E»q

J B Hai-k. Esq Ephraim Howe. E*q E S<ept>ens. Esq E-twird Eyre, Esq tl Gilltrs, Esq io n Knott, E*c]

Charle* Mann. Esq J»hn Walk r, Krtf, AVilliam Smillie. >>q í J.-bo Brown, E¿qs

J ff Fisher, Esq George Steven«, ii. Esq

The very great importance of the undertak ing as leading to results,and in all probability to discoveries, 'he beut-hl of which are at preseni unforeseen, but which, like the open ing of the Murray to this Province, may pave the way to a high rond from hence to Western Australia, will, it is hoped, meet with the support of the public winch undertakings of great natiot al interest deserve,and which best evince the enterprise and well doing of a rising colony.

That Captain Grey being about to embark for England, the committee cannot allow him to quit these shores without expies>ing their regret that his stay has been so short, and the verse they ente t-iin of the great interest he he has evinced in the welfare of the colony,, and disinterested support he has given an enterprise which is likely to lead to such generally beneficial results as that under


CHAS. STDRT, Chairman. CHAS. BONNEY, Secretary.


The Government of South Australia £.200

(His Excellency the Governor ab sent at Fort Lincoln )

C ptain Sturt.... 21 0

Lieut- Frome.. 15 0

Captain Grey. 10 O

John Morphett . 21 O Ormond Gi les . 21 0 Chis Bonney... 10 ~0 George Hamilton. 10 0 The South Austialian Company,^

( nu eject to ihe approval of the > 52 10 D<r»ctors in London) 3 .

David McLaren'.............. 10 10 Chas. Mann. 10 Iv

Geo. Stevenson ........ ......... 10.10¿ Edward Stephens ,T...... ^.IO'TUT Edv* ard Row.'andsVI 10 JO" G. F Angas, E*q:, landon ...,, . v, _ JO 10 Messrs. Murt aiid Campbell ........ 10 10 G A Anstey .... ................ 10 IO Duncan Macfaiiane .............. 10 IO1

Bentham and Nonmus. 10 IO' J. A. Horrorice.. . 10 IO John Finnis ^....-..'.¿Í.. 10 10 Hack, Watson, and Co. .......... 10 IO John Baker. 10 10 August and Cooke. 10 IO

E. B. Gleeson . IO 10 Jobo Ailan .".. 10 10 Fteüeiick Jones.......... 10 10


KEEPERS of Public Slaughter House»

&c ,are hereby cautioned fioJï allowing any cattle belonging to '* Murdock's '* herd from being slaughtered on the r premises, up-, less the party applying first pr«»duce a receipt signed by the subscriber. v These cattle are branded M on the near side, with figures under* t .

Twenty Pounds Reward

WILL be viven to any person giving infer*, manon against any party « ho nay slaughter anv of these cattle without such written, authority. ä


Craigdarroch, Mount Barker, . -"; * April lSlb, 1840.