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CITY OF ADELAIDE CATTLE MARKET, WEDNESDAY FEB. 22,1843.-The appearance of this morn- ing's market was most gratifying, and will, it is hoped, cheer on the wayfaring man in being so fortunate an occupant of a country producing such bounties. We noticed working steers and a good lot of dairy cows as usual, which went off very freely, our friends of the Emerald Isle being determined to increase their stock by every means in their power. Total at market:-39 oxen, ls 8d per stone; 12 working steers, £12 per pair ; 17 cows, £4 10s to £6 IDs ; 2 calves, 4d to 5d per lb; 299 sheep, 8s to 11s; 250 lambs, 0H 5s to 6s.

THERE is to be seen in the shop of Mr Matthew, baker, Hind ley-street, a very fine spec men of the pine-apple, from the gardens of George Ste- venson, Esq., North Adelaide, being the first grown in this colony. We understand it has realised the handsome price of one guinea. Tt is * another, and certainly a splendid proof of the

productive capabilities of our soil and climate.

WE are happy to hear that »he Dorset, which is about to sail for Sydney, is likeiy to have a full cargo of colonial produce, consisting of wheat, barley, potatoes, and onions, and also ten tons of Kangaroo Island salt. The last article is likely * to pay well, as we understand its present price in

Sydney is not less than eight pounds per ton.

WE are not aware who are the office-bearers of the Agricultural Society ; but whoever they are, they may easily be convicted of culpable negli- gence. The usual time for the annual exhibition is at hand, and no intimation has yet been made, nor any preparation, s0 far as we can learn, to carry out the intentions of the contributors. At the corn exchange meeting, Mr Neales, on the part of the Auction Company, offered their ex- tensive premises for the exhibition, so that no difficulty need exist on that point. We trust that this important matter will now be promptly

attended to.

WE are glad to observe, from the following re- port of the sale by Mr Neales, at the Auction Company's yards on Wednesday, that ewes are improving in price-2200 ewes were sold, of which 1400 brought 7s, and 800 brought 6s lld.

WE understand that the wheat in stack at Echunga, and the Meadows, is estimated to have realised, from ls 9d to 2s per bushel at the late auction sales, which was a very fair price considering the distance, 25 miles from town, and that the purchaser must of course deduct from his profit the expence of thrashing,

winnowing, bags, and carriage.

Working bullocks at the Meadows were sold at, £8 per head ; cows, at £6 5s ; and yearlings,

at 30s to 50s.

* CRICKET.-On Wednesday a match at this

truly English game, was played at North Ade- laide, between the citizens and gentlemen from the country, which terminated in favor of the latter by 70 rans. The friendly,but eager con- test, was conducted in the best feeling, and the day was spent with great hilarity, which was much enhanced by a capital luncheon provided W on the ground by Mr Critchel, North Adelaide.