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MASONIC.-The >ydnev. Host-ofSce packet for October, briggs des» fiches from the G and Nicre tary of tie Grand Lodge of the Freemasons of Scotland announcing that at the last annual Grand Election held in Freemasons' Hall, Bnrhe James Hunter Ross, R.W.M., of the Australasian Kil winning Lodge. Melbourne, was appointed LJro.

vincial G«and Master for Australia Fe ix, in com- ' pliance with thc application to that effect forwarded fro-n the province. It seems, however, f«fin the annual circular, that Brother Ross's patent inc udes

«.iso New South Wales and isoalii Austr * ia. On the same occasion thc HightJJon. Lord Glenlyon (now Duke.ttf Athol) w«s le-electcd the Grand M 4 stet Mason of Scotland.-Hf albourne Argus.

COLONIAL MANUFACTURES.-It is exceedingly gratifying to observe that there is a constantly recur- ¡ ring demand for the means of increasing our     colonial manufactures. Besides minor works,

Messrs. Langland and Co. have in progress a    

steam engine of seven horse power for a flour mill   at Kilmore, now in the course of erection by Mr.      

t. Allan ; an engine of similar power for a bark mill at Messrs. Burchett and Brodie's tannery on   the Yarra; an engine of twelve horse power for a flour mill which is being erected by Mr. Grey at Geelong, and a new hopper for dressing flour, of a most ingenious description, for Messrs. Alison and Knight's steam mills_Ibid.

STONEY, 29ru JAN , 1847.-The October packet, Sydney, b uigs English news to the li'th of that month, hut» as usual, you were ia the fie d before us. « he proceedings at the September wool sales are highly encouraging-the staplé went off b iskly at aiji improved rale of ai least a penny per lb. upon the highest piices of july ; and ia 'heir < letter?, the' several broke s ho>d oat f .vo able j prospects of the wool market gene:aU'y. Thc effect j of this gratifying intelligence is a-reidy percept*- j bte ia the spirit with which business is t ansacted, and the consequent cheerfulness of tone which is insensibly comaiunicated to aï I parties. Fo- it may be observed, that if " ill news, spread apace,' ' there is an equal celerity in the movements of the oppo

site.- P. Pi Patriot. j

A SWELL.- Í hts town h«s tad the honor of a

visit from a noted swell, who arrived .per steamer ! (rora Sydney, where he had been amusing himself I

by levying contributions on the public He passed j

himself offhee as a man of fo tune and family- j

lived at a first-rate hotel-had his hock «¡nd cu »rn- <

pague daily-dined with the best families in town i

-he knew Mr. A's si ter. Hrs. B.*s mothes, and Mrs. C's aunt, and in short was.a perfect lion, tte paid the men also good attention. Come. Mr. So* and so. he wouid *ay, quite jocosely, you must dub up, I want my remittances, and you must let me luve a couple of fives. News, however, came down from Sydney, that he was a convict, and he h^s since mads him-elf veiv sca<ce. in fact, he

j has not left his address behind him, and. strange to j

6ay, he neglected to pay his bill at the Hotel, j where he patronized mine host's champagne. AU

j though he passed himself off as a Captain, the -e-1 j rank he heSd w«is parser's clerk, and hp was con victed of embezzlement and transported, tie is now to pay South Austra'ia a visit, taking Geelong and Portland eu route.-P. P. Herald, Feb. IO.

HUNTING IN THE YARRA.-On Sunday afternoon.    

a bunyip or an immense Platibus was discovered       sunning himself or the placid bosom of the Yarra,     just opposite the Custom House, and immediately   a crowd gathered together, and a boat having been         procured, tiree men started off to secure the

stranger. Every exertion was fruitless for he dis-     appeared when the boat was about a yard from him,    

and has not since been seen - Ibid.