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nsw if orien.

j To be heard on their pétitions

Frederick Hodding, some time farmer «nd ¡ sheep-farmer, April 20, at 12 noon.

VF. B. Edmonds, some time chief clerk Land

! Office, then farmer, then brewer, same day, at

ll forenoon.

S. B. Garratt, commission agent, April 21st, at 11, A.M.  

To surrender and make disclosure

F. W. Allen, April 28, and 14th May next,

at ll, A.M.

! Certificate to be allowed

John S. Johnston, sheep-farmer, April 21st,

at ll, A.M.


Qavid Scbeibuer, teacher and innkeeper, ls. 9d. farthing per pound to be paid April '(6tb, at Mr Hance's office.

[ William Hallack, stockholder, 2d. f84 per I pound, to be paid on Monday, April 6th, at

same place.

Amounts and creditors en toted in schedules In the schedule of George White, carpenter Messrs Abbott and Dickens, Wake- £ s. d.

field-street, Adelaide .. 50 0 0 Messrs Dinham and Harvey, Hindley

street, Adelaide. 37 0 0 The South A ustralian Company, North

Terrace, Adelaide.~ 45 0 0 In the schedule of George Stevenson, printer and publisher. *

The South Australian Assurance £ s. d.

Company, Adelaide. 678 8 9

The South Australian Auction Com

pany, Adelaide ...».......... 65 17 2 The Bank of South Australia, Ade

laide._. 890 6 3 The Bank of Australasia, Adelaide,*

upon certain bills and notes dis counted at the said Bank, and to which the following persons are said to be parties :-John Warren, Springfield ; C. Crispe, Adelaide ; Samuel Schultz, Angas Survey ; Andrew Birrell, Adelaide ; Robt. Craigie, ditto; William Mitchell, North Adelaide ; W. Pratt, Ade laide ; David Spence, ditto ; Robt. Thomas & Co., do. ; Messrs Pullar & Co., Port Phillip ; Hunter & Ha milton, Adelaide'; W. Nicholls,

ditto ; Gorton & Andrews, do. ... 1582 4 8 Charles Flaxman, Adelaide, upon bill

of exchange drawn by Richmond &

Prim rose, and accepted by J. Finnis 30 0 0 John Baird, Adelaide, upon bill of ex

change drawn by Andrew Birrell upon, and accepted by, the insol

vent, and endorsed to Durie ..... 32 d 8

'The Official Assignee objects to the above: respective debts, und requires tba parties to prove the same-George .While's creditors on April 27th, and those of George Stevensou on April 28iii, before the hon. Court, at ll, A.M., respectively.

Arbitration -

James Frew-The creditors are required to state if they conseut to all matters between the said James Frew and John Walker should be submitted to the arbitration of Hon. J. Mor phett.