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Local News.

ANOTHER, great mine has been discovered near Mount Barker-it ts rather to the east and north

of that mountain. We have not heard aHy dis- tinct account of it, but some parties have gone out to see it ; and it is considered probable that his Excellency, who has taken an excursion to that quarter, will visit it before his return.

ABOUT a fortnight ago, while Mr. Tolmer and a party of police were on their way from Port Lincoln, they saw what they considered a light in Althorpe Island. This is an island situated a few miles from the southernmost point of Yorke's Peninsula. They supposed it might be a signal of distress ; a strong wind prevented them making the island; but, on arrival at Kan- garoo Island, they found that at this season the island is frequented by penguins, Cape Barren geese, and that there is water on it. It was supposed that the people in the Albatross might have seen a light, but it appears they were all below when that vessel passed the island, it being very stormy at the time. Mr Quinn has sailed in the cutter to inspect the island.

SMELTING.--It is expected that smelting opera- tions will very speedily be commenced in thia co- lony. Fire bricks and other materials for the purpose have been imported by the proprietors of the Kapunda Mine. Mr. Bean has received the materials of flaxes, and expects men acquainted with the mysterious process by an early vessel. They will probably come by the first emigrant ship, which his Excellency has stated may arrive in September. As copper is very much iu de- mand in India and China, and as both land car- riage and freight will be very mach reduced by the operations, the establishment of this important art

is much to be desired.

MESSRS LECHMERE and others, who settled on Thistle Island, found that the grass was bad for sheep and other stock. They were dying off, and the settlers were obliged lo remove to Flin- ders Island, which is a very pleasant spot with good grass, wood, and water. The people of the Falco, which was lately wrecked, are at this island, trying to build another vessel.

CATTLE MARKET, ADC 21.-There was no lack of a choice this morning, where the most fastidious might have pleased themselves. Fat oxen from Melbourne, workiog steers from the north, dairy cows from the valleys, and native bred young stock from the environs of the city. Those in good condition sold freely ; but unless so, it is useless to bring them to market. Total at market-24 fat cattle, at 20s. per 100 lbs. ; 29 working steers, £3 to £6 10s.; 52 dairy cows, £4 to £5 10s. ; 100 sheep, 12s.

MR. FINKE and bis six miners returned from the " Monster Copper Mine" on the 17th inst., having quitted the scene of their five weeks' labors and explorations on the 14th, about mid- day, in a tandem spring cart. The miners so fully confirm all that has been said touching this important locality, as to have expressed an opinion that copper ore in very large quantities could at once be raised and dressed ready for carting away at a shilling in the pound, with very ample earnings for the operatives who might engage in its production. Their return route was through Mr Duttons furthest station, known as ''Jemmy Lee's," Kapunda, and Gawler Town ; and they found the line of route (with few exceptions) a gentle but continuous descent to the Port, as to have formed a general opinion favorable to the easy formation of such a line of continuity. Without any material improvement of the natural route, the cost of carriage to the port by bul- lock: drays is estimated at 50s. to 60s. per ton ; the distance being under ninety miles. There is good pasturage, and a sufficiency of spring water in the neighborhood of their recent opera- tions, but a scarcity of timber. The Burra Creek seems to be partially fed by springs, but pUsénts one of the many contrarieties of this peculiar country, in having the greatest supply of water during the summer months. Several kangaroos were killed by the dogs, and added variety to the bill of fare, which consisted chiefly of very excellent mutton, supplied from a neigh- boring sheep station-the flour and other indis, pensables having been brought from town. Se« veral emus were seen, and at one time two natives pointed out eight large ones, "in a lot;" but the dogs would only follow them at a re- spectful distance, and there happened to be no guns then at hand. On a clear day, the high cliffs of the M urray (in the vicinity of the north- west bend, and distant by calculation something under thirty miles) were distinctly visible. Ka- punda Mine is highly spoken of by the party, as well as the comfortable dwellings provided for the miners by Capt. Bagot, through whose liberality and care they are content with thejr earnings, and want for nothing. Mr Finke and his party, who had enjoyed '* a good tuck out" at Cation's Gawler Town Hotel on the way up, were " powerfully refreshed" at the same well provided resting place on their return ; the abundantly furnished table being garnished, upon the latter'occasion, by the brilliant tro- phies brought from the Monster mine. These trophies we have sinpe seen, and can readily believe the analytical statement which assigns lo some of them a yield considerable over fifty

per cent. We can in some measure anticipate the effects of such discoveries in the United Kingdom, when all the important facts are pub- lished, and fairly carried home to British un- derstandings ; but of the infinite pecuniary and subsidiary adva-itages which will be conferred upon this colony as necessary consequences, it would be idle to speculate upou their scope or