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WE have from time had the pleasure of record- ing the symptoms of rapid increase and improve- ment in our rising metropolis, but assuredly these symptoms were never more rife than they are at the present moment. In Hindley-street, several new shops are projected (one of which -Mr Blyth's -is commenced), in order to com- plete a range of buildings planned by Messrs. James and Thomas, of which the centre is that occupied by Mr R. Sanders. Having been fa- vored with a sight of the plan, we can state with confidence that, when completed, it will be the handsomest range of buildings in Ade- laide. On either side of these, other parties are building shops, &c. On the east is a large two story building nearly completed, which, we be- lieve, is intended for coffee-rooms; and, on the west, some small shops.  

In King William-street, excavations and other building operations .are in progress, and more are projected. This street will soon be filled up, after which Grenfeil-street will, doubtless, be seriously attended to.  

In Rundle-street, operations have also been actively commenced. Several small stores nearly opposite Messrs Bunce and Thomson's have been recently built ; and two acres hitherto va cant, immediately east of the Company's Build- ings, have been taken on building leases at 7s. per foot of frontage. To show how property has advanced in value, a piece of land near Mssrs Bunce and Thomson's stores, which a

tew years ago was offered at £160, was sold a few days ago at £420 ; and the purchaser has already, by letting a portion, secured himself a good interest for his money.

Even North Adelaide, which had previously been chiefly remarkable for private residences and beautiful gardens, has shared in the building and manufacturing spirit. Mr Tinline, sen., has lately built large premises for malting, and car-

ries on tbat business extensively; and Mr.

Cudmore has built a considerable and substan- tial brewery. A demand, also, now exists for North Adelaide acres, one of which was sold lately for upwards of £40. The large sale of properties by Mr. J. B. Neales, which is now advertised to come off on the 31st May, attracts considerable interest, and will afford, in all pro- bability, another and a convincing test of the advancing value of landed property both in town and country.