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Shire of Porthlutd. OUTSTAND-ING RATES. [ f" fIAL proceedings will be taken for the t coery of all llates UNPAID ou or before 20TO AUGUST tlcxt. l. L , Si Iro Secretary. Walooe, 18th July, 1883. Porhtland Shire Electlon. TO THIIE ELEI'.CT'S OF TIHE EAST R1IDING. LYADLES & GENTL' 1lEN,--In compli one with the request of u large number of ra, epayers, I Ibeg to ........... myself a Caadtdate at the forthcomlug tltlnal election, oud if you will do me the honor to elect ume as your representative, I will do allI ih my power fur the Ridung and for the shilre in general. I will take an early opportunity of meeting the electors at the various townohips in the EosCt Riding. Trustuog you will use your votes and influ EnCO Ill my fvour, I ame, I? lies and Gentlemen, Your obedioent serait., STICPI1EN DUDDEN. Ofyamyn, July 17. Vatllted T0 RENT, frotm 1.000 to 2.000.Acres of I Grass Lund, suitablo for Sheep, withl Owelling Hous , Shearing Sheds, &e, Scud particulara to " GRAZIEll," Port. land Guardiaun otllce. 14th July, 1883.

Savings lank at Portland. INSPECTION OF DErPOSITORS' PASS - IdOOKS. PURSUANT to the provisions of " The Savinge Banks Statute, 1805." notice is hereby given that Mn. GEORGE BAND R1EVaE having been appointed Auditor of the San. ings Bank at PonTr.AN,, the said Auditor will attend at the office of the said Savings Uank, for the purpose of inspecting the Pass. Books of the Depositors, on WVednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 18th, 19th, and 20th July. By Order of the Commissioners of Savingo JAMES MOOlE., Comptroller and Seoretary. Ofllc of the Commissioners of Savings Banks, Melbourne, 4th June, 1883. Victoria Racing' Club.-- Winter Stccpleclhaseo Meeting. SATURDAY, 21s - JULY, 1883. FIRST RACE AT .1 O'CLOCK. Maiden Hurdle:Raco. Maidon Steeplechase. Grand National Hurdle RaOge. Grand National Steeplechase. olling Hurdlo Race. Flat Race. The Now Hill, capablo of accommodating 30,000 more vinitors, is finished. Specta tore can now view the racos from an elova tion of 23 foot higher that formerly. Holiday Excursion Fares on Victorian Railways. Tickets available till MJIDAY NIOUT follow. ing. II. BYRON MOORE, Secretary. NEW PARTNERSHIP. N OTICE is hereby given that the under signed have entered into partnership as Boot anl Shooe akers and Importers, carry ing on business in Benticnk street, The said partnetship to take effect from and after thsl second day of July, 1883. ROGER FIRENCHI, JOHN COUCH. The new firm hope to enJoy a continuance of the support which has been accorded Mr. R. Freonch during tho last twenty years by the Inhabitants of Portland and district. N.B.-All accounts due to R. French are requested to be paid to him within fourteen days from this date, Portland 2nd July, 18S3. Victorian allways. MELBOURNE IRACES.-IV IN '£PT R STEEIPLECHASE MEETING, SATURDAY, 21sT JULY, 1883. B Y the last through trains on all lines ( suburban excepted) on Friday. 20th July, and by the .45 a.m. from Sandhurst, the 6.40 a.m,. from Ballarat, the 4.20 a.m. frome Cumperdow,. the 7.5 a.m. from Queens. cliff, the 7 a.m. fronm Dyleoulrd, thoe 6.4 et.m. from Seymour, tho 6.45 a.m. from Lancefleld, the 5.30 a.m. from IYarragul, the 8.30a.m. from Lilydale,and the 7.15 a. t. and 10.15 a.m. from Frankston, on Saturday, 21st July. passengers will be booked from all statlons to Melbourne (suburban linesrex cepted) at Holiday Excurtson Fares. Trains will, however, only stop at stations as ar ranged in published Time Tables. Tickets will be available for return till the night of luMonday, 23rd July. D. GILLIES, Commllonuer of Itatllways. WILLIA?M WILSON, Halyt, Corn, tland General Produce Mlerclutnt, PERCY STREtET, PORTLAND, H AS pleasure In forming the inhabitants of ortland ad d surrounding district, that Ihrving purcttmsad tlia Grocery Busnless lately carried on by Mr. Munro, he Is now preparod to supply GRIOCERIES AND GIENIRAL PRODUCE at such prices as muot comunand a fair share of publct patru, oae. OHAFF Cut to order ot the premisies. Portland, July 0, 1883, $IIAJIILOClt (very old) IRISH CASE WHISKY W\ts awearded lile only (ut)LD MllDAL At"Sut " s d ,th se l t n',. t u? rinnrI Isrllll)l.ons' lor Ag anl I1'urity. D)unnlllu's, Vint'a and others being awarded second pttition. LOCH? DIIU (very old) SCOTCH WHISKY, Mlelo ttand well M?atlred, 4 tht) lIOIAILS, Now the Leading Australla., Braud. Frout all local Spllrit lercanttls and Store. keepers. Couatr.nrt. RlPt etNrfAtvt lI:. It. IIA ADAMS, 15 Flindors street went, Melbourte. $ydney and Advluide.

PORTLAND DISTRICT PLOU0HIN0 ASS0CIATION. TIIE ANNUAL MATCHI WILL TAKE PLACE AT IIEYW OOD on FRIDAY, 3zID OF AUGUST, 1883. It. MIATuEasWN l'roident. T. D. Huo1us, Vice.Prosdoent; COnMMITTEE : J. Wilson W. IIailon \V. Taylor S. lHanlon J. R. Woods D. Kennedy J. Dosmoad J. Vines C. Allen I J. Dawkins W. Duff I W. Iennuy. PRIZE LIST. (CLASS A. Open to all romers. First Priz ... ... £8 0 0 Second Prize .. ... ... 0 0 'Third Pze .. ,. .. 2 0 0 CLASS B. Open to ploughmeon who havo not taken a priz. in Class A or a first prize in this class Fhirst Prize . .. £5 0 0 SotondSrizo ... ... ,.. 3 0 0 Third l'rizo ... 1 0 0 CLASS C. Open to non prize winners to any class. First Prize ..- ... 3 0 0 Second Prize .; .,. I 10 0 Thir l'rlze . . 015 0 CLASS D. Swing ploughs. Open to all. First Priz ... ... £3 0 0 Second Prize ... .. .. 110 o SPECIAL PRIZES. For best Crown. For best Finish. For beot Ins nod Outs. For best Sttalght Furrow.

CONDITIONS. Four entries in enca class or no third prize. Throe entries or no second prize. Two entries or no ftrt prize. Competitors must p.:ugh 80 feet into two equal lands, having an equal number of fur rows on each side, in:luding the mould furrow. No assistance will be allowed except to put up poles. The ploughing in acnh case must be five incites deep. Time allowed 51 hou:s, commencing at 9 a.m. and ntlohlng at 2,?0 p.m. All dregs prohibited. Eutles tmay be made on the ground or sent by post to the undereilced. Entrance fees-Ches A, 1Os.; Class B, 7s, Od?, Class C, 5s.; Ches D, 5s. F. IcKIEtRNIN, lion. Secretary. Portland, 14th Joly, 1883. NOUTICE. POISON is Idd on my land at Stoke Farm, 1 and all persods trespassing with dogs will be prosecuted. A. McDONALD. July 6, 1813. Saddle; and Ilarness Maker.' W. M. CRABB BEGS tt inform his friends and the public :generlly that he has OPEFED A SHOP IN IIEYWOOD (adjoining Mr. Lsvery's blacksmith's shop) to carry in SADDJERY &JIARNESS MAKING, Havri? a good sleetock of loather, hair and cloth for Collars and Saddles, he hopes, by Strict attention to Business and Alibderato Charges, to have liberal support. lNOTICE. Coloneiil Inutuitl Fire Insurance toutpansy, limited. c~PITA L-._250,000. ProfitsDivided with Those Insured. Fir., Marin and Fidelity Guaranteo Insur. aonca Accepted, At Lowest Current Bates of Premium. W. L. JACK, Secretary: Agent at Portland : N, F. CAMERON, Peroy Street, Botanica al Reserve. NOTICE. A NY Cattle, Horses, or other stack found In the Botanic Gardens Paddock will be Impounded. By trder, E. ATKINSON, Town Clerk Portland, 4th July, 1883. IRte oving Sand.; N OTICE is hereby given that any person found REMOVING SAND on the Cape Nelson road, within the Uorough boun dary, without license, will be prosecuted. By order, E. ATKINSON, Town Clerk: A Itcwardl of :£5 W ILL be paid by the Council of the Borough for such informatiuo as will lead to the conviction of the person or persons driving on or across the footpaths, By order, E. ATKINSON, Town Clerk. portland, 10th May, 1803. Borough of I'ortltand. IEG UIATION No. 6 'ADE by the Cuunoell of the Borough of lFolfland for "keeping order upon, and prvenutlng obstruction of, the carriage and lootways of the said lorughli; and for any breach whereot the offender will be liable to a penalty nut exceeding Fire Pounds." lu exercise of the powers conferred by the second section of the "Act to Amend the Police Offences tiattoe, 1865"'-42 Vic., No. 360-it is ordered and directed by the Council of the Borough of Portland that the following regulatlon shall be observed, and in force within the said Birougb, on and alter the first day of August, 1883.-That is to say: 1,-All posons standiog or loitering upon any of the asrriagoways, footways, or otier public places of the Borough, shall di+contiuro to do so on require. ment by any members of the police 2.--llstween the hours of tight o'clock in the morning and six o'clock In tihe reniing of alny day no person shall cuseu Iterrurptuo or rtUnoyaUioe to pas. senger along the publie rcd wrrayo or tlotwarys, by raising or dlscolargingl dust ulrpon or acrses any auch roadway or footway, whather totur buildings in proeces of dttntlltliot or otherwise. 3.--No persorn olall swing, hoist, or wheel radls across of over the fooetway of anry gtreet (to the Inte ruptiLn of rep 1 erger trallle tllereoul by mIlenus of rly 1I1, hoIls, tatIkle, or plnatorale prrject. ilng over rtlly such footwy.y, Passued by thle Ctunrril of the llJrtnugh of nrtrrtledfler tr its ltaJy etof JtuUn, t13, ,rllrl Col,. Irtrerl hts Ih,, soead. Crouril tie lhIrd dliy at July, 1883. [l ]J1 JAIIS T"IANoAll, Miayor. Id. ATl'KIN(ON, Town Clark.

i W. P, ANDERSON &Co, CENERAL MERCHANTS AID IMPORTERS, HAVE FOR SALE UOOLPACKS (full weights), Corl Sacks, YSeaming Twine, Raddle, Sheep Shears, Iolled and Raw Oil, Arsenic, Currugated Irou, Fencing Wire. ALSO, A Largo Assortment of Holloware, Glassware, Earthenware, Tinware, Electro-Plated Ware, &c. WINES and SIRIIiITS, best brands. ALE and PORTER, various brands. Large assortment of COLONIAL WINES. SUGARS AND TEAS, BEST QUALITY. CASIH PURCHASERS Wool, Sldns, HIides. Tallow and Barlk, Agents for the New Zealand Loan and Mer tile Agency Company (limited,.

NEW ZEALAND LOAN & MERCANTILE AGENCY COMPANY (l1nited)$ EL B 0 U RNE. Oapital, £3,000,000. Liberal Cash advances made on STATION SECURITIES, ENSUING CLIP OF WOOL, GRAIN, &c., For sale in Melbourne or shipmoun to Lon. doe,' upon specially advantageous terms. WOOL, GRLAI,a&c., And other station prodoec, either for sale here or shipment, PUBLIC AUCTION SALES Are held regularly during each week The Company act ae. SELLING BROKERS ONLY, and make advances at lowest rate of Interest, and all consign. ments are valued and pro. tected accordingly when offered. - Separate warehouses have been provided for the disposal of SH1EEPSKINS, TALLOW, AND SKINS OF VARIOUS KINDS, LEATHER, . AND STATION PRODUCE, And public Auctiou Sales are held three times a week. DAVID ELDER, Manager. I. YOUNGIlUSBAND. Wool and Produce Manager. Mclbourne Wool and Groin Warehouses. '. Agents for Portland - MESSRS. W; P. ANDERSON AND Co The Portland Flour MIll ComptnY " STANDARD" BRAND OF SUPERFINE SIL - DRESSED FLOUR AT LOWEST CURRENT PRICE. Wheat polchasod for cash, Grlsting done at lowest rate. Pran, Pollard aend Screenings on sale. HENRY UI. STEWART, Manager. WINTER DRAPERY. L ADIES are invited to inspect a NEW bUlPPLY of WINTER DILRAPERYL including WOOLEN SHAWLS, DRESS MATERIALS, VELVETEENS, STRII'ED & BROCADED VELVET, I'LUSII, ULSTER anD TIANTLE CLO'THIS. A LARGE VARIIETY OF HATS, In PLUSII, BEAVER, FELT and STRAW. CREWEL SILKS WOOLS. An Assortment of Ladies' and Children a MANTLES AND ULSTERS, including the new " FOUR-IN-IIAND." S. H. HEAZLEWOOD, DRESS & MANTLEMAKER, PERCY STRE:'T. IIA,1 AND BACON. T. J. KOGAAN H AVING Commenced Business In PERCY S STREWET (opposite Dr. Dimaock's), begs to itform his friends and lheo public generally that he is prepared to supply the following goods at Lowest 'posible i'riece: IIAMI, M ACON (corn and dairy fed), GERMAN SAUSAGES, BRAWN, PIGS' FEET, Andi all kinds of SMALL GOODS. Best Brands of Ohoose & Butter kept. - ALL KINDS OF DAIRY 11RDUICE L'URI CIIASED, Tenus ?Asl. Notice. a ,LL Cattle illegaMly linesturing it Green . vale ad AItil A rutl) s aols tr tlOis date will be nipouidecl. Anty pelltnns resusuivig stock fromi tlte runs witboit girtug due notioe .11 be lprose utu. lCiAI:u tUIllUli. rieeivalo Saointill,, I c. ', le 2, [A CAI:U.] ,It . IIENl?t IlUTLEli, oI fI'otland, Jn St.licit ot, ., wlr ay UoIb uk siltol oi hia uatie, Iltlhlrroolt , lsttllh ud, eu htird ta.? fitlayesAl t Istordiyeu ist, ucht )'e I .m \,dt ii dAST e osislays, Teodsyh k andL Vs'oslooeaelys is choli wcenk,

I CAMPBELL AND SONS AND CO., GEN MEAL MERCHlATS CASH PURCHASEIIS OF Bark, Grain, Hiaes, Skins, AND ALL COLONIAL PR.ODUCE. ON SALE, AT LOWEST RATES - Groceries, Ironmiouecry, Earth enware, &c.; FLOUR, BRAN, POLLARD, POTA TOES, CHAFF; Grass Seeds of every Description BONE DUST, &c. C. & S. & CO. are every week receiving NEW GOODS IN Drapery, Clothing, Fancy Goods, &c, OUR STOCK IS NOW REPLETIE WITH ALL THE MOST FASHIONABLE NOVELTIES OF THE SEASON. JID ESS3.IAKING & MIILLINERY IN ALL THEIR BIRANCHIES. ARGYLE HOUSES, JULIA STREET, PO T ,L.A. D. PORTLAND TO LONDON DIRECT. ?WOOL'SflIP FOR SEASON: 1883. rT HE Al-100, Clyde Built, Clipper Barque S I L H E T, 1131 Toss, D. TOSIH, Commander, WILL ne ON TH ilEilRTI ALL OCTOBEIR. . For freight, and all particulars, apply to W. P. ANDERSON & Co, Portland, P. W. S1HEVILL, oR. Messrs. STEWART, ANDERSON & Co., 42 Flladere Lane West, Melbourne The Western Steamu Navigation Company' (Limlted.) Sr HE Company will despatch the sieamers 1 as under when practicable, with passes gers and cargo: From. Melbourne for Portland via .-Warnambool and Belfast. Name of Steamer. Salling. n JULIA PERCY I Tuoesday, 4 p.m.. NELSON ..; Friday, 4p.m. From Portland to Melbourno via Bel fast and Warnimbool. N1ame of Steamer. Sallfng Day. NELSON ... Tuesday, 3 a.nt. JULIA PERCY [ Friday, 3 a.m. The following are the rates of passage Money: 7O AND FROM MELmOUR?1E AND rOHTLANn Saloon : Single, 12s Gd; Iteturn, 20s. Steerage: diltu, Gs.; ditto. 10s. ?ROtl WARRNAMNOOL AND ]3LWAST TO rorte- e' acd vice versa: Saloon: Simgle, 7s 6d; Return, 12a. Steerage, ditto, 5s. All nuformaticn as to rates of Freight and hours of sailing may e'0 obtained from the underslgned. - For freighter passage apply to S. P. IIAWKINS, Portland. Notice to Passengers and Shippers, - The Belfast alndl Korolt Steamt N:avigatioln Coltpally's FAST & FAVORITE NEW .TEAMSILIP LEAVvE MELBOURNE FOR PORTLAND THURSDAY AFTERNOON, at 4 p.m'., AsD Le?ves PORTLAND FOR MELBOURNE nvnir SATURDAY MORNING, at 12 o'clock noon sharp. CARGO carried at Rcduced Rates. Special arrangeutentt made with large shippers. Saloon 10s.; Ieturn Ticket 153. Steersge I.; Retiurn Ticket 7w. Gd. Returu Tickets arnilable for Ono Monuth. Further informnation may be obtained from J.LMES It. WOODS, agen. ocKay, Adamson and Co. (LIMITED), Weool, Orain and lProduen 2rokera, pas tortl & Agriolitural .gfOnts, i'OTIFY Farmers. btoreckeeper, Dealers, N Checnemnakers, R., tlat t heir Nlew t DUnlry Storce are now completed, and the Salsca will bo held every WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY', at 11.30 p,. sherp, at which hour sales will ahways be held, and it is partleulhrily rriuoeoied Lrodcar tbu in Melbourno by TUIiSDAY EVI.SII(. All Dairy Produoe will be carted free, and cllptllesC returei l to station or ateamlers witlh nuobcharge. Fion, tlu position oft hIl (IOnIImpany, and the praclual business iet in thu DLretouate, every guarantee of goods beuig haudlhcd adl *oli well ctin bh aoiiUrcl, andt vendolan' lotel vata ptuCtcti in every wlay. Ionald Dlouald alcaly,Esq..J.l'. DIntcros James Alex. Aduamsont, Eq. pI dwald biuiath, iaq. Jond t Middilemila, h1;iL. DAIlY Plttl)UUII' STOIES, 81 LLttlo ollius atroct?lVesal, blhournOL.

P. W. SHEVILL, Importer, GENERAL MERCHANT,' SHJIP PIN G L INSUiRANCE AGENT, WOOL & GRAIN WAREHOUSES, OPPOSITE WIIHARF RAILWAY STATION, I'OIITLAND. UncIuarsa or WOOL; TALLOW, HIDES, BARK, GRAIN AND ALL OTHER COLONIAL PRODUCE. AOEczar Fen The Australasian Mortgage and Agency Com pany (limited), Wool and Grain Brokersf Stock and Station Agents, nielbourne. The National Ioauranco Company of Aus tralasia (limited); The Australlau AlliancI Assurance Com pany.,

DUNCAN M'EACHERN, CENERAL .MERCHANT, IRON STORE, PERCY STREET, PORTLAND, Conmmission, Insurance. & Ship` ping Agent, ' HAS FOR SALE--`: Every description of Statiloi and' Farmers' Supplies, .. WOO PACKS and CORNSACKS. Twine, Raddle, Lampblack, and Paints Oil (raw and boiled) Sulphur, and Arsenic Pencing Wire, Galvanised Iran,. Spouting Ridging, Nails and Screws .Maiurltite Sugars New Seaeon's Teas, Liverpool and Londod dhlt (0oarse and' fine) Earthenware, Glassware Electroplate ware' :.tery, and Brushware. Ironmoogery of all deocriptions. Ollmens' Stores :Wines tuvooonai anan Imported) Tory" superior. SPIRITS. Sheriff s and Dunville's Whiskey Martell's and iconnessy's Brandles' and pole) West lndlaRumo Ale and Porter-best brands in quarts' pints CASH PURCHASERT of Wool, Hides, Skins, Bark, Grain, and' All other Colonial I'roduce.' A. I. BALFOUR & CO: (CIOUOII'S BUILDINGS), Percy Street, Portland, MERCHAINTS,, Shipping, Forwarding and CommiasibnliAgenits. AOENTo FOE tIm WILSON'S OSCILLATINGC SIIUTILE SEWING MACHINES AND TilD ROYAI- FIRE INSURANCE COM.. IANY. N.13.-Famllles Waited on daily for orders. Stores, Wines, ind Spirits of best quality, always on hIf]n, FOi SALE. Five per cent. discount allowed 'ftr cash payments of £1 and upwards, Ediucational. M?'S. B UT 1 f E Intimates that the QUAlRTERlt commences on 9It, JULY. A quarter's notice or half a quarter's 0eo required before removing a pupil. The Danoing Classes will be resumed. Hurd street, Portland, June D9, 1885, H US IC. IRS. J. M. MESSEIt receive.r pupils for 1 Instruction on the 'PianofurtL at her residence, Ricmhioud street, Portland, Planoforte Tuition. , M ISS WALKiLRt gives Lesacns on the Planoforto and Cabinet Organ. A quarter's notice or lutl a'quarter'a fees re-.. quired before removal of a pupil. Terutn SRe., on application to MISS WALKER, 1'croy slreot. Portland, Feb.:. MISS CI B S, RICHMOND STRtEE'T, R CE5IVES rupils for lutrnuct~o In the l'IANUFOUItNi. Terms onl appiltma Leasons will be resumed on January 1e, 1683. . __ _ _ Alexttdttra CollegV, H mltlton. L'tiunipala--Tho Miot., lil:AtN (University of telbouiue). SDVAN(RKU Miusic, if a cla?u can he A . formculd--haulau Urlotl TASCA. Scoliol. worh ouinieiuries in ob rebary 3. Irmos lthu usu utall in AlMoanurno 4 iechools,