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BOTANICAL GARDES. At a public meeting of the inhabitants of lortland, helf at the Court iouse, on he 4th February, 1854, upon business connectcd with the Botanical G(ardens, Portl .nd. James Blair, Esq., having 'heen called to the chair, it 'was propesed by S. G. !lenty, .sq., and seconded by S. Lap. hatu, Esq. That prclimrnary steps be immediately taken tocards forming the proposed Biatcnical Gardens and that the follow. ing gentlemen be appointed a conm. nllttcc to carry out that object - James Blair, P1's' ,,P.M. ; J. S. Grf.ilt, Es. ; S. G.. Ile:ty sq ,; S. I.aphamn, Esq.; F. leatvy, Esq ; and the .'ev. I. Y. Wilson; carried unani tmously. The ti:enks of the meeti;:g having l;een ,iven to the chairman for hia efficient con Ju,.t in the chair, thei meeting was dhisolved. immediately aft.r "the public meeting' the committee : assestbl d, when the o.iowing: resolutions were adopted Proposed by S. Laphlm, Esq., end ceconded by J. 8 Griffin, Esq , that 1Mr. 'd yard Cookte be appointed lion. Score .ary, (ctrried). PI'ropsed by S. G. Henty, Esq., tnd .nonded by P!ov. J. Y. Wilso:u,--'lhat he Secretary be requrest,'d to forward t, :he lIon. Colonial-.secretarv a c,:py of the re o'utions 'passed tlhis'day at a public :eetmsg. rntd to beg that the sum voted (+:500) by the Legislative Council towards Ihe formation of te'.'gardens be placed at heir disposal.

OcR POSTAL COMvMUNICATION.-T'he Melbourne Pcst Oflice his bccn acquiring for itself an enviable notoriety in England, anId we fear our n, '?ost Office authnoriieti are trying to do likcewioe. In our particular case we cannot say whetter the fault is in :he Sydney or in our local office. lut we [hava seriously to complain of the irregula, ty with which for sotne time past we nave received our exchange files. \'e trust, the authorities in fault will ake this civil hint and mend their ways.-Bathlerst Free Press. Buns sn or atIe Iitlr; CoutlRc.-It iS with considisa'ile regr,t that we have to in'tUounle thcli total dettruction by fire of tl e 'ig C. usCer at Ceveland. 'fhe fire was first dis overed about daybreak yes. terday mo: nir, and so rapid was the pro. gress ofthe flunes, ilita within two or three h urs site was burnt !o th wira es edge, the wlast having already gon;e over bard. The firs is sul,p,sad to be the tesu:l o1' Spoltaneous cunmhustion No liv R los . 'I his uinfn tun ite event is much to be rcgrettel, as the Courier had al most completed her valuable cargo of wool, and is the first ship wlhcli had loadc." .t Cleveland. '1 lie wool is, however, we understand insured, and we - believe t e insurance wsll take effect and hold gold. \l investigation.into the s:matter is to be held today b. the Sub t ollect rof Cus tants, hlio has gone do? n for that psr. pose; and we shall next week, muost proba bly, be able to lay the full patticulatia be. ore our readers.-lbid . CoPtrret liNit Ar TriH CAPR or Gn o hloti. --Fronm a ptassenger I,J the lienresttla, we I'arn that specimiens 'O appe.r ore from the new r mines in theolan V?iiliantlist.aicl, ear Orange liver, were shliw at I mletting called St, ot it a Mining Company alt Cine I'iw , oni tihe 23rd of Iecrtmiuber, indt that :3,001) ,hatrei of .£110 each woee tk: in and 2,01100 were hild over ft,r allotiienit. A tIulher of lhipmsents it, sn111ll coIasteors hlad beIen rleeivedl' ITht mine haud enusedl gret ?Citetlientl.; quatntities of land had ieon ti purchasted Iby time Inerclntt?l i its. uneighbourhood and a numbter f people were p'.oceed. i,,g to tl1 Tpot.--Argus,