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S " 'or lal'boorne. S T? r Fli ? clipper built schooner SSA,.L ANS, CuM:nmine, naster, having arrived, ill sen Id for the above port lna few days. SFor frcight or passoge apply to iIEN?Y BIOtOTHEF.S. Porttan., Nov. It. TO ST.?iD Tlui SoEAt'O, AT CoorTNAlIItINGO, T11 soI.LaNDID N- tal: IIOasr,: IIL1FFAI1O.. UF FALO was cot y eButtlo (the wellknown :Ih3 ere itnpott-, by the Crescy Company.) out of ieosy Bedlam, justly acknowledged to be the stoutest and best mare Lhat ever ran in Yan I)'ie1 "'s0 . Laud. Tertrs-Flour pounds, groomage inclu ded a id!lowvanceo oone mare in live. Every carre will be takeh of mares sent to Courotithrinb but without rsesponsibility. THO.1MAS NORRIS. Sliptlinber 23, IS.12. ROIIIN HOOD. ,,l IE services of this imlported thorough-bred -f horsi e can be ibtainted oil Allicataio at ,blmnthan." t'llth ; five guilleas br each mare---every 'ttetiotlon wiltl he pid t. th mdroes, buit without responsibillitv. I Julia-street, Pttland. Septiroibert. 23, 1812. To STAND Tills SEASON,. AT 'lTRAWi.LLO, •Between j?blnot Flamu rend the 'lr'euees, the he-. rourl-bred importrled rec-horse, CORN Ot Oi GH, 1 O't' by Tran?p out of 1dMiss Armstronge, by .' ?Wksker; hierdain; Stavelv Lass, by Ihtm thhtonianl Tralpl, by Dick Andrews, out of a (;oha na t arer; Dicr?:Andrews by Joe An drcewy, by Eclipse. Cornbiorough is brother to Bloomsbtur; and iiverpool, both by 'Truimp, who is sire of the tpresent ti orite L:ancrroot. Coraborougth is of a rich tlirk brown colour, stands tifteea and a SItli ti' iand high, and is rerniarkable for his sam n .etry, substanice, andl strength of bone. Fori his generally succiesstil pertihilmances on the turf s). I'racig Ca?lendar for 1837-S and 9. UOT. G ?? HlO, \A eleniine ntld Iure Cleveland, strndstds upward ?,t sevelnteen htaida high, rich bay, with black pointos, of grecat power, LboeD tid sulbstance', -attl very isluprior acrtio'; got hv Yorl.ahir ,le,, dsan by Ohl Filderoner Yorkshire hlero i:y Kiilertby, ain by Jocar's noted horse :lingtoa, by Luck's All. A 300-acre paddock, richly grassed and we!ll v., ered. Ev:rv care will be iaken of mrares, w ithot responsibility. ST'erms--light gineless for Cromnbarcaih. tand i 'heteas fpr Hero, groomage incltd:d. k n'a fide proprietors of five marcs, entitled, S"(is. alloa once of one-fifth ; of eight m?rC?a, of ou.fourthl ; autd of ten mares, of'three-tenths ,of ithe inounnt dlte. Setiotlncnat to be rmade o thiet, ia:'s being taken " e::.v, bvy acstfor nmotolat u, ita-cIc ninea ns-al ittiler by Eblla at three -:c- ??'" ta lioil °iitn abore twelve guineas, and :undo i.l ¢ gLeaso: nd by bills at sixiuionthb 'i -7 l::;1;e',t 'i"Btiý atliMelbourno or Geeions . " 'is ro teiiann C!ils'Lh, Portland. F;J, lit the vi ewof beinll laced in, rircuts'tances TV io antke applicaiion to goierunient for aid to wards ti;e ereotion of a perm:nent place of worship, land n?aile for the building, the subsmcibers to said Church are respectfully craled upon to send in their subscriptions to Dr. Sttherland, Treasurer; Gawoler stret. hefor or oir u the last week" of December next. SIt I 'lirticularly requested that parties willbearin mild.talt the time speci?led for tIceiving subscrip tians, is as late as the irecessary arrangoments will admit of; anyi delay beyond this period, therefore, will cause grent iaconeneiience.. It is but justice to starg that many of the rettlers, iwiil; to cirotlnstances, have not yet subscribed; they haveho, owoeveroxpressed titeir ,willingnesa to tlos so wh :nser an oppsorhm:ity offers. 'r!IOS; t:. STIRACHAN, ': " . " "'Sec.tary. t ),'hobar 7;"' 81t2. •

T'P :tr: ? e: couved at the Gollcdn Fleece on Thursa,, ti ? i t'da of Novetnmber, 18I 12, by a majority of lihc Members of the Portland,Cricket Club, it twas moved by Mr. John Cronin, and se conded by Mr. lcr-y logers, that 3Ir. Gearge Osborn take the chair. Mr. Osborne having taken the chair, the business of the meeting commenced. Tlfhe Chairman rose and addressed the members present, calling their strict attention to the rules of the old I; nglis?h Game, making- several comments theretn. lie also spoke at great length conceruing the character of Riiehardl Claouon, r. member of the Club, which had been wrongtnlly represented by the editor of the Portland Mercury neIwsp)alier iat the saame time calling upouthe imemibers present tirtheir opinlioni. Ie hlimstlf was not awareofl any such no torious character as set forth in tie Mercury, nor had he, as a member of the Club, heard any suchl stain cast upon Claxton.' IIe farther trusted aind pray;d that the tnemnbces of the Club would not be brog;ihit to conclude that the remarks nmade in the Mercury should be the means of expolling Claxton from tile Club. He lkewise catlled pon them to re collect that Claxton was the instigator of the forma tion of the Club, and hat alays given satisfaction as a - member of the samre. 'lt:e Chairman then seated himiself. It was particularly requesteol by the mnemberspre sent that Mr. Frost woauld he iilnd enough tohohl the oflice of Secretary for the ensuing seasoln. It was resolved that the folla\ing Itesolutilns be adopted and strictly adhereid to-viz.: I-Tlhat the loules and Rtegulations tie the.same as last year, with the excepition of' No. II, which is t+ be erased. II-I'artiesi cnrolling thliem:lves as jMembers slall be required toto t the Secretary the um oftine guinea entrance monery after e hhas been admutit ted a lo Member. IIl--That the hlemrbers tmeet on the old CAicket (eround, to coetnence the reason, bi Monday, the 2,bth day of Deceu'bcr, i18" 1 . IW. IFROST, Secretary. A vote of thanks vo'a given : tohe chainiiuin for his conduct in the chair, and the meeting seonarted

CLOTHES! CLOTHES!! CLOTI!2C!!! G. ?AJ i?:/? kAND " ESPEC'TFU. LY i:ntimatet to the in:labi .-- teat of the Totrn andl IJistrict of Pcr"lanld, that hie has op'na.l his uj~eont . trminue/; and that, being connected with ithe first houseo in Melbolurne and Sydc.t, ihe can tobrd to disipose of hidgoode; for caslh, iThir.y per cent. below the Low-n :ri'Eos. Iis ipresent stock consists of a variety of the usual articles of the trade, but promises, lby ex pectedl arival,, to prreont the public with a choice selection of goods of all descriptionis. ,·* BoUuimen' clothing on hand-a good as-, sortment. Gawler-streect, Peortland. :Nov. 1, 1812. . J JUST LANDING, A GENERAL Assortment of gents.'and ladies' _3 summer Article,, consisting of latest fashion able summer Coat, Trowsers, Vaistcoats, Blouses, a.sariety of Prints, bonnet anod cap Ribbands, Tu- I can, straw and Dunstable Bonnets, gentlemen's ladies' and children's Boots aurd Shoen, Manilln; oral; and 'straw Hoat?, edding Rings, and nlmnst every article for general use and consumiption. t, will be sold at moderate :iec._ ..--- ý----_. . -e' nritS GLADWELL. "text door to Mr. Ilhtchinson's, Stcam Packet Ion, 1entinek-street, J N. 3.--One case of tl'etrues oith rosewood and maple frames, consisting of ."lIis Majesty George the II., hunting," IHorse tRacing." " Grand Steeple Cihase,:' &c. ., e., uwell worthl the attention of the publici: