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Sydney University Student®' Procession.

1 and 3.-Character Groups. 2. Roid-Holman Debate. 4.-The Men Nurses. 5.-The Procession at the Town Hall. 6.-Flossie and Gwendolin pa

Their Day Out. 7.-The "Whole Dam Family." 8.-All Scotch.

The Sydney University students' turnout on Wednesday was further confirmation that there ls nothing new under the sun. The ideas wero about as old as the ramshackle vehicles groups of thom rode In. There was the usual asaort Jv.ent of masks, tho Inevitable green whlskors, knights on brokMi-wlndod horses, flremon who rimilrted water on those of tho crowd within rung?, and cardboard trumpets supplied tho »oise that heralded the approach of the pro

oesBlon to the oity. It is true that a band oapable of harmony marched at the head, but lt was inaudible through the disoord.

Thero wore furniture vans, old-time coaohoa, motor oars, lorries, and a weird-looking Sven gali rode in a hansom, A few walked. Ono of these was got up as the Federal Capital bird, of the emu order, and desperate efforts woro made by a student to lassoo lt. But the bird was true to Federal history. A trio of peduB

triauB had labelled themselves "Yellow Peril," "to-GaBte Stoker," and "Prohibited Immigrant." The Lascar progressed at a Jog-trot, and as each foot touched the ground he sounded a motor car hooter. More than ono devil, wear ing tho rod garb of Mephistopheles, and carry ing pronged forks, found his way Into a vehicle. One of thoso was engaged part of tho time on route prodding a priest, who with a nun rodo In a dogcart. "Thlm bo Divinity

students," remarked an Irishman, witnessing the Irreverent play.

Solenoe contributed Dr. Danysz, In a "rabblt oh's" cart,and a flying machine,with a propeller, to keep olear of whioh people were warned. As might have been expected, Dr. Asplnall's casó was treatod, Two brawny students, In nurse's costume, wulkod, bearing a banner, with tho words on lt, "Lady dootors; then why not men