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Australasian Mining Patents.

The following complete specifications have lately been accepted in the various States under mentioned, and letters patent will, therefore, issue to the applicants in due course. This re port is furnished by Mr. Fred Walsh, patent agent, 23 Elizabeth-street. Sydney, from whom further information may be obtained:

Concentrator.-L. E. de Mole, Brighton, Vic toria: A cylindrical ore .concentrator. Victoria,

May 14, No. 19,079.

Crushing.-C. E. Billin, Chicago, U.S.A.: Im provements in stomp mille. Victoria, May 21,

No. 19,123.

Explosives.-M. Fiedler, Moscow, Russia: Im provements in explosives. Victoria, May 21, No.


Furnaces.-F. Klepetko and J. Evans, both of Montana, U.S.A.: Improvements in roasting fur naces. South Australia, May 22, No. 7698; New . South Wales, May 20, No. 12,070.

Ores, Sulphide. Treating.--T. Twynam, Moor toon, England: Improvements in the treatment of complex sulphide ores and tailings. New South Wales, May 21, No. 12,075.

Separating.-A. S. Elmore, London: Improve ments in apparatus for the separation of minerals by the selective action of oils and like sub stances. Victoria, May 14, No. 19,183.

Separators, Magnetic-J. King, Croydon, Eng land: Improvements in and relating to magnetic ore separators. Victoria, May 14, No. 19,187.

. Sluicing, Hydraulic-W. P. Wynne, Ballarat, Victoria: An improved method of hydraulic sluicing, and- apparatus or plant therefor. Vic toria, May 14, No. 19,167.

Zinc, Electro Deposition of.-Sherard, Cowper-. Coles, and Company, Limited, London: Improve ments in or relating to the deposition of zinc on metals. Victoria, May 21, No.. 19,192.