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Australasian Mining Patents.

The following complete Bpeciflcíati'on.s (have laitely ¡been accepted in tihe various States undermen tioned, and lebtars patent will therefore issue to 'tihe applicants in due 'Course. This report Is fur nished hy Mr. Fred Walsh, patenlt agent, 23 Eliza hetlh-sibreet, (Sydney, from iwhom further intfor miaition may he obtained.

lAlmalgamator.-W. S. HazeitoM, Windsor, Vic: 'An improved hydirositatio ahnlalgamating apparatus for extracting gold and sil ver from slimes auld other products. Now iSoultih Wales, February 24. No. 10,852.-IA. 'IA. Francis, Barmiaigo, ¡Kary: Im provements in ore-coneenibraltinig apparatus. Tas mania, Fehmiiary 25. No. 3304.--fW. .Smetlhiuirst, Dolgelly, North Wales: A new and useful im proved: gravitation concentrator- for ores and slimes. Vi citoria, February 2¡6.. No. 18,654. L. E. de (Mole, Kalgoorlie, W.A.: Oyllndrical ore oomcenitraitcir. West Australia, February 7. No. S7'23.-W. G. Dodd, 'San Francisco, U.S.A.: Ore .concentraiboirs. Victoria, February 26. No. 1S,909.--The Wilfley Ore Concenltiraltor Syndicate, Limited, London: Improvements in ore cone entra - .tors. Vicltaria, Fefbruary 26. Nos. 18,911 and 18,912. West Australia, February 7, No. 3718.

(Explosives.--Olendrock Polwer Company, New York, U.'SJA. : improvements1 in explosive com poumds. Victoria, Feibruary 26. . No. 18,661. R. Kandier, Dresden, Germlamy: Process ¡for tihe rnianu'facture of a safety explosive reseambling dy namite. Queensland, February 22. . No. 6326.

iRock Drills.-L. and Li. PneumialMc Tool iCom pany of Ohiciaigo, Illinois, 'U.S.A.: Improvements in rook drills. West Australia, February 7. No. 3724.-'Davis Oalyx Drill Company, New York, U.iSJA. : Improvements in pirOcess auld apparatus for 'boring holes in rock or similar (material in the earth's strata. Victoria, Feibruiary -26. No. 18,i905. West Australia, February 7. No. 3728.

(Separator ((Magnetic).-F. J. Odlinig amidi W. Jamieson, Melbourne, Vic: Improved! process' for miagnetidaJ'Ly separating pulverised1 ores, sulphide or otherwise, tfrcimi ;tiheir gamfgue, or rroim each other. Queensland', February 22. No. 6095.--F. J. Odlinlg land W. Jamieson,, .Melbourne, Vic. : An. im proved magnetic separator for pulverised' ores and other materials. New South Wales, Feibruary 25 No. 11,800.

Stomp Mills.-¡D. OJ. Morison, iHlarblepool, Dur ham, Etaigland: Improvements in mortar boxes' for s tamp mille. Victori a, Febru ary 26. No. 18,873.

Zinc (Obtaining).-E. «H. (Hopkins, Middlesex, Bnigland: Improved process for. oltítiaininig zinc. Victoria, February 26, No. 18,'691.