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The Victorian Elections.




The general election of members of the Vic torian House of Assembly was held on October 1. The Government appealed to the country on the diroct issue of reform and retrenchment, in con sequence of an amendment being carried in Com mittee in its-Bill providing for percentage reduc tions in the salaries of all Civil servants receiv ing £150 per annum and over. The direct Oppo sition was virtually in agreement with the Go vernment (Sir Alexander Peacock having voted 'for the Bill), and only differed aa to details. The

real Opposition on this occasion comprised the Labour party and tho Civil servants. Tho result i of tho election has been a sweeping majority for I the reformers, the ©tate of parties at midnight

j being estimated as follows: Ministerial, 68; Oppo

sition, 15; Labour, 14. Prior to" tho election tho

Government only had a majority of 3. Tho Labour, party has gained three seats, which were obtained in the metropolitan constituencies, the couutry voting almost unanimously for .the Government and reform. At Port Melbourno Mr. Saagster, who had been expelled from tho local Labour League, defeated the selected Labour and Reform candidates. The polling was heavy and there wore ' a few very close contests. In the Dandenong and

Berwick electorate Mr. Keast (Opposition) was re-elected by a majority of 3 votes over Mr. Wil son (Reform candidate). In the city the best fight made against a retiring Labour candidate was at Carlton, where Mr. G. A. Maxwell (Minis terial) got within 77 votes of Mr. Bromley (leader of the Labour party. At Geelong Mr. W. Gurr (Minister for Education in the Peacock Govern ment) was defeated. At Ballarat Mr. Vale (Opposition) waa replaced by Mr. S>ho<ppeo (Ministerial). Mr. Outtrim, an ex-Minis tcf, who has represented Maryborough for many years, was defeated by a Govern ment supporter iii Mr. F. J. Field. The country also marked its disapproval of the vote given against retrenchment by Messrs. Nichols,' A." Billson, T. M'Inerney, H. R. Williams (an .ox-Minister), J. A. Isaacs, and Sir John M'Intyre, all ' of whom have been re jected, and tho Speaker, Mr. Mason, haa lost hia seat at Gippsland South to Mr. Livingstone, the reform candidate. In the city among the reform candidates returned are Mr. J. A. Boyd (Melbourne), Slr Samuel Gillott and Mr. Watt (East Melbourne), Mr. M'Cutcheon (St. Kilda), Mr. Madden (Eastern Cubuibs), Mr. Hickford (East Burke Boroughs), and Mr. J. Har ris (South Yarra). Mr. Max Hirsch, the well known singletaxer and freetrader, was returned for Mandurang as a Ministerialist, defeating the sitting member, Mr. R. O'Neill, the . selected Ministerialist and reform candidate.

The following are the candidates elected.


Albert Park: George Alexander Elmslie. L. Carlton: .*Frederick Hadkinson Bromley, L. Carl ton South: »David Valentino Hennessy, 0. Col lingwood: *Edgar Wilkins, L.; »William David Beazley, L. Eastern Suburbs: *Frank Madden, M. and R. East Bourke Boroughs: Frank Ans- tey, L; Fredk. Thomas Hickford, M. and R. Es- sendon and Flemington: *Edward Coughlan Warde, L. Emerald Hill: *Thomas Smith, L. Fitzroy: *John William Billson, L; Robert Barr, M. and R. Footscray: *Alexander M'Donald, O. Hawthorn: George Swinburne, M. and R. Joli-

mont and West Richmond: *Theodore Fink, M. . and R. Melbourne: *James Arthur Boyd, M. and R. Melbourne East: *Sir Samuel Gillott, M. and R.: Wm. Alex. Watt, M. and R. Melbourne South: *John Benjamin Tucker, L. Melbourne North: *George Michael Prendergast, L. Port Melbourne: *George Sangster, L. Prahran: *Donald Mackin non, 0. Richmond: »George Henry Bennett, 0.; *William Arthur Trenwith, L. St. Kilda: T.obert George M'Cutcheon, M. and R. 'South Yarra: *Joseph Harris, M. and R. Williamstown: *Alex ander Gordon Cuthbert Ramsay, O.


Ararat: *Richard F. Toutcher, O. Ballarat East: *Robert M'Gregor, O. Ballarat West: Charles Collett Shoppee, M. and R.; *Joseph Wil liam Kirton, M. and R. Barwon: *Jonas Felix Levien, M. Bogong: John Fletcher, M. and R. Borung: Willam Hutchinson, M. Castlemaine: »Harry Sutherland Wightman Lawson, M.; »Ed ward David Williams, M. Clunes and Allendale: *Sir Alexander James Peacock, O. Creswick: *Walter B. Grose, O. Dandenong and Berwick: *William Stephen Keast, O. Delatite: James Howlin Graves, M. and R. Dunolly: *Daniel

Joseph Duggan, O. Eaglehawk: Hay Kirkwood, M. and R. Goolong: George Martin, M. and R.; *Charles Leonard Andrews, M. Gippsland West: John Emauuel Mackey, M. and R. Grant: »John Peroy. Chirnside, M. and R. Grenville: *David Kerr, O.; Austin Albert Austin, M: and R. Kil- more, Dalhousie, and Lancefield: *John Gavan Duffy, O. Kyneton: »Reginald Ivan Argyle, M. and R. .Maldon: William Wallace, M. and ¡ R. Mandurang: Maximilian Hirsch, M. Mary

borough: Frederick James Field, M. and R. Numurkah and Nathalia: *George Graham, M. and R. Ovens: T. R.. Ashworth (selected by the Ministry). Port Fairy: *James Francis Duffus, M. and R. Ripon and Hampden: *David Swan Oman, O. Sandhurst: Walter Alfred Hamilton, L.; *Alfred Shrapnell Bailes, O. Villiers and Heytesbury: John Gratton Wilson, M. Warren   heip: *George Frederick Holden, O. Dun-     das: John Thomson, M. Gippsland South:   T. Livingston (selected by the . Reform   ; League). Portland: »Ewen Cameron,' M. , Rodney: Samuel Lancaster, M. and R.; »John i Morrissey. . Sandhurst South: John William I Paul, M. and R. Stawell: Hugh Menzies, M. and \ R. Wangaratta and Rutherglen: »John Bowser, I M. and R. Windermere: Charles Hamilton, M.

' and R.


j Tho following candidates were returned un

opposed: W. H. Irvine, Lowan, Premier; W. Shiels, Normanby, Treasurer; M.. K. M'Kenzie, Anglesey, Minister for Lands; T. Bent, ' Brighton, Minister for Railways; J. W. t Taverner, Donald and Swan HUI, Minister for ! Agriculture and Public Works; E. H. Cameron, j Evelyn, .Minister for Mines; J. Murray, Warr . nambool, Chief Secretary; D. M'Leod, Daylos i ford, portfolio without office; S. T. Staughton, j Bourke West, M.; M. J. S. Gair, Bourke East,

M.; A. W. Craven, Benambra, M.; W. Hall, Be , nalia and Yarrawonga, M.; J. Cameron, Glpps 1 land East, M.; H. P. Keogh, Gippsland North, ¡ M.; A. Harris, Gippsland Central, M-; R. Stanley, i Horsham, M.; P. M'Bride, Kara Kara, M.; J.

Cullen, Gunbower, M.; A, Downward, Mornlng ! ton, M.; C. L. Forrest, Polwarth, M.; W. Ma

loney, Melbourne West, L.; J. T.. Brown, Shep parton and Euroa, M.; G. Mitchell, Talbot and Avoca, O.; T. Laugdon, Korong, M.; D. Gillies,

Toorak, M.

»Sat in last Pairllamient.