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Patents and Inventions.

Mr. Fred Walsh, psi ton t. ii KIMI I, Eli/.abetli Btroot, Sydney, lins compiled from tho records of tho Patents Ofllco, Sydney, the following list of application« for letters pal ont. and certifi- cates of provisional protection (tho latter de- noted by an asterisk), as having been flied dur- ing tho week ending September 19, 15103:

No. 13,530. S. M. Barre, Winnipeg, Canada: Improvements in pasteurisers. September ll.

No. 13,537. NV. Benne!, Dunedin, New Zea- land: Improved renewable and reversible heels and renewable soles for boots and shoes. Sep-

tember 15.

No. 13,538. H. Fenwick, East. Oxford, New Zealand: Improved apparatus for coiling fenc- ing wire. September 15.

No. 13,53.'). D. Ricono, Fremantle, Wost Aus- tralia: Combined universal lovel protractor and .clinometer. September 15.*

No. 13.510. C. A. Benbow. Sydney: An Im- proved means of heating sugar cane and other substances to entibio them to carry poisons In a tempting form with n. view to destruction of

rabbits. September lb.»

No. 13,541. A. W. Dobbie, J. E. M. Morloy, A. H. Dobbie, and H. J. Dobbie, Adelaide, South Australia: A bird or other animal scarer. Sop tember 16.*

No. 13T>42. S. C. Thomas, Yannathan, Victoria: Improvements in barbed wire fence openings oi- ga ie ways. September 10.

No. 13,513. F. It. Robinson and Sons, Sydney: A tap interlocking apparatus. September 16.

No. 1.1,5-14. Colonel J. II. Tatterson, D.S.O., Aldershot, England: Improved appliances for carrying a rille or carbine when mounted. Sep-

tember 17.

No. 1,1,515. II. Nathan, botany, near Sydney: An improved yeast and process for manufactur- ing tho same. September 17.

Ne. 13,540. C. Soulas, Jerusalem, New Zea- land: An improved wave motor. September 17.

No. 13,547. J. Whitelaw, Camberwell, Vic- toria: An improved non-reilllablo 'bottle. Sep-

tember 17.

No. 13,548. J. F. Gray, Dunedin, New Zea- land: Device for uso in ligating lires. Sep- tember 17.*

No. IS,549. W. E. Oakley, iMilbury, U.S.A.: Improvements in electric rail bonds. Septem- ber 18.

No. 13,550. T. M. Wilford, Wellington, New Zealand: Impnvvo'd toasting 'appliance. Septem- ber 19.*

No. 13,551. W. II. 'Edwards, Onehunga, Now Zealand: An improved cool storage safe. Sep- tember 19.

No. 13,552. II. R. Worthington, (New York, U.S.A.: Improvements in compensating direct acting engines. September 19.

No. 13,55'3. II. R. AVorthington, Now York. U.S.'A.: Improvements in valve movements for duplex steam engines. September 19.

No. 12,471. E. IA. 'Coiryers, Melbourne: An itu'provert supporting frayne to be used with a slipper »bed pan. September 15.

No. 12,OOS. C. Oliver, Pennant Hill«, near Sydney: An apparatus for separating oil mid grease 'from waler. Septenvbor 17.

No. 1-2,702. United Shoe .Mwchinory Com- pany, neston, U.S.'A.: Improvements in or re- lating lo machines for compressing heels. Sip

tem'ber 17.

No. 12,703, United Shoo Machinery Com- pany (same address as 12,702): Improvements In or relating to machines for compressing heels. September 17.

No. 12,8 Pl. K. 'C. Gillette, Drookllne, U.S..A.: Improvements in safety and other razors. September 17.

Thorn oxisls in Milan, Haly, a clock Which may justly ho said Lo ho one« of tho moat won- derful in Hie world. This imislerpieco of human ingenuity is made (MilIcely ol' bread crumbs, and IUKS naturally a history. A limit a hundred years ago au Italian workman wished to (ry lils hand tit. milking a clock, bul lind no! the means to buy the metal necessary for tho construction of tho works, and was >at a loss what to do. Doler- in I nod not to be beaten, he conceived tho lngenl (uiH iden of saving his broad crumbs from day to (lay, and solidifying them with tho aid of strong salts. At length, by those moniiB lie managed t" obtain a very - hard matter which could not bo dissolved In water, with which he constructed the clock. It was a perfect ono In (ivory way, and 1B now ono of tho curiosities pf tho capital

of LtointMtrdy.