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[, It is with feelingB of sincore regret that wo liavo to announce the death of Lady Barkly, ¡fcvhich took place at Toorak yesterday morn- ing at 10 o'clock. Her Ladyship gave birth jfco a son on Wednesday week, the 8th instant, lind from that time until her decease sho buffered from a nervous exoitement, produc- ing depression of spirits, fits of hysteria, and Bit length a complete nervous exhaustion, ter nninating in death.

8*, We aro enabled to state that this wo3 the [true causo of death, and to contradict tha ¡rumoura that prevailed yesterday in the city, Bo the effect that the deceased lady was

Afflicted with an organic dlsoaso, and that she ' Sued of a cold caught subsequently to her


jj The public will receive this announcement

frith a feeling of strong sympathy with Sir H. Barkly and his family in the bereavement

Shcy havo sustained, and also with sorrow for

Bvhat muet be considered to be a public loas, ¡Spuiing her residence in Jamaica, Lady IgBftikly proved that she was well qualified Bo adorn the position she held as the ¡cudoc ¡pf society in that colony, and the warm and ¡Energetic friend of its charitable institutions, fin theso respects her loss will be deeply felt fln Victoria, although the uncertain state of fiber health, together with prostration of [«pints, and a foreboding anxiety by which pSady Barkly was oppressed evor since she îlast quitted the shores of England, had oom fj&ined to prevent her capacity for usefulness _and her high titles to respect from being ifclly kuown to the people of Victoria.

, iDr. F. T. W. Ford was in constant attend- ance upon Lady Barkly throughout har last Illness. Dr. Howitt was called in on Tuesday


The funeral is appointed to take place on ¡Tuesday In consequence of the melancholy «vent, i/io Upper Yarra regatta and several cricket matches which were to take place this ¿ay have been postponed. The Philharmonic Concert, which was announced for Tuesday, dad Miss L. Baxter's concert, for Wednesday,

¿lime been also deferred. ?'jj

UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE.-The Council of the University met yesterday, at half-past pD o'clock for the purpose of conferring de- grees ad eundem. In the unavoidable absence of the Chancellor (his Honor Mr. Justice piany) the Honourable the President of the Legislative Council acted as chairman. The following gentlemen were admitted to degrees at the University :- Richard Clarke Sewell, D.C.L. of the University of Oxford; Godfrey Howitt, M.D of the University of Edinburgh: John Macfarlane, M.D. of the University of Glasgow ; Daniel Joseph Tierney, M.D. of the University of Glasgow; James B. Motherwell, I'JI.D, of the University of Glasgow ; John Thomson, M.D. of the University of Edin- burgh; John Maund, M.D. of the University   of St. Andrews; Richard Thomas Tracy,   M.D. of the University of Glasgow; John Macadam, M.D. of the University of Glas- gow, Rev. William Baxter. M.A. of tho Uni- versity of Cambridge; Rev. William Boby Fletcher, M.A. of the University of London;   Richard Eades, B.A. of Trinity College, Dub-

lin; Colin Campbell, B.A. of the University of


1A MAN FOUND DKOWHED.-About twolva 1er one o'clock on Thursday afternoon, as a person named Kenny, a master mariner," wai Sralkiug on the beach at St. Kilda, near ths jetty of the bathing-ship, ho saw the body of i man floating underneath it. Having pro- curai assistance, ho succeeded in íecovorlng at, and gave information to the police. The deceased proved to he the brother of Mr. fioiatio Beauchamp, a furniture warehouse

inn. His name was Ralph Beauchamp, aui JIB nge twenty five years. There wero no ¿latks of violence on the body, but there Appeared to bo a slight bruise over the loft «de of the forehead. Deceased, who resided an MB brother's house at Windsor, went out Between nine and ton o'clock on Wednosday »Igbt, and was never seen alivo afterwards. g1 few dnya before he had complained of feel §feg unwell, and of pain and throbbing in tho »ead. He bad an habitual melancholy on jplm and seldom laughed, and his manner at Ames wns so peculiar as to Impress his family With the belief that he was not quite himself, Sud it appeared that it was quito unusual for jjlm to absent himself from home at such an «our. An inquest was held on the body of »çccnscd yesterday, before Dr. Wilmot, and a jSjeidict in accordance with the evidenco re _tjm'c<'

gEosiitNa TUE SÜB-THEASUHY AT OASIÜB JjAWi.-On inquiring the cause of the crowd Which suiroundcd tho Sub-Treasury on Tuos |u»y, wo were informed that the anxious mai wtude then nssemblod had como to pay foi It laud they had previously selected at th< guivoy Offlco. The lands-placed at the dis Sjcsal of the public on this occasion won jhcFe for which no offer was made at the lot ¡Kyneton land sales, on the 9th and 23rd o ¡Etbrunry.-Miner's Right,

IgTiiB DirnKA_t LEAH TKAOEDY.-Tho ad

iaônmed inquest touching the death o Mpliam Gibb, who died from tho effects o Stouuda inflicted on his person by Thoms Pprmrd, has resulted in a verdict of wilfc

Murder against tho lattor.

Wn,,Uü?IIÎ:SCR, op PBODÜOB.-As an illustri

fctmSM ^Dt of Ç^chasers of , o

Won Ipi'"8 dfI8íric>> B0 M t0 induce compati It'a w.nnnBtato from «aaoubted authority

V_ÄlUrH° mor<*aut last week offorou ior,r«Äool,,nercllant8ix shillings and 'at dXoÄ1 ?**£ fSr 10'm buhéis of

refnK"rtere!in LKadyo?ay' and th° offer I WoT iFf°,m 5"' M- t0 6s- 6d. Is all

ÄoTiÄ^for wheat he?0 -

riuv-Tr^T %*»? -At Alberton, no foi?* ^'Si1?11'18tb- May; at Oastle

V at Ä0"} » Albouruo.