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Patents and Inventions.

Mr. Fred Walsh, patent agent, 23 Elisiabeth street, Sydney, 'has compiled from the records of the Patent« Office, Sydney, the following Hst of applications for letters patent and certificates of provisional protection (the latter cieno tod by an asterisk) ns having been filed during the week ended January 10, 1003:

No. 12,790. W. H. 'Norton, Sydney: An improved mechanism for securing parallel motion in roller blind's or other devices of a like nature. Janu ary 5.*

No. 12,791. D. W. Bal ch, San Francisco, U.S.A.: Improvements In electro-magnetic rail way traction. January 5.*

No. 12,792. T. J. 'Britten, Transvaal: Im provements in apparatus for laying or settling the dust or pulverised rock created In the boring and blasting of holes In raining. January 6.

No. 12,793. H. G. R. B. Junior, Inverell, N.S.W.: An automatic water lift. January 6.*

No. 12,794. J, S. Brownell, Sani Francisco, U.S.A.: Concentrators. January 7.

No. 12,795. H. P. Wellman, Melbourne: Im provement's in farm 'gates. January 7.*

two. ia,7!iö, H. T. Davis, Lewisham. England, and E. Perret, Lewisham, England: Method and apparatus for separating olly or similar invpuri itiflH from water. January 8.

No. 12,707. H. Pullln, 'Broken Hill, N.S.W.: Improvements in skylights. January 8,

No. 12,798. H. Gulliver, South Yarra, near Mel bourne: An improved automatic punkah for rocking-chairs. January 8.*

.No. 12,790. S. R. 'Bellingham, Picton, N.S.W.: An improvement In tobacco pipe's. Janaiary


No. 12,800. J. G. Grlmsley, Leicester, England! Improvements relating to automatic sprinklers for extinguishing fires'. January 9.

No. 12,801: H. Passow, Hamburg, Germany:

New and Improved process for producing cement, January 9. . '

No. 12,802. H, S. H. Shaw, Liverpool, England: Improvements In friction clutches, brakes, and the like, and In mean's for cooling such apparatus by the circulation of a fluid therein. Janu ary 9.

No. 12,808. A, Purser, P. W. Jenkin^, und- 0. R. M'A. Millar, all of Roodeport, Transvaal, South Africa: Improvements1 In or relating to nvnchines or apparatus for forging and pointing or sharpening rook-drllllng and similar tools. January 9,

No. 12,804. T. Sutcliffe, Stoke Newington, England; Machine for aerating liquids and bot- tling same. January 9,

No. 12,805. H. A. Seymour, Washington, U.S.A.: Apparatus for generating steam from hot slag. January 9.

No. 12,806. P. Lucas, Berlin, Germany: Im- provements in incandescent petroleum burners. January 9.

No. 12,807. J. L. Schmidt, Paddington, near Syd- ney, and J. L. Rosenbnum, Sydney: Improvements in the manufacture of sand and lime, roofing tiles and building blocks. January 9,

No. 12,808. E. Horan and G. A. Horan, both of Helensburgh, N.S.W. : An improvod sealing buckle, for use on mail-bags and the like.

January 9.

No. 12,809. J, E. Henry, Bundarra, N.S.W, : An attachment for moulding planes. January 9,*

No. 12,810. A. Kitson, Westminster, England: Improvements In or pertaining to vapour-burn ing npnaratus. January 9.

No. 12,811, A. Kitson, Westminster, England: Improvements in vapour-burnlrg apparatus.

January 9,

No. 12,812. A. Kitson, Westminster, longland: Improvements «.< or pertaining to vapour-burn ing apparatus, January 9.

No. 12,813, K. 0, Gillette, Brookllno, U.S.A.:

Improvements in safety and other razors. Jan uary 9.*

No. 12,814. W. R. F. Helbard, Melbourne: An improved high-pressure water-cock or tap. Jan uary 9.*

No. 12,815. W. F. Brennan, Sydney: Improve ments relating to switches and crossings for compound gauge railways. January 10.

No. 12,816. T. G. Stevens, Rosherville: Im provements in or connected with springs for ve hicles. January 10.

No. 12,063. G. J. Shipway and H. May, Menin gie, South Australia: Improvements in sheep shears. January 7.

No. 12,774. W. jennings, Glebe, near Sydney: Improvements in apparatus for classifying ores and extracting metals contained therein. Janu ary 6.___

An American who died recently bequeathed Ave shillings each to his wife and nine children, and tho rest of his property, amounting to £2000 or more, for the erection of a water-tight vault and "a desirable and a beautiful monument" to himself.