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TEsrtftWy $i Asigi&i'ict?*

The faiWing eattraets from * special mrtide fieoi t-nruin io Ujp 'gUnderd'' give a vivid picture of the posit »9O m

I shall gne the history of this present Agitation,- Under a aetf Imposed romance/ Oilj-uil* ^dkictwd ttat fce^Tdu-n taught wtlo|««»fe-fti1jis -limner store, timst return ntiwret-35 per cent profit, -while whisky «t Sft per cent is not enoutfl), for the Adtninislrfltor jMvt^oaly insists but demands -a^-profit tof ?5 per «?nt on all retail sales, even including recognised brands of bottled goods. Added to tlik law is another that any person cannot import any liquor from Brisbane, Sydney, -ir any where **Ish; thwt you mu«t drink only one brand of liner (Carl ton Brewery, Melbourne) and three brands of *i*r- Jf y«u violate thte glorious *iw ftw are a felon, and you what! re ceive'* £100 fin? and It tnontlis' im prisohmeiU, and dwell with triggers 'ii _i«fl. If you driaj %J^^|« -rf beer in -'ife» ^eet ©r mt a frltiiid*s house, you are 1mt»l« for another fear4* Govern went lodging | *p» if yim want * Mingle hottle of beer (« drink at home you ennnot purchase it in « hotel. If $-*« »re fortunate enough to . .ggt one and smuRRle it mit, pan mm gmcbunly ? allowed ly tlie Administrator m% months' detention At O«#riitnent -*X jietise. If yon no t» the Iwgior «tore, fttli ijt* allowed one purchase pm day, Imt ymi must sign a d.x-laration that yoa «rlll Irink it in your mrri honene, ttiat no friends will he present, and it « tor fWr#«sif iiad twit to be rfiturd vifli poor *HW Fdwnerly even ikm did not end tttl- cwsto^er'% trou!-le«, for ft was ''?fpBiiiiH to gist i policeman to sign and fWiell for the |onesty of the customer ; then It vm again countei-slgned by the fiqiior . store manager. ||-^enily Wits witneRsintr on the Jpart of the police has been rewinds; ?mt the rest of die cere mony Iiolds good «t law, ect-ording t-- the Gilrtith judiriary. f-n D«NM*nl-er 1 an ordinance decreed tfcst, owing to the new federal super tax of 5-6*d. pm pmt increase ottiaeiv #|n5 Adniini stra tor passed on tJiP t«i by charging an increase of threepence per j»ittt, A Weeing w&s t|W In the Town Hull, Darwin, flie H^rprrtW,' Hffid a r^ahitittttJEas-iarriaito boycott - the State hotels until sudi tinfe as a satisfactory reason was given for this latest art of the Administration. A deputation was appointed to meet GiJ rnrh, with the usual result.

This fresh example of# autocratic f t*rU88ianisni~iard ndOall ofi-nfeaf ears, as hithprtn, for hjr JMs -W^KJsfs^HTof (he boycott had rjssed and ever^hody waiTTiegiiming to think witEout~ ihe .__ JPffectsT. *-t liquor riouding the brain. ; ... It is ^Spei'ied that every effort will be made lit X«rlli'4li3^4o^eeur*ihti passinn~Tjf~'Hn' ordinance 'to~'rovc?r — on~ ftfle^;-!d~act pTi'Tioiiiilycoinniitted, S0~as to~ JiikW jm$mi IKpoi'ted' out of the State (an unheard-of thing nnder British jurisprudence), for trial either in 'Melbourne or Adelaide. And -thia. - — ffcmembwY^ft-' type _ Austimtia-- — ¥he- rfbnrtsnuf ordiiift1tce«iwi?e ^ecurfedbe fore, Quite recently the Town Council - found -it-had- poweT ^ te^hai^a [Wtep'zpnH the British Australian Telegraph Cablo -5owpany'fe -prcmifies in— Uarivin, a matter of £400 — a considerable sum for — a small town. Oilruth got to hear that this rich London company would have to pay up '^{?cording to law, bo he -plaiistbly idvised the^ooiHKjHH»wait and he would fix it up. He did, with *r~vS!igeii'nce.' An rordihalice 'was' im mediately passed exempting the foreign, JLon-Australian cahle company f iiom_. paying any future rates, as well as the £400-a^'oady-JnvoiOTd:.— ^4jis-read8 like a Tairy tnle. Ordinances come and go — i-n-n— night, in this nrrse-Tidden ~ordi ^^^flflWCB' tSHmtry, =wt 'fhe fagarres—lrao!:' behest- of nnA^nati, : ... ? ^ ? ,. ? What must the Southern taxpayer : tiiinic \Hieii lieirnowR that here in Dar win, 'where we have a white population of roti jrhlr -2300, bpiiira ^o T-ny to keep -fr'VvnfHffl|i,~ mT vv-jiH-ns 80 rwolflierH, to7 force us in five Australia to knuckle down to the dictates of an individual

who is not an Australian and, worse still ,ha.8 not the slightest regard _for Australian isentiracnt, and obstinately denies jp^ati&retijoyrd elsewhere in ?Aiwiti^ii-ft -If -yr»n^'riii«V ^t fPiSffnnwM*' or logical to live like human beings down South, while we, who~ai~e pioneers fljid ????desw-ve far greater consideration , arc ci'Hslwd down— toHihe-HBine level as the Oiinamen and aborigines^ then the time has come lor you to thoroughly awaken 7 for we are lTrusing to rTny^tlie' Tiirxitory' and Commonwealth ? income - taxes, and no warship will compel the citizens to^-espcct'nn AdTJiinistrator or Ws--precioiiR--Tsystem-'-'aftcr a six yraTir glorious trial, brimful of tragedies, or to pfiijjiji Ttlie vtSiJveTrnrffl-ilit ^V^-ewtiTTUif : an__iinreprjRK«ntativo,_i'otten system at Hlj? point of a bayonet or hy the iii tiinidation of a gunboat. Pay oii, pay oh, IVfoTijeTs of the South, for -we7 aTjso~ lutely refuse to upkeep this state of affairs. The irony- of _the._gun boat is that this boat was captured from the tirPTmans 1-y Hip ' Austrjilisfns/ to bo ''usWl ?nrro — br — rhr — AusLrjtliiiiiK — nBTrnwt the. AuRtralianjB __tp. jprce. us to accept the worst form of. Pni8siaiiisni7 ?