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The arrival of his Excellency Sir H. Barkly, the new Governor of Victoria, ort Tuesday night, took the inhabitants of it's metropolis rathor by surprise. Tho latoness

of the hour of arrival, after a run unprcca- ' dentcdly short, was probably the cause of this, I but it may also bo said that a remissness has prevailed in certain quarters in reference to preparations which should undoubtedly have been made sooner, as the arrival of his Ex- cellency might reasonably havo becn'cxpectcd shortly, or rather immediately aftor Christ- mas, and that festival generally finds people privately engaged and not inclined to conti- nue in the arena of business.

The Oneidawoa telegraphed as off the Heads at about half-paBt six on Tuesday evening, and the intelligence was instantly forwarded to the Acting-Governor, Major-General Mac- arthur, and to such of tho members of the Executive as happened to bo in Melbourne at the time. The Oneida proceeded up the

Bay, and anchored off tho Lighthouse at ton o'clock. As the vessel drew up to her anchor- age ground the Victoria steam-sloop exhibited blue lights from her yard-arms, an example followed by several other vessels, which exhi- bited from one to four lights each from their mastheads. The strong white glare throwu by thoBe lights muBt have been of some use to the Oneida, In taking up her anchorage-ground in a crowded bay on a dark night. A salute of seventeen guns was fired from tho blockship. Rockets were thrown up from all directions, and the passago to and fro of lanterns, port-

fires, &c" on the decks of sevoral vessels, con- j veyed rather the idea of a night attack upon somo sea-board town than tho peaceful and | hearty welcome which the new Governor of' a largo colony waa receiving. Mr. Childer* I went on board the Oneida to welcome his

(Excellency, and so, as it was reported, did the!

i j

Chairman of the Municipality of Williams- I I town, with the Town Clerk and a few of tua

members. This, however, turns out to have I been an error: no official visit waa paid to his , Excellency by the members of the Williams- [ town municipality, nor was any address pre- . Fcnted. Mr. Mason, the Chairman, wont on I board, and introduced himself as the Chair- | man of the municipality of Williamstown, \ and informed his Excellenoy that it was the i desire of Hie Council and the principal / inhabitants to present an address to lura, congratulating him on his arrival should

lie be willing to receive it on the ' following morning. For this purpose the Comet steamer would bring them alongside the Oncida. His Excellency replied that he wished to land early in the morning, and that all the arrangements for his proceeding to Toorak wore with Mr. Haines. A littlo con- versation ensued, during which his Excel- lency Bhowed a local knowledge and interest by inquiring whether there was yet a proper water eupply to Williamstown, and whether the railway was completed or not. The answers to theso queries are not difficult to guoss at. Mr. Mason then left with the un- derstanding that a future opportunity would be given for presenting the address. Mr. Childers went on board the Oneida soon after Mr. Mason had retired. Shortly after nine o'clock on the following morning his Excellency, with Lady and Miss Barkly, quitted the Oneida. He was saluted by seven- teen guns from the guard-ship. The Oneid't saluted as ho passed over the side, and other vessels in the Bay added their quota to the cannonade

His Excellency reached the Sandridge Jetty in tlie boat of tho steam-sloop Victoria. Tho jetty was crowded with people, who cheerod the new Governor as he landed. He was re-

ceived on the pier by Major-General Macarthur and sutto ; but no military were presont as a guard of honour. His Excellenoy and family then entered Mnior-Genoral Macarthurs car- riage and proceeded at once to Toorak. We ara informed that a body of the Volunteer Bifles and a detachment of the 10th Regiment wera on the road to receive the now Governor, but did not arrive on the ground in time.

We aro informed on good authority .that bia Excellency desired to visit Melbourne ou the day of hi» landing, but on its being inti- mated to him that the promptitude of his passage out had left the City of Melbourne no time to mnko any preparation, and that I the citizons were extremely desirous to re ; colvohim in a fitting manner, his Excel 1 lency consented to postpone his visit to

Friday, when he would proceed io the Go- vernment House to bo sworn in in the usual form.

The following are the military arrange- ments which will be followed on tua occasion :

Ocnoi-al Oidor, llead-qunrtcrs, Melbourne,

24 til December, 1856.

On the occasion of his Excolloncy Sir H. Barkly taking the oath as Governor, on Friday novt, tuo 20th Gist., at cloven a,m.,

The following military arrangements will take place. A guard of honour, with the regimental colour* and banu of the -loth Regiment, consisting- of one captain, two subaltoms, four sorgcants, two drummors, and eighty rank and /Ile, will bo formed in front of tho Exhibition Building at half-past ton a.m.

The Voluntoor Artillery Reguuont will furulili u, sufliciortt number to fltoasaluteof sovonteongunsfroiu Batman's mil on the arrival of his Excellenoy at tin» Exhibition Building, and a similar salnto on lils de- parture tliorofrom.

The ofllcor commanding the Victoria Yoomany Corps will furnish a sultlclent escort under the nocosnary number of officers to form an escort te his Evcelloucr. BTho escort to bo fonuod by ton a.m. at the Prlnco'.i Bridgo Barracks, «boro it is to join his Excellency on his routo from Toorak.

By Command, J. MARTIN B&ADEN- NRII,,

Lt.-Ool. Deputy Adgt.-Gen.

The arrangement« made by the Melbourne Corporation, who assembled in committee on I Wednesday afternoon to discuss them in pur-

suance of a previous determination, will bo found in our advertising columns, under tho head 'Tublic Notices."


To be formed on the occasion of his Excel-

lency Sir Henry Barkly proceeding to taka the Oaths of Offlco as Governor of Victoria, on Friday, 2Gth December, 1856.



Municipal Councils

Corporation or Geelong



Corporation of Melbourne

Members of tho Legislative Assembly Members of the Legislative Council

Their Honors the Pufsuo Judgos

, Tho Consuls

Members of tho Executlvo Council

His Honor tho Chief Justice

HW ExcKMiRXcr Tim Govunxou ASDSBITÏ,

Guard of Honor

Memhors of tho Chamber of Commerce

Private Carriages

Goutlomon on Horseback Tile order of Frcomasons

The order of Odd Fellows and other Ordore


The procession will form on the St. Kilda toad, on the north side of the toll-gate, at tea o'clock a.m.; and the several public bodies intending to be present aro requested to cross the bridge from Melbourne proper not later than half-past nine o'clock.

CnmsTMAs EXCURSIONS.-Tho recollection of Christmas fare and the genial fire-sides of Old England, with the experience of bright, hot, sunshiny weather, and an abandon- ment to the enjoyment attendant on excur- sion trips into the Bay and the suburban townshipB-these have formed the "merrie Christmas" of a considerable number of our citizens during the presont season. Full 800 persons 'were landod yesterday at Queens- cliffe by the Citizen, Sophia, and Keera, steamers: and the Express steamer took a considerable number to Scbnappor Point. In the Citizen steamer alono tlioro wore full three hundred and fifty persons, which composed an excursion party of the friends and congregation of the Oxford-street chapel, Collingwood, in aid of the building fund of that place of worship. The party lett tho Queen's Wharf at eight o'clock a.m., aud in Ïiassing the Oneida steamship, anchored off the

Ighthouse, the officors and crow of the royal

mail ship manned tho deck and gave three | hearty cheers, which were taken up and re- peated by the excursion party, until the Bay

resounded with tho echo. Tho Citizen arrived at Queenscliffe about noon, and landed her merry cargo on a pier which is in the course of projection for the purposo of giving facili- ties in the landing of passengers and tho ship- ment of produce. It may not bo generally known that the village of Queenscliffe in- cludes about sixty comfortably-built resi- dences, and the inhabitants aro principally engaged in raising vegetable and agricultural produce. After dlsportiug_about the beach, ascending the lighthouse, and partaking of luncheon and tea on the green, tho excur- sionists returned on board at half-past five o'clock, and disembarked at tho Qaeon's Wharf at a quarter-past nine. Three hearty cheers were then given for Captain M'Lean for tho great attention which he had bestowed throughout the day on the party, a compli- ment which ho most justly earned and do . served.

INQUEST» AT SANDRIDGE.-On Tuesday last, an inquest was held at Sandridge before Dr. Wilmot, tho City Coroner, on tho body of a

man named William Carr, a waterman, aged i 22 years, who was found drowned near the Railway Pier under the following circum- stances:-In tho morning, about 0 oïlock, Mr. Moss, goods manager at the pier, hoard that a body bad been found floating about amongst the ships there. Deceased's trousers had boen pulled down over his feet, and it is probable to this circumstance that death was attribut- able, as he wa3 thereby prevented from ox tricating himself. Verdict accordingly.-An inquest was also held on Tuesday on the body of a man named Francisco Fareno, who waa

drowned in consequence of having jumped I overboard from the ship Meggy ¿filler, while

in a state of temporary insanity. A verdict, to that effect was returned-A third Inquest was held on the body of a man named Robert Xouis Harvey. The jury found that he had died from natural causes, during an epileptic

seizure. I

THEATRE ROYAL.-The time-honourod cus-1 tom of commemorating boxing-night by the E reduction of a now pantomino is to be ad

ered to at this theatre, and on ovory doad wall we observe the lace-bordered bills which announce the style and title of the arith- metical novelty, which is from the pen of W. M. Akhurst, Esq., and bears the scholastic de- signation of "Multiplication is Vexation, Division is as bad : or Harlequia Eulo of Three, and the Genius of the Crystal Lako of Learning." Mr. Charles Toung is to be Clown, Mr. Chambers, Harlequin; and Madame Melinger, Columbine on the occasson. Report speaks very highly of the manner in which the pantomime will be put upon tho stago,

VICTORIA ILLUSTRATED.-we have received from the publishers, Messrs. Sands »ni Kenny, a handsome volume, containing nearly fifty views of the principal towns ana gold-fields of tho colony. The engraving! for the work havo been executed in London from faithful and excellent drawings by Mr. S. T. Gill, of Melbourne. This volume, which has been opportunely brought out within tha last few days, is well adapted for a Christmas gift, or for convoying to friends at home an accurate and pleasing impression of tku principal localities of Victoria.