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ifÜfw Surgît


1 ara in Uio placo whore I am domanded of con- science to «peak tho truth, and thoroforo the truth I apeak, Impugn It whoso list."



: , -,,, FROM ENGLAND.

THE' 0Meitffi¿steamer, with the G-overnor of Victoria, Sir II. BYRKLT, and suite on board, callie to anchor in Ilobson's Bay at ten o'clock last night, having made a splendid run from Southampton of sixty four |days. The length of time during .which the Onckla was actually under weigh was only fifty-three days : eleven days hvere spent in coaling at St. Vincent, St. IÇclena, and the Cape

On the arrival _ of the Qhcida at tho Heads" a telegraphic message, announcing that 4¡be Governor was at hand, was despatched to Melbourne, and was imme- diately i forwarded to Mr. HAINES, Mr. STAWXLIÍ,'and Mr. CHILDERS. The las» mamed gentleman went on board the vessel in Hobson's Bay. It is arranged, wc be- lieve, that Sir H. BARKLY will land this morning at eight o'clock, and will proceed directly «lo'loorak. The ceremony of swearing in the Governoi is expected to toko place to-day.

WilWe''are,'indebted to the courtesy of Captninillydes, of the Oneida, for English papers to the 18th of October, being fif- teen days later than our previous novices from ' preat Britain. The probabilities of a rupture between the Allied Powers and Izapíes appear to be on the increase ; and /t is'átated that all chance of an ami- cable'settlement is at an end ; while the recall of the French Minister from the capital !of the Two Sicilies is said to be de terniyiçd upon. The following arc the


'The, answer of the Neapolitan Govorninont

to the last note presented by Baron Brenior is expected In Paris from one moment .to an- other.* It, is not antlclpatod that it will be

satisfactory, As soon as it is received tho

JJfonifet/r'JwJll publish an article on the Nea- politan question, giving, it is said, full infor matiónj^-at least as full information as it ia the practico of the Government to do. Tho recall ófM.Brenier is considorod certain. It

is bcliév'e*d that the Government will bo glad to get out of the adair as soon, and of coursa as well, '§8 possible, and that a very mode- rate concession would satisfy it. King Fer- dinand, £>f course, knows his advantage and the forbeafance shown towards Ihim will no doubt b$ interpreted to unwillingness to brave the 'consequences of a revolutionary movement. " AMlplomntic dinner was gi von on Thursday' at the hotel of the Foreign Ministor.i Parjs, Among the guests was the Neapolitan Ambassador, M. Antonini, who, to all appearance, was as tranquil' and as much athis eagoiasdf Naples and the Allies Vero tho best friends in the world. Another Nea- politan of. rank, the Prince of San Glacomo,'

was also present. c v i »< ' "' < ' ?A lettecfrom Berlin of tho 10th, in tho Ger- mán Journal, of, Frankfoit,, saysc ii" Count Walew8ku;KLinißter,of> Foreign Affairs1 of Franco. has;8ont a circular to the French' di- plomatic dgents^tt-foreign-Oourts, in answer, to that oflaussla of. Soptember 2. íiAccordjnsí' to what wè havo-heard of-this noWjflpcrjtaent, the French aö^rnmeity rößols,thexearoaoUej

i "*ij"í.1u.l-,'lilf._-_ ! T7,w i , JU ÛIMIU iilvíl'ii'li-i

oí vPrinco-Ooitsoliakoff, and adduces-aigu-" nïcufs to piove; tlmt ¡tis.erroneous that that conduct of IVa'nèe^tyM'Eûglaïul lu the Nea-! pplltrnr7affail''3ia8 beerç ^ppreM-ntedjas.cott 'trary t& existing, treaties, and toi the public right of Europe, luu i i


The Tunes' Nitplcs'correspoudcut writu3 on the 18th, with rairiett to the report of a nowu Administration', tlmt¡Prince Sntrianohad not; been sent foi, ,iTli6 King was at Quota, and apparently still bcrtt on' résistance. The pra 'pnratloiis for a defence were 'continued.


" u TO,APPROACH (NAPLES. ' ! I The Morning l'oslW Taris ' coi respondent .writes on Thuisdny evening, that ho uudoi stnuds that both the English and French Sgiuidions had tecpived ciders to approach Naples., The allied admirals would discoun- tenance any demonstration on the part of the Neapolitans, and tho people must leave their cause entiioly in the Iiands of England and france.


II The Times' Vienna coi'respondont writos on

tho 12th "that tho Austiiau Goveinuieut étioñgly suspects that there is something passing between Franco and Russia which is kept from Austria and England. Moro ¡uno foreign diplomatist is iuclincd to believe that, a pioject for a futui o alliance bet wee u |Napoleon and Aloxander has alaady been ¡brought forward.


' The- statonieut that Prince Adalboit would I not submit to tito conditions contained in Ait 40 ot the Greek Constitution, rcquiiiu¡r, that'the sovoiolgu of that countty shall belong to the Gioek Church, is unfounded, bays a. lett« fiora Munich. By u posi- tive declaration of that kind ho '.would only ifuihish an opportunity to tho Powers that 'signed the protocol of London to irttcuole in the question of the qieek succession,'. Art. 8 of the treaty of May 7,1832, statoä that in the event of King Otho dying without heirs, the crown shall go to his 'brother Luitpold. It is possible that Prince ¡IAiitpold may lonounce the oiown, but ho has tinco sons, and the question is, whether his 'rdnjmciation eau prejudice thoir rights. Ne- gotiations ate now going on on tho question of the succession, but these negotiations take Iplace without tho intervention of Austria, and all the good offices generally attributed to that Power are mere inventions.


Accounts J have beenrrcoe¡ ved nt Anistoi!-' dam, detailingilho seizure ot tho ship Twenlhe, from Rotterdam, to Batavia, by a portion of tho crew. ThtfveBSol had been picked up and taken into Rio Janeiro by the TbtWaj^Frenoh ähip,- The crew-wero-in-a-most lamontable condition.t'but had l'ccoivod every attentiou.

She was fallen in)With on' tho 12th August, about twenty loagttes'south ofMadoiia.on lito The Talisman took off the mastei, his wife! and nine" bando, foui of them (tho master, mato, and two sailors) Boverely woundod. Hoi crew originally consisted of thirty-throe, of ¡whom tvvontj'-three woro Malays. Whoa GfiPlIaderia the latter revolted, ovorcanie the Dutch crew, 'fastened them in the cabin, sot fuá to 'fife vessel, liiid escaped in two of the boats. r,takiug with them wator, provisions, and clothes.! \ ?'

It will ho lemombeted that we loported the fin hal of a boat,,with twcnty-tluco Malays on hoard; as having arrived at Madeiia under very suspicious» circumstances, and that the local autliorltic8Lhadiplaced the whole in con- finement. Tho whole affair is now explained, and it is to be hoped.'that these diabolical wretches v\ ill moot with their deserts for thoir conimittai', in Intcntion/'of one of tho most ícvoltiug murders on record.

| " ITALYr.


A letter of the 7th from Forll, in the Papal Statics, states that on the 5th instant (Sunday) a conflict of a somewhat serious natutetook place between spine of the citizens aud the gendarmerie, at a place called Moldóla, about ten miles'distant from this city.

It¡ appeais ithat ,two i young men, ono of whom wns smoking a pipe, wcie going by tho barracks of the aefndarmerip. These ordoicd bim jto discontinue smoking, but ho persisted. Somp of the gendiu aies ran out and followed tile young man to a neighbouring café, whore they j fell iipou hum with ropoated blows HÍ3 comrade on this told the 'gendaunes that, whiljî they had a perfect right to arrest any one as -soon as they found that hu had com- mitted a breach of the regulations or laws,

they,h ad no light to maltreat then prisoner.' The sjeudarincs îesponded to this with insults aïul blows. The young than partook, in. fact, Hie fate of his companion,i and they wero ar- rested together1.' .The 'j cung men of the dis- trict .¡excited by what hall happened repaired

m mass" t(X tho, Mayor* aud prujed him to use lils good û(hci.s fot tiui liberation of tho pri

BOiicHH. , Xliu MnjOî'wHlingly acocduig to tua itityuptefc iv/tbevhéKyddiJê&o¿íi(r\fíiei'tnnt'tia gendoainctie, llowevi»r,.refused to liberate the young men; and accompanied lus íofusal with some juiyjudeand unbecoming observation1. tov.anls,|the Majoi, ihimselH Tho populaos, great!} irritated, made an'attack on the gen (larmcb,vwho, though reinforced by some sol

(hers of the line, were obliged, with the' sol- diers \o take tefngc in ua inn, of which they hup it atft-d tho door..' Meauwhilo additional gendarmes and soldleis carno up. A conflict look place., One of tho gendarme), was killed, and tljc" icst of tho boldlors wcie disarmed . It Is feared Hint tho matter will not rest hore, but:, thati the UoVernmcnt' will Invoke the heroic liemo'ly which they hold in lcadiness lol all gravfe eventualities, via , Austrian as biétan« e ' "f lie polier- have oudcavourod to mnlte soineaiieätn, but those ot whom they wer« iii «Hiebt have managed to elude then tigilaii(c.i M

Aceountäiifrom Home in the Auxburg Git zrtl «.say«-1'Chico Catholic priests have ar- rived hhe from Wurtemberg with the view of negotiating a concoidat between that country and the; Holy Sec The Popo has convened a congiegation, when the protect will ho com murricatcd to the' latter by tho puusts in per- son." I ' "

His Holiness-tilt1 Pope" has, «nys tho Uni \ers, signed an amaestyo-comprising about thirty persons, lor the most part condemned for the ¡uflaiis of November 10,1849. This ict of graco, it declares, ia to bo published on he occasion of the inauguration of the mouu nont ia mèihoiy of the proclamation of tilt; ;logai¡!i of the Immaculate Coucepliou.

The widówiof tho late Duke of Genoa haa, ust celebrated a morganutic marriage with n officei of her late husband's household, .'he King' pf Saidinia, brothor of the dis- eased, is much displeased at the union now


Bologna letters of the 8th speak of tho cou luuance oi tho outrages in tho country. Ono ;etter l>egius thus -" We ale in the midst Of

isássinations and lobberies, and, iudood, one ould suppose that the Government wishes ;o turn our attention from political affairs, ind to,leavo tho Held clear to the brigandB."



A memorandum appeared in the Gazette of Fiidaj', eieniug, 17th' October, announcing that Cornets Lord Ernest Vaue Tempest aud William I. Birt, of the 4th Light Diagoous, ire dismissed'from lim SIojci.ty'6 army, iu îonsequence1 of Conduct unbecoming officers ind gontlemeuiftnd subversive of good ordot ind disciplino, lit thus appears that his Royal Highness thoOommander-in-Olnof has taken \ more summary 'method than that of a, Jourt Jvfaitittl to vindicate the dignity of his profession, which, had been Qutiaged by tho ;onduct of theso ' olTtcers at Brighton, who xhavi- ,nnw-beon degtaded. Though ne have j noi official account of the acts upon, which' the decision of the ;omman«lei-iu chief proceeded, still, if thev in any degree rcáombled tho account which las already appeared in our columna, the, severity ami piornptitude of the punishrueat iro amply Juatifioa. ThD Unfortunate young nan who seemaito have been the subject of ;ho practical jocosity of Lord Ernest Vaue *nd Comet Blft was a youth of twenty-oue, named Amos.'.' He joined his regiment only m the 13th'of,August last) and we ara told that from the vary first day he wassubjectad ;o a series ¡of i' practical jokes," which Uti a public school «is ¡commonly., tomied " bully- ing." One day ha1 returns to hls'qtiartora aud nnds that lils!'room, has boou forcibly nterod ; that, his stook of > candles has icen melted "in a vessel on the fire ,nd 'hung1 i outside the 'window with orat- of his regimentals.- Another day he ;oes tp'dinp at mess, and thors Lord Ernest /ano am lisps'hlmBelf by " keeping up in an. udor,tone (i constant Uro of taunts" at poor Tr.'Ames, who Bits next him' on his right, hi 1st the nóblo Lord is supported on his loft >y hlfTftiond Mtv Birt. Having token soma ow,'gla8sp8 of wlno after dlnnor, Mr. Ames iaes to fjo. ¡Lord E. Vane and Cornet Birt IbHow.h'íúi. I Thoy drag him into Lord E. íráneVJroorrJ ; thoy drag him down and fiuicklyi^ttip, ono side of his cheek of a mo3t ornamental whisker. In this mutilated cou litlouithey thrust him into an ante-chamber, where hí]? brother offieera aro taking coffra ft seams that tho unfortunate victim was six NOt faígH?1>ut /th»t jhiB roreronoo for tho «vtl

I7u anrp ]. -""' -1 . *,

, Kifi-r 1 1 _ i

^otepf: war ¿provcntcdehlm:T:froiu'edi)Mlaea

that natural. justico"toMs.lormentora whiciTJ the clrcumstdïi6'è"miglit sé'ëm to demand.


Vancand ihis-Wellltesbad;antlcmritedMs I WtviMi ¡'Instead- of going ^ratattslio roÉÍrfe '? Chïlo'a courtyard -to- m'áTrS' axrbcr)n"uaiB3aàçii. ; Thencé^hé ? heats? lui ' ;döörs Burs^opuhV Wi

secs the shadows'.bf^ibofJlë ácroB's,,'th'o,winuo';v!1 blinds. .Before longituo invaders-, evacuate?

the bedroom} ¡GdrntfcAi&iTentefiä: ,Hc find':,

Otis fQrhitïïrë? tnfüéd1'toi)s>itui^hrs^W¿¿ I

.pulled out of their places, bis linen Bcatwroii

Sboütitho'fl'óori'two'dfiíis bats smashoä.'and ';-' hîst'béd'steeped' i'n.''watoi';ilï.Poof Mr^Àmës ' slcmiB'oii the floor'that night,' arid lidxt ihörtt- ' ingTeports'th'e'fdóts tó;the ^Adjiltwit,' th'röiiöh whom Hhe h'ewaá'enchcs1 the 'Hóraó-Gúards. Gohéïal Lawrensoh'-ls'sènti-,aoiwu',tol'nitiUo^A

ords,' and; arel,plucód''-eln'dor''arrest:,, TÍO xtstüp, a8;wo;n'ow'loarnVisrtliatlLordTäBB d Comet Birt aré dishüsséd th'c'.'sb'rvlcbi-1^

lilt Miva. .;ii..'l'H'-J«l,>i;--'-ti';«:> . »' '.'."?'¡»'l

nextstdp, aud Ce

DaiHii . . ? ,, - - ,



, PARIS,. TUURSDAV,' 8,rfM.-rThe(Z>tó.pnb lisbcB.tho'fdlIówirig'.t'elographíad'oBpátcli PrniT ^"Advices from',yAj'ateio'of';théVH'th^ta|ci

thdt'Admiral'Dún^tis',,baving i aocdlvod-,,*; Ministerial Order, uy^way^of["Francó.'JiaU ' failed with' his sqiinaioii.V '..i','.,,.'.'' -'; .., .,rta¡>

" It was reported.iitTpulbnthatthplfr'ûnbb squatlr'oiv.was alsoábbut to' weigh nhoubr."

- )r,y.: ????- .AUßTRIAfr;-.;,;:, -¡;,(y('.~"

IW'l'imes' Vienna' corresponderit wntos on,

thel 13th that itlie-lAUst.iito1 GbVoiln'rnÄifi strongly suspects ttlmt"there is something, passing between Francaiand1 R«sslà',.whlch;isl kcptfrdníAustriávand' England.!' More' than,

one foreign diplomatist'is inclined to believe., that a project for. a'future hillanco 'between^ Nupoleon and Alexander^ lias already been brought forward.-^''" I ?> :S"(:.i;!(!

I vi'l,''i.'-'!TH-lS':SO'aiID50trB5Si!',-1-'!- 31,lJ

j COI'BSHAOEN, OOT.'IO;-The. Facderlan&l, {newspaper announces thá'tithe'avtestló'ii of the Ib'outul Dues is settled, England'and Denmark Qinviug.cdmotb'an agreement.'1'''' .'<'!},'¿'

The land transitiluty/is'tblbá¥euiice'a. ...

i Thé'-:Ministerial i crisis" icbñtiUiies;'at > its

f C,Bht'.l! r.--- rx AbGEHlAii " OOT H HT

j The Moniteur of Tuesday, publishesiwo re-, poitsTfrom Marshal Bandon.^ GÔv^rnor-Gèûd-'' Kal of Algeria, giving adetàilcd account of,an, attackiupon some of the Arab 'tribes who halt iei'ilscdußeibuiifsion to France,1 ins tho'-'Btmi Mendèz, the, Beni-Addou',' ^nnd the' Beni* Bouglnedan. . ^Tho attack '? was ' BUcécssfuUy planned i ;and carried tout!, by tha.vdlvlslD'ä] mujee; General Renault, with sthe. small loss of bneiman killed und eight wounded. I Tile loss,of;tbe Kabyles is reported,to;havo been considerable. .. ...... î In.aseoond att.ickthelossiwas-ono;killed3 ; arid. twënty:eix.wounded. Tlio'Kabyles of -the'Bóni-Bou-Abdou¡ entrenched! themselves inthçir>villages,butthe entrenchments wore ;darrled.'iat the point of the' bayonet.-f'Taia1

took on the 80th ,of September.'-The Kabyles' having, however, assembled again In huge, numbers, ,a second attack took placó on tho àth'of October.- Tho village of Beni-Djoui» wasfdrAonie time valiantly^ defended'births Kabylea.'but finally i taken'. .-*'. Despite"the difficulties of the-position to i bo 'oryrriDd, (says, tho despatch) and the vigorous'l résistance of the, enemy,- this day, which will,' I' tr.ùst,', be 'fruitful in results, only cost UB ti vu men

killed and thirty-nino, wounded,''' ' III',' ' ',

|A successful coup-äe-mäin ;had' also1 been,

. m'ado in the Aumale distrioti inn - '?',:- '&'.' ' "? I

, ¡PAitis^THurtaDAx-Vrhe Moniteur* of^-to-dáy contpiûs a report from'Marshal Raudom'the'

Governor of Algeria, to the Minister of Wut-;'-1 dated tlie 8th inst. iThè-Marshal stateä that J

aftcpr-tho,bttttlo-of the 5th the'Beni-Bough»] redans rnresentéd themselves at his crimp;-aud ' | acbopted..his conditions. "Tho chastisement?.' which he had-inflictedon theconfedoratioa

of) tht!_Guechtoiilo8 being so complete; the

"MarshalA says lie determined' to' 'push"1 UiS j

O])brations against the tribes oil the' left bank J ¡'Ófltho Oued-AiBsy. The Marshal thcn.givea; an account of1 his proceedings, .'Which wore very Bufefcssfül, anti led to .the tribe of Beni

'iMqhmoud, tho neighbours of the BenhDouala, ¡ making its submission, n.The .Marshal con- cludes l>y saying, "Tims is'suppressbd'the in> aurrection, which, under:fthc' influence of El Hau.i-Amar, threatened-;at tho1 end 6£, Sop--! tomber to assume serloUB proportions ; and I shall proceed to-morrow towardsi-TiziOuzou." SPAIN.-FALL OF O'DONNELL, AND


'. A despatch from'Madrid, dated Sunday,

! October 12th, says:-" Q'Donhèll'has rcaigtied'

and with him all hJB,coÜeagués,'.'Tlio Queea, has accepted'theif:resiguatio,rjB;:,Naryaéz ' is

.ojippin^d, President of tlib 'Council!' arid has

already'-prqvided.hirnsclf with, thirteen asso

?.'. cióíesV;. He has allotted. theVIprincipal'OÛlôéa

??as' jbïlows :-Phial, Foreign.';Affaira''; Soljas,

^Fiúan^^NOcbdal; Intetior'; Aïisùoini Justice;'

Sank is appointed Captain-Gcnoral of Mad'rid andj Geaeral Lezuela, Director . of the: Cavalry. ?? ?? ? ' ;. , ' ' .,'":'; ..' , ¡ ? ,''Marshal'NavvnéA, who arrivedionï the 6th, went, after two hours' stay In-iau hotel, to visitithe Minifiterof. War, and ? afterwards went to.-tho Palnco to present his'homage to the ¡Queen and " the'King. , ""'Tho1 Quooh, .though "slightly indisposed,,"say's the Epocn, "received hjm.with her ordinaryi;affabillty fund ibis conference with her MojeBty was highly satis factory, as was that/of iMarehal, .OiDoanelh".''' . ?.''', :';''- '??>.

"The accouclimoiit of the DuchcsSjOf Mont- pellier is'expected in the'beginning of No 'vorüber. . . .,- .,.,-./

VTêjegraphic despatches from Madrid to tho Oth say that Government considera the Con . corda¡t as being in force. The'military con-

scription'was proceeding peaceably over the whola kingdom. . ' '..'.'.; :

; ? There was a report that Espartero iutonded, Oh the raising of tho state of siege, to publish a manifesto on the' events which led to his downfall'fr'om power ; but iiccording to othor accounts, .hemmant simply to present himself as ¡candidate for IIIB native iprôvln'rio of: .Logroño in;the clccilons foi the now,Cortes.

Paris,-' Thursday Evening. - Telegraphic advieds from'Madrid, dated yesterday, an- nounce t tjiatf, the deeaniortiasemenl'?..of church ', property,,is. suspended, and all1 salea now

ponding are annulled. The Concordat is ra-' established'-'in full force and vigour, and all ordinances; ' provisions, and regulations to tlib1 contrary rOahntillcd, Tho Governors of Corunna, Ciudad Heal, Ponte Yedra; Alicante, Toledo, and Cordova, aro - dismissed. ,M. ,Arguelles is appointed Director-General of theOolonics.-,.Tho railway: from,-Madrid-,ti Bayonhe1-'is definitively adjudged to M.

.Pcrolré. , .?" y-, M-I r: u

?? ?J RUSSIA. .

ST. EEi'ERsnifito.'OoT.lO.-The Czar arrived at Uarskoeselo on tho Gth. His, Majesty .will

nirivo at tho railway station of, the Winter,; ,;Palace on"thó'8th; and willmaköyhls'solemn

cntry'lhto St, Pctersburgh on the lath.- Tar gi;ànd ball tobo given by tho mobility and'

.commercial classes will take place on; the" loth. ! -? . . .'/?.:!'?,,',".??.'.'.'-,i . THE EAST. ....'."''' '.!

Advides from Constantinople,'recölvod at iMarseilloson Thursday, announce that tho .Porte ia sending troops to.Trebizond. ,: .

Austria refuses to pay the dubs lovic'd for ¡the maintenance' 'of aIighthouBoat ' the Suliùtv mouth of thc'Dahube, on the plea that ¡ sha was nott consulted respecting its establish-, ment, i ?"?'? ... -. .. - v/--J"'.?"..-?

i .THE/ISLE OF. SERPlvNTSï ' i . ?"?>..> ? ?..' The D'cbuU contains :the following stftto-* meut :--f' -Wo' believe that the llioteaslöas /íaiaed by RUBSÜ» with regard- to the'Isle of pcrpcuts; have been! abandoned: Russia has

given way, and the Isle of Serpenta will »gala,

coome ii possession Of TuJaicy'."' '" "'"'"

'?" THElisLES OF THEDANUBÈ.! 'f *' .'.,',' A few'days ago a]document was jpübllslto i.

bearing ¡the^Signature 'of Fuad l'aoliapiiù -which that Minister asserted' the rijhtiof ,tlus Sultan tb anlief the isles of the Danube di "rectly to his empire, and to qxercise full

Sovereign rights over ' them,'' iristóaajibf;. pé'r , mitting ¡their' incorporation with Moldavia,

: and accepting the roln.tion.of.-lord paramount;' The Débais 'sayB' that!" Russia leslatedi'this' claim atífií-Bt, but that theCabinetsbiWIettiia''



-, nlutelligencokftsireached Gibraltar that' ths Euiperoriof, Moroccoihas,<the instance rif,: .Mr. Drummond'Hay,' her Majesty's Charca ¡

d'Affairca, consented to pay to tho'bwhor and oilier iwisongiidtdrcstcd in, th'^Rrltish-barque Mymcn, which Vessel was'captured Ja-May,

lost by tho pirates vonf the' cbast'of'Blff,;,!tlio', Barn of 1C> OOO dollars as' an lndemrj,ity1'fdr',thë; Slunder of"tliatrs!iip 'arid' lOar'so. c-Hta«

lajesty hbi'alBo' agreed to jiay;tlie 7^000 aoi* lars latelylclnimcdbytheFronthGovérnniènt' ou account of a'.vessel of their nation-whlca was takeatbytlie RltT;pirntea initho8pririgft>e .?865; "A J ' ". .<?<?*><»?}? ??.

?%¡ lárgeibody of cavalfy-.^rider tho;:com

Tracvcro uhasUaeT&mTrujran iïs~lawlcs8 inna* bitants and ipflectlx ¿measures were bama -taken by-tta-MfKiiislrrGoveinment iori

the purpose of lireSçMing'tbe recurrence OB viraci on thô Riff waters as%ell,aslningiug" .ithülLmpciöi fiHobelhoii» siuyèçts'bf the Bttf. mort toiiipUteiv-Tinflt^hlS'Maiesty^ control? 1 ! l-0,)lC7,n1"0 J 5 boo, cn iii». , 1EÀftûfir Y J an u r j / ;( Tlio special coirespondenf oftheHjivorpoolJ

-WtnlvQtlijraph writes* from Eariffpn'thé IGtUî

oí?^\~ JA¡ ¿"* N ^ '

Although (somo of tho faotsí which I am nbout to state bave airead) appealed m your columns I think it light to lecnpitulatu thom in older that j our readers may proporly .appreciate the extraordinniy statcof Paria at tbo yircstut momont When the Enfporor rW tinned from Binmt/ the diBcontont and irrlt tatton of the working classes with the ouoU moua lncieaso of ronts had tiben to its heigllt QuarteUlay (tliat ;s the 8th of October foi verj small lodgings, and/-the loth for all ptlioii,) was rapidly appioachmg and j thousands of pooi families who had rccoived ! notice to quit from rapaciou& landlords ¡had I ecu wandeung about from streot

to street in vam seiich foi new places where to hide theil heads Iho most angiy and ex citing discussions took place in the ateliers

and atlast, i certain number of flin mmf

desrteuiW agreed to go in a deputation to St.r. Cloud. They went; and, as you aie alroady aware, wore aflably îocoived. His Majesty ox picsscd tiio gieatest sympathy with tlioir suf- ferings , and promised to consider whether1 any genoiol lemedy, could be dovised that would maude thoir particular caso, >*'lar the motintlme," ho Bald, " call to-morrow each, at <the Oommissaiy of. Police ofr yoi\r respective quarters, and you will loara» v'hatjeau contri vo toi do" The workmen' expressed their thanks, and withdrew; ando though thero was, not i wanting some!

"wrlP,*jfilf\.',10í,'llko ,to. addt-ees 'themselve?' to the police, the majority did so, aud found > that oidora bad been given that their entire' quartet s ,ient should, be paid. This act of muni licence was, of course, rapidly spread' abroad: and many who would nover have thought of taking the initiative in suoh a step tletornunod to imitate |the example of their çômrjijlcB. The consequence has boen such an immense numbei of applications that the ?,Wii,,1''h casi>*llc vkrtieukre would nevor suf SSs* '/iíí0íy on-°- who ftmnd tho Blightost difiicmti. lu laising money to meet bk en- gagements at ouco wnfes oil a petition to the

Of couise, the nuinboi of.pqpplo who roöeive refusals, or get no answci at;nll; far transcends that of the lucky few wkoio demands aro com- piled with', the conBcquenco(is,thnt tho angen of the Faubourg St. ^Antoine is íapidly rising. The gieateot pal to' it,;iiowever, is still direoted against the landloids, with whom the sufferer is immediately hiought in 'conlnct. From what I have beon of tho manner and tone of this closB^tmonil am veiy little surprised at they hattea they excito. They nie gonorally i overbearing and insolent ; and Beera, some-

times to be more actuated by a desire to show ijioir power oven than hythe hist of gam. I havchoard one of them say-that hódesiiisBd thotlucat pf i revolution, that he had fought beforq,now. ,-ind was íoady'to light aga*tn; , that he knew ho ran the lisk of being kulod

hpt that life was ubattle ;? that he bated the woikmon, who weiom drunken, dibsipated sot, wanting lurespcotto thoir superiors, and that it was a pleasure to know Jie was hated by tlujm, This is quite the tone of the Yankee Blave-qwuer on his own estate. 'Who eau at all wqudpi, jWheu huoh is tho feeliug, if the tfltmert should giimlv relate to one another, that, in tho old times, when tho price of bread used to use in tho market, it was customary to hang a baker ia To, hang a landlord or two ihey, Chink would bo a very, just mode of pro ccedmg. ,|You may be sure' that tho wild theorists who object to all kinds of pioporty arl; whispering suggestions in tho ears oí the èmbarassed ana the Buffering ;'and that, iu debd, men who are hostile i to tho îiroaeut ntfc think it theil bilsiness'to pour oil upon the w«ie/s,| - i M »



1 ' ' Naples, 0ctbborl3.

I, can peideivotliat attompts are bbmgmade to divert (.public attention 'from tho malu' qiiesiiciiiit (issue boro,"first by reports that a now Administration is nbout'to'bb formed and,,secoadly, that many prisónorá had bean 1 lbcratedw < Ab regards the ','firäf statoraeat aftii strict!, inquiry, I believe'thnt Prlude Satliauo (Filaugierld lins not been sent foi,! und ...that _he cortninly would re- fusé oThQe> wura-,it. ollered-/ to him, at all events'Mn the pitiseufc ^tatoiOf things No j,ugacious 01 iudejiendent-m.inded man will sei ve^tM] King as the adóralo ed assoluto Pi. droite.1 'As regards the second statement, that rnaijy political prisohbrs have been liborated, I it ia undoubtedly true, especially as rogards

Blmplb older orlhb police., Upon'this fact, too, ,a portion Rfthe French and Germán press have hnilt up'ii 'defbucc of the King, of ,M? ITJW 3 ns ,i,traW,eais,to me, I that 'the lihbvti' 'they multiply buch proofs of¡ Royal niL'iay the moie they multlnlv thr<

p.doMof'KpyaV despotlsmf l-;,WiTng'the Same Hue til argument, ,thp ^¿i.ndds, that in AprrlHast there wore, n'pt moïe Ulan 200 pohlhtiloiibdlitis'of all classes, and that at presentí there' cannot be^mo^e than 1O0. Tins fttutemejit'iij sb far from the truth that I dp notMieBjtute'tó give it a. positivo denial; Kven the Goybiumcnt,' I' aid infoimed on a yeiy high ah thority, admits that lliore are 000 hut the following calculatioii'vvhioh 1 have obtain«! lioni'inen of chaiacíér'und great m formiltiohO inn), I think, be depended on. Ia the íiiiídñs and the castles ot the capital,' in/ the nJands of the Baj, in the Fort of Urindisi

the- Castle of Tinni. Hie citadel of Pescara' ami m tho provincial prisons therecannbt be fewti ¡ Ullin' 1,700 unhappy ¡men ¡lnpirsoned, eilhei mulei«rttence, or on suspicion? or bv fnintrt\dt'i>olalá Ova and above tiieaoiuay be 'reckoned300oilier^, who,in order tocscapothe

lioriotli of a priHpil.aiûipconcealmontinditTo îentjiai {sjOlthoknlgdom, exposed to privation and dangers of.eveiy_ sort ¡ in' tlie'piovince of BoBihètita ale counted, nama by name, by those who know thom, 61 persons who'arc in HUB pbiitibn Of those who tare in foreign.' ex,ile I do not .speak. , Again, while with one hand mciiaaie^aUeu. out of prison, with the other morcare put/in. Since August lastSO peisonh lmvb^beentaneated on the charge of colldctjng Mjuat« copper coins, which «by the by,-ni! ¡Í legal tondei. I have copies of petitions, ¿rom two, of these1 men, and I extract/a brief pabsage, by way bl exnla ,Sn'W c^-W.01^' that faotano and Entracte Sihiscnlchi, of Lancusi, in the com- mune of Fisoiauo, in tbo province of Salerno weie m Casteliitmare in the montli of August' 'for tho bone« t of tho wators ; that a man called Gamarcello reoommouded them as 'a good specula ion, (o collect the copper coihs1 of Mur it (wh^h woic mado of cannon melted dovvn, anti ara worth forty 'pin cent, nore,, than tho common Keapoli ^H ^¿L #at Gamardello aftoiwards ?S) oimiccT G ablano, who was attested on the loth of August, that the brother on gonn» to the Piclj'ttura to iuqune foi Ralfacle was. ar- rested nlso on suspicion, and beauisbiiehad' not ti irjuuncial pass; that Gactano ha? eight child rou, ¡¡without a'miothor,'who are lilt,, and that 'hiß Hiado is neglected. This is , ,one ¡at > tiie)rv-eiv niany! iijleosant,,piolines whioli might' ha picbentcd.j.apd thtsis so'iecent that it haï' «pi as/ydt íeccived its varnish-it was painted al ft tnn^ whoa agents for, this/ Com-«'were

Kotos»«?-awards tou,M'ose the exaggerations ' äTiPr* i I\1ancl- ^^t the magnaniMty of, «id Klli(/: It lb impossible for a puisoiPwho Ima no1 & ved-«i this, country and,, who/ibaa not Beenl or hearth what passk.'to'givo full credit uto jtUgtBtatoments'which' froAuttmo to tune nh-q mad.« ¡You move In a'dlfferont

lnoJS,i-atfuoB«beroii,you Hoc things1 through. I ad ffèicdtmpchurai; butilet a mau'colour as highly ad he can, and llcwilkba within tho tiuth. At the oflice of the Minister of .Grace and Juaticg^JipyAW now drawiiigiuilia'stäto 5"SS,S ibp.numbers,wbd wereiarrestea/itt 1848; '»On Saturday night lo (.hby^'Vera' Workihg I hard,, «foi Jittisv JpuVttosov' W my »epoït, ,(4> , behove uto J) be' tnieV "Byl means \oT that intelligeneo^.wliich always uriites ¿ho Btrileiin''ót antívent take* place, not art-¡inc!dont happons, wliich is i)Ot'ro&b&rje_çL__Admltting, howovor, that not ata/Wjeinaincd in piison¡l"or political rea-

rons, Idqlnot sço.tliattfie position would /bo I çlwbgcdjih Hht¿¿slightest degree,) It is either ignorance! or cunning .,whi.cli can contend tuatdbecause'victimsof despotism have boen let out, therefoie the wholo.quefltion is sottloi and 'lutoivjpMlorr, is unnecessary. Nothints

^-done, InfMiW is settled, nothing Si safo' uùtil tho Power which has reduced this"çduntry to the brink i 'of 'revolution,

dúdifhích .keeps al Europe, hi a, state of I 'Inquietude, Hld 'effectually,curbed., Tho,poll tfoal, prisoners who 'WerocacquUtod the weok bofoceilast wore Bet pt, liberty"on Saturday, afcor ton, days'- furtherconfinomont. Mignoniá condomiícdto peipçtual exile, has domandeti a passport »i'Gonoa''but,as I understahd, has been íefásed.y With' respect to the polite calpiisonera In.Montesarchio I menllonad r

HOllotÖ'Jftjat P^rto, had^uffer^froS a tu1

i M "t'ft.I " ' i fi.(b\« "s ''' *A" .Í' 'it- J -ni '!' .' I'O Hi

mour formed,iti,mir-sidetbj¡-tlie actmn np 11

<.hain,and-thaWt-hnd-ljeûro13CnAïib' now to report thatwithliatha last forhmu even waato papei, iwh chiWaBuforxfîbr ynar. miU(^,. has been Prohihitód^aa«l3üiL'Jbitllr OTPffljHM* ob theinmottlomes amo¿?j Wclicen akea frpm.'ithom aufludst«« «* auüionties. u(, il0 , ¡i,ri!ï «¿o ?l to

/ft?Majesty is stdínt<GaotaJroídappareutllf sfill bent on lesistance. GreatsquAüolZ ammunition haye,bean,taken ioiBtdHlab «n

not a day pisses m which, vve'dohxot fr|C! Higns.iof military, P>enaratiortUi< ' ¡Works at j^chia ,ha.v,e.>ecu suspeadèdîE ew dayá Bmóe 200 priaoneisíwerd>ttanaforrad ,10m Píenla Btoi,Portioill'as1,aï)prKautbtt ary meaauie. Gaeta bas beouolclearoi of fWßny iqfj,' f t!usel/,as 1 hWdï.i.' amonglbtUor

"of á battalion of mditamioadetiäi Wh! " «JW.P!Wtioiis,uaro ,¡tlias) i/bwugrVado for resistance. 4o, .inmglufuy ,daugOT8(,Pma ,¿a

?Tho Win«!-» ueiuiitywiujisitini) tone, and «ii» scarcely a day has PisaßMuS week an which PratptfiMUSyOf ÄJäamo lipipoitiliû h* wiittfcuonoofwkiçhl apgUe, havdinotbMa posted on the wuljs,(> Lost,, twoiFleits ,7, *he,Me4itarr1aníean. Whoever, shallibrmg «a, notlcu of thom to tho Palazçi Sarift Oa5r¡oi¡ and Pohcastro (tho[FrqiwhaudiBtUUhLoiti ti,onB) (shrtlL be, reiva>ide41,tW>î/?9«Ji)1,lpj:to, wroppod up in tho same bills, rluwo boon. thrown about the streets. vim«) ob S

AMERICA, i Vf "(jfi

Advices from New. York.iby, the Asia« ira to thelatofOctobei,!, ninu» 'I ii

I In a speech (ieljyered , at Richmond,^. WiBe, Governor of Virginia, indulged' ¡¿Ulla most impious and vlolenfcitanguago totfach the Northern. ,party, BtigiuatlBingi thouï ai ("deadly onemiescto thoir,country dastard] demons, guilty of tho, sin of, Cain"th9 worst of madmen, fratricides,;! &o. mt i ,I,,¡OI

Spmeiaiarru, contiu.uof| {o Qxiat at Now York, j consequent, ) upon, otho ano-uniity« ofi yellow jfevor, «ti' inii ii .jCO

! Tho Board of UndarwMtors ,of NowiYork lhavo iasuod a decree to the-,ufÇeci that tha " lindt or grain," ,on and afterlthc 1st instant 'on board any vessel for the wintetnioali« rivtirbo fixed at throe-fourths hoi reglatorai tonntigo,lmtioh Ttot thodliagiin'bf BhipowttOM land agents, iii'llhis movement, whioh waa ort Rinated with the view ofgrcater safety to grain-,

laden ships, will, itliavoiygeneràlly^bullèyèil'I caußo such, au advance in the iatea of fráUM'* as will compensate for tilo restrictions of thó Board'iofIUadorwriters. This! edictJ¡Í'cod sideied by'paitie-s engaged in'the shipping la terest as extremely onerous. 'I TI 'l fW

I Sir> Henry 'Holland, ' physician ' to'7i3tjT MajOBty, has had a pt ¡vate interview with fat President, having been introduced' by Saoco

taryMarcy; t ' < >< I'1 ? "'-1 ^ /"

5 A report prcvailod at Panama to tho oftect that a, troaty of neaco had bebu. agreed to Cl-

eon General Walker and thoTrosldontof ata Rica. Considering that tilla i ta- rnation ia lu all probability10 de

rived, from\ Coat». Bicari' autUorltwj,« Bomo'reliance may 'bo placedl,in it's,alii thetttlotty« i On the other hand thora ia a tai port that 1,000 men of tho allied forces watV on tho march for Grenada, Colonel Schleif-"

aingor has tumed'up somewhere in tho,lato- , j-iorn Havtug ^openly joined the enemies of / TÇaikort ho has been busily ongagod'in. circu

latingan addiess to tho Americans hi tbV' Nioáruguau eorvico, utglng thom'tp deaert'" their colours, aûd denounciag Walker a3 a'1 traitor and'a plundeier of the people, Waikato had oxeoutod a nutnboi of his officera'and sol-, dlprs'for Insubordination' The cltfóf LaoV was entirely given up to the invading army Of| San i Salvador and Guatemala. A, g ni deal -of sickness existed amongst tUitt troops, Dr, Livingaton had been tiansforred

to. San iSalvador, 'after a term of 'imprison,r' ment. A soi t of militaiy anarchy prevails! all. ovei tho republic The British naval force was still at San Juan. A 'riot had otv curred áU Panama, consequent'upon"thèia

auguration of General Cabro. A nurnoo?'of, persons wore'killtid J including1 a mémojíoi,

thooledtion-to have'been brought abbot bv. fraudaient voting, and oontended that.DIaii their candidate, was elected. In tho »rovlnüo

Of Panama the tLibcnla 'wore greatly ia tho, majority;' Slxtech boats, filled with araiai Toen, were sent off from, the Independence,, ¿»pd the St'. Mary's, Many persons' flüd to tho , vessels ¡of war foi safety It was reportad.

,thai comrdlssloneiB have been seat to FraueV, ,to negotiate a, lofln' to pay off the flabllithu arising from the'iPanntna riot of last April. Fever is reported as yeiy prevalent at Aspia

Tliei cause'of the difficulty betwcott'fJroit

Britain and Mexico is said to be an attack made upon the British Consul, or consulat« at Topic, ou the south coast of'Mexicftioaii fjnonths since, for which a pretty round Suait «Bl compensation for damages SustátüM Is de-

manded *»"" ' i ' , '- Vonozuola: is tranquil There had looa au., -cltietlonl of n Vleu - Ti-cofdont, fdrtj-oiglrt Sepatorf, and au entire delegation to tl6 Ohorhbei dfiRepicsentatlves. > » '

! ' AdviccB ffcorh Ha\ annah report uothiUï of Iiiitcre8t. Recruiting for Wnlkei's army wss

'goinaon cNe-gi oes wera being freely landed at all poiuts. A slave vessel had beou lost '

11 li1 ONE DAY IiATra, I

"Tlib newdviper the Kawtaroo ia ttvo days" liter ¡from t Philadelphia, and ono day tater/' from tho other towns of the Untted,Slate* thin that Brought by the A sia " '

Tin? Presidential conttst contludcd to ris¡9

vlolenlly.iatid it iwas generally beliuvéd woatï7 toihiihate in'favour of Colonel Frotnout.

. Three large warohottsoa la Louisville Wita* deatroyéd by fire on the 29th ult. » , J «''«At Baltimore, on tho 30th of Soptetnbdr, au" affmy opdurre.d at a boardlng'houso in South- ' atrcot, botWeen two voutig men named Divitf.' Harris and Edward Sponcei, growing out df' a^quairtjl' about an umbrella. Harris wai stabbed to the hoart, and died in five minute], ^"Yellow fever was on the increase at'Naur York and Baltimoie. -I ? i -, i

A letter from Moscow, in'tho Jiciuttt Öivlf« .of Berliu says-"Countiido Moray has teif 1 to Prince ,GortscHakoft Count WalewaH's i dispatch in -reply to tho Riissian clroaiar^td which lOounfc WalewBlei piotest3 agaínat'tkí1 supposition that Flanco has any intontkm of .disturbing the peaco of Europo ; adding tbit

lier diplomatic antervention in . the nffaiMoF, Naples is only1 intended to proseivo Italy froth the dangers of a revolutionary shook,"

Ailetter from Vlenua of the 9th, in' tlu Jiotifie Gazette of Bcrlm, Bays :-" Genoral Hiv tini^at a long audience which hohaahad'wltli1 thOKidgof Naples, ptesented to his MttjèSty anautdgiaph letter wntteni by tim Empôrjr of Auslfiii. ,it is said that that missive pro- duced aigrcat improsatou on tlic King. Gijaly-' ral Martini hopea therefore that his ulterior representations will boj favourably rècolvud This Is the real'state of the case.'' ' ' Ji

Alottfcr from St Petersburg, in the Debits, says.-'{Count" de Morny will iiirive hofeiatj

tho same time as the,Kmi)ûror, p,nd ia thought. will remain here'Uomo^nionths. We loira

that thcjamueBty granted topolltioaloffendeH

will noB be unrcatricted : thoy will remain Underthc surveillanco of the po)ipo, au^will be forbiddea to resido'iri large towna On tUa other hahd, tho Emperor baa given, orders foti groat tolerance to be manifested towards pac;. sans who wore only, under1 suspicion, and JY1*? ,fled abroad1 inconsequence1 of their opinion* 'only, and 'not on^'nccotint of political ,pfj, fences. » 'l""11 l ' l ¡ ,)i i OPENIMG Ol'* 'THE, EUROPEAN XtiOi , . AüßTUALrXti LÏHÈ OF ROYAL.MAtW VfBTEAM TÍIIIPS., 7 i i>«fr«<4"" , iQn TtieBday,' Octobot 14, a superb deiemt'f

,wa^glveii ou board the O/icdta, the first of r tho Europeaa .and Auatrahau .Company'attiafe <? ofistqammail^ÈhipS to Mclbourno and Syd- ney, in celebration of tho commoncemout of,

this nowland imnorl(mt.!'undortftklns.ItYe > needfhardly recapitulate tlieiargumeilt«,»)!;,,

the cflt|bliBhmeut of Airc'gular mail'SBÏfico

l...i"""í. il.."_....,".V ".,,1 ii." ,.-,-1.1,1,nu' r

ItlùiSAt Idstlioon detorrutaed1, and tilo r¡6\¡\ ,traçl/£or cariy^qg tho mails ha? baeniglviili to

the Jluiopcanr and Australian Mloyal' W«\l, , Company for a îouto via Sue¿, Adon', Qallo.1

S?DBlGtorge,'siSoun,d, ,and ,Molbourne.i^h<|r' fi,rgtveS8el* to bo"despfltchcd¡ isitbe OmW1 nu.d,the dato of her (Upai turo has ibectt'iUvd

?ion. Sunday "JaexC, .tho ilOth.Octdbor. icTUU1, vessel is uoarly;inewi -having beeni in 'activa

service Bomo'fifteen mpnthaonlyjand 1< <t\T i to bo an excopdlnglyi hue ispeolmen' of'Hw I marine Çiichitocture ol the Clyde, t Sha laftill-.' 1 riggbd, andihas,an auxiliary sordW propollèr,

. by,means of'walch "it Is anticipated thaOfla?

tweeiv tract I

i Oneida will 'be,,followed, on jthe . Mt» >m > November, bvthd Simla which vesaol la ona pi

tho flnost ini.tho.isorvicoj of tbd PenluauláP' and Orlentàtf,Sf4ra¡Navigation! Company," find hasjjust lfêçh charteied foratdrra of two yeartbyitholElriôpQaa and Auslmllaniurmi-1 pkûy. Tho 77«ro;if!W,aud,!thoi(7p/o'«o!(i"/|tw'* oth.« ships «efânlngÍPii!iiS)i Company)/;ar* nplf^ttlng oudlfififu,Clyde,iaadi WiU i»»ki Tape6tlyelytlffiniHH¿pfJll;)ieiiatU,ofl-DedímJ ,ber, ahd 12th orJSiifiary. Resldea thoaçûu? «hips,' tliëOompany «re nowjJjuildingat 0«*

gow, tho ^«£fr«rYajfe»7of 2,«?Û9,tou8ji700 Ubrt#f ^powoi; the TàsmanimwàAtimtâWWT** 'J' « UïPt I^WOVÍU.I'Ü.I»'' "'-'

¿iïrrSOO 1iprs"ö."power ; and. the Afrmn, of

liflO loiiäi and 330 i liol so power; but thesa , Íttácls it is not expected can be got ready for .

iheir'stations before August or September1- - ««treat. The íegular mall service to and f-nm'EtiKland and Australia, via Suez, will «of commence till Febiuarj'next, when thai ^"(MtQinoward'mail i may be expected at'


»It is very gratifying to know that, though Wa Jtoninsubn and Oriental Company wera, ihn misuccebsíul competitor« for this contract with the Etuonenn and Australian CompAny,

jw«, jaa\f i affoided* them every assistanct « and Captain Engledue preferred thom his best neivlces and earnest wishes for their succe33. Tho'Etirftoean' anQ Australian Company will fcetificuilarly indebted to the Peninsular and Oriental,Company íor facilities whioh will be afforded to them at their several coaling sta- tions ia Australia attd in the Bed Sea,-all (these arrangements 'having been made and

«laces in anticipation of'being entrusted by f ho Government with' the new contract , j.

The deje^icr took place in tho saloon of the OiMia, in'her berth, in the great tidal basinop HiD'Swtlïâmpfcon-DockB,-~ " *"

Mr. Ewing of Glawgowithe talented cliair Wnof the company,-filled the duties of, tbo After tlio pleasurable discussion of the duli; cnoios Bot befóte the guc3ts, r '

The Chairman pioposed -the usual loyal iotfetpMand among otheis " Her Majesty's G3 vevnmont/' coupled withi the name of Mr. BowWd- "-ill, antt stated that ho was con- vinced that no Government that this country îwaseen hftd the interests of the'people more at heart than the administration of which Lord Palmerston is at the brad,

Mr. Rowland Hill acknowledged the toist}

and stated that the Government, ,in entering' into this conti act foi the' conveyance 'of niailSr io Australia, deslied to(conauIt only tho heat ïntïreatà.of the peoplotof that country and of ihtj colonies. Their only wish was to obtain tito speediest and moat legular transmission of .the» mails botweon the two countries. Sonvetlilug had bîen lately said to him about the establishment of the ocean penny postage, the idea o f-which omanatjCd from a friend of liid,-Elihu 'Buriitt: óud'somd remaiks hal. been made on' the fact that, an ocean penur uostago 0 had been ahetidy establish Jd ttttfeeiithe United Statesand Australia. But the fact waa that, although only a penny was -pud foi the transmission of a letter by sea, It

was still Bubieot to an inland late ol lid, in r Hie United Statpa and another of ád, in tho colonies, making GJd. for the entire transmis-

sion; whoieas, by «lio mail now about!to be ö estabhbhed fiom this country, the whole | cliaigq .would be only öd. per letter, so that f tiierm,Wa* country had in reality approached

neater, fo an ocean penny postage than the I

ï/nited States.

'Hie Ohaiiman next proposed the "Two Houses of Parliament,;1 and coupled witli tho ioast the name of Mi. Lindsay.

- Lindsay, Esq, MÏP., repllod to the ioast,i . . '

The «Mayor of Southampton proposod "Success to tiro Euiopoan and Australian J!oy»15Mail Company." ?

uti. J. P/ondeiMaf Manchester, one of the directors, acknowledged the toast. In launching that company it was not only essential in that countiy, but in Austialia a? well, that it should possess the public confi öence, and that would not be the case unles3 thevhad full confidence in themselves, Now îtwas the doteruiinatidn of tho company, not oniy'to nvrifctho confidence of their friends on both sides of the globe, by devoting all 4hcir,enorgies to the prompt ond effectual car lying out of tho scheme in it's entirety, but so ¡to blond the interests of the colonists with those ol the niothei country, in the details and working of the affairs of the company, as io afford pirfect satisfaction to botli in re- spect to tim gigantic mercantile, financial, and exchange transactions, which,'now pass be , tfteon'England and it's southern dependencies. He would .also oxpiesa his gratification that the contract' liad been obtained by a com- pany formed on the banks of the Glyde-the terj ciftdleofsteamnavigntioniaildhothought ihat" thal fact was a, .proof that cveiything would be done to can y out well and efficiently an object which íopresented an. impoitant Btip in human piogrcss. (Applause )

Mi. Howland Hill gave '" Success to tli. Australian Colonies,'! saying thai to linn tho beet test'of rho pioîpority of a colonv was the iminbar of letters which it produced, and in ikat .respect Victoria, whrch only twenty years ago was visited ior tho that time by a, Kuiopcau settlei, stood pre-eminent among the colonies ! The Australian colonies did not want assistance from the Government of ib it country , but no better mode ol uniting the sympathies of tho colonies aud the mother country could bo, devked than the siicedv'bonveyahce of letteis betweomtlihtn, and that ¡.was nipposcd to be done bj' the OoveUimoiifc in'the present contract. He could also say lhati having kuown tile ii JW Goveiiioi of Victoria, Sir Henry Barkly, ft otu a boy, lie knew that no man was better fitted fortherjobfc foi whioh buhad 'been selected Ulan he was, and he would unito with tli3 toast ol ." Success to the Austialinu Colonies" filename of Sir Hont v Barkly.'' (Applause)

Mi. Y/oul, of Tasmania, the, Sccretaiy to the General Postal Association, acknowledged Hie toast, and expioesed his ¿ratification at what lint! been dont by tho Gbveinment for Uti conveyance of the mails to the colonios ; the route chosen, he believed wa«'the right one, heilig ten days shoitbr than any other. At. a prool of the necessity of a rapid intei changa of 'letters between this,country and Australia,'he statea that thoro were between 3,500 and 2,000 Austialinii chikhen ¡nEuiopo', foi the., puiposo of education, and how impor- tant it was that tlieie should be au'cnsyinttj.r-J toiuniunicatioii'between those chikhen and then parents, and how calculated the fncllitie«. of communication, between tho two countries wcie to" gynorate bl those children feolino;-, and habjts whioh would daw them closer to England- Independently, tlieréfoie, of its commciiciat ibenoht, frequent and speody postal communication was thus productivo of Fodal alTd political ícsults whioh ovciy colo- nist, anfl every Englishman must ¡lesiro to piomote. Ho would advotate_thc. mci its of the toil te" to Austialia byway of Southarup ton Alexandria, and Suez, because it was piacticnllv quickoi hy ten days than that by waj of Panama or the,Capo of Good Hope, He concluded by inoposing, " The health of Sir. Ewing, the (honman of the new com- pany. (Gieat cheering.)

Mr. Ewing begged to return his waua thanks for the mannet in which they bad re- ceived the toast When that Company first jnidertcfok to convey tho mails to Australia in a limited time, they know they liad a gioat Work to peilorm, and tlioy wore dcterminod to carry it mit in the way in whichdt ought to he done. ..Itiwas a problem yet to he solved wlietliei.Btes.merb could run snob long dis iaiiccs with-iegularity.Jbf Ifc'believed thoir vessels wife, us strong and of na much power as> the porfoimanco of theil contract de- manded, but tliey were building ships of Steater power, sticngth, and speed, in order Jo meet the utmost requiiemcnts,; They bo heved trÄy woi(ld succeed, if they had lair play, in-their undertaking-(applause). Ho we begged to thank'them'again in'his own »arno and that of the Directors for the kind manner in,which thoy had.! received the toast Mgreat cheering.) . «um . " CMr. Galbraith, the manager of the Company, pioposed'i'.'Tho health of Oaptain Hyde, the commander of the Oncida." ,"Häs8ald tile com- pany had'elected, Captain Hyde ,out of a host of gentlemen, and he believed they had got Hie rightTtfnn'in the righi; place. ,'&.. was

'every irichrf sailor, and a good many loot a RcntlemanJl-iLaugliter-ancTchecrs.)- - -

CaptairTHyde begged to iVûtuin, thanks for the manner in which Mr. Galbraith had mioken of Jiim and the ways in whicli it liad ween received, iThcie might have been a ¡xttor man selected, but one moid siucerolvi devoted to* th^ir service they could not have chosen. (Qheois) Mr Galbraith said ho had iwen a good seaman. He was happy ito say that be hád'mddo'many voyages to Australia with entiic-succcBs, and in less time than any. other mmii'-'Ho trusted that.he should have health aftfl''gtrbngth to perform his'ditty to the Company and the imblic-in general. He lurlieved the Oneidu to be a good ship- hehad eviry confidenç her, hnd^he hoped ho Should, in bommanding her,-rcalise their ex- pectations, whem tliey' placed confidence in bun. (Applause.) ' r' 'l

If i Mr. \V. Lindsay lose to propose the toast of

Success to Emigiatloh, and in doing so would take the opportunity of praising the Company'B ships. They lind to look at tho comfort of the paraengeis as well as the stow- age of merolinndise, and lind performed that duty effectually. Two of the Company's ships «ad been in the service of the French Govern tnont, and no two ships had performed thoir work moic efficiently. He would remark of the Directors that they woro not mere specu- lators, but a few men of substance, who had ween the architects of theirown fortune. Thev were or that order of men who had mode Eng

«ana great, and he was sure that if any meuf «)uld carry out that undertaking their Dl

rectors would do so, and perform their con-» wíctfl: with honour and success. (Applause). 1 Anis line would open an immense extent of 1

coùntryHhafcJwafrn'èVeî;knoWfiJMdHJ,%ûWfÎ& ; believed that at lens't'15,000 .children would \fc '. ! broiightjyMt^^^ Ha ! ' -would proposo thQrto.û8t,of> ' Success to Emi- : : cratlon,"cpupledJwitlvthü,namoofMr.Donaldi

Mackay t)f Liverpool, a Dhectorof tho Black, i : Bnh-Liño-oí; Packets to Australia?'*'; .'-'"-'>"!.

Mr. MnOkäyr'ittiieply to'thë'todBCrSaid h j. ' ? would not affcct'tobo ihsonsiblatp,»h'e. import '? ance of 'the'pBlaq^i Ball line bfipaoketB, with

which he ; was 'connected, butihe muât admit '?? i tho great comforts .afforded'by this line. ; Nothing had so marked tho reforms of the last : fifteen years as'thé.'provifiiori'for.tlie'carrying ! 'of emigrants. Mr. Mackay then, w.qht into a

¡détail of the miBoriesóf.the.old ships, or boxo3 ' rather; ia which: the -poor ¡emigrants suffered ' from'want- of ventilation|--from'hunger and

from fever, tho miserable vessel-being,'îto rjùcritly scarcely better than,rä;pesthöÜ8B,, and) ? the deaths' frightful in;riiimber.,He contrasted) ! that-state of -things,with- the -comfort; and j health, enjoyed hythe emigrant« now^not one) {of.-whom died oman ordinary voyago;" Ho

spoke of the increasing trade,of.Australian

wlióijfe exports were'JSoO.OOO á day, and would) ¡ ? àfhpûnt '.to twöhty' millions a ,yBàr..,:Afteri ' ', somc'ifurther statistics, he "concluded bynro> ! posing" "A fi'ee-and-:independent:Prcs8,'.' to whicli'Mr. Talveyrbspofidedi'-' '!";,',';' ,. ]:\ " :., . ; Tho'Chairman; oh^aRain^i.a'ing,',.said, that) !ho"'should . hot- have ¡boen.',surprised ati theJ Peninsular and i Oriental 5,-,Company fooling) gricved'.at their ; approaching their sacred1 Í waters,'but he .was ?.gratified-' to1'Say that as' sooft as'theyftpiíi'oachbdíthemfóryásaistánce,; they met them with kindness-(beor, hear).j That Company was well ; represented thora ?that day by Captain Engledue, and ho (the Chairman). spoke.of -them'as a; Company of thd rhost permanent character. __And he waa1 (happy to say-flfat; the gontléméñiOEthe Royal ; Mail Company had also .assisted 'thénvin thol . kindest maanor. - They "risked thatfcómp'ápy'. . ¡to"coal?i'them at'St.-;Vincent's,.'And.i''

«iic'é'Jagi'éed to do BO.' ,VHo':,wöpldVprÖpb3b i'''Succ6sstothosoCómj)ahie|,ándcoupIó wltû'i i tjie, tonst the name of Oapt; Engledue. I (Graat [ ;íippláu"BC.) i-i'i. Vi'.: .',-/?. l':i!fj. ?:..?.i-i r Captain Engloduo roso^to acknowledge the ' tcns'to'ii behalf of'tho Peninsular and Oriental ' Company. ' He considered thëir"sbtccèss'had . icEÚlt'ed from a fixed doterminatióu'tü carry , out -their''work-; effibicütljv'i'aiid'; carefully ' «voiding trespassing bri other, persons'ground. 1 Thélr, toute and stations hod been established ; at'á considerable'expense'. ' Arid,"with re-j

ferenc^ to Australia,1 r the ; Peninsular and Oriental Company had'had tho honour of conveying her Majosty's máils'fór áporíód of two/j'cars; andát a very .considerable I033. Nevertheless, the .company .were \ ready and willing to give their ,friends,.the European, ; and.Australiaii Company, tho.benoflt of their

. experience and äeaisfanoe in carrying'out that : !. desirable object-viz;, a rapid anïr!çertaia' ' 1 steam postal communication' with' Australia.

¡, As'thc'-Oompany's\reprosphtativo;',at,'SÖuth-i 1 dm'fttör«, it should not'be'from ahy'wantbf

co-op'eratibn on his part if a failure took' -; He :had been ,?identified with: - the 4cninBular an& Oriental-Company for nearly \ twenty- y ears, and' considered himself 1 the' pioneer of the . present.' successful it communication ' with' ; the,'.'.' east.' ." The

European . , and Australian! -, Company liad, acted, wisely, in- sèleoting Southarap , ,töri as their port of departure, for in no part of

tho world were thero greater facilities offered dför docking, ropair, and tho general equipment of à steam"- fleet. The engineering .establish-' nient of Messrs. Summers'and!Day lie con- sidered'unequalled in'ánypart of the world! ' 'any arriount of labour being at'oommand, in the shape of shipwrights, joinors.paintors.&c.^ " He feltassured tho European and Australian

Company .would find it to their interest to follow'.the example of the-Poninsular and' Oriental Company; and take advantage of tho opportunities afforded by the merchants and tradéBmch of Southamptom in the equipment ofthcir.vcsscls. For this kind compliment to : himself bo begged to return., thom'his beat

thanks, and assuredthem that they would haye his most cordial support and beet wishes ; for their success. (Great applause.) ""' ' ' .'" 1 , ''The'Ladies" having been,.proposed, and

duly responded tu,'the;company shortly"after left the vessel, much'¡pleased, with, the hospi

, talit'y sl^own,'arid.tho adrairá ! which,'pervaded the .whole,'and'returned to . town by/special train;- - . .'i-.-.-<; -.-n:



1 Iii our impression of -Tucs'dây (October 14)

thoro appeared an account" of ..a fatal affray ..which'took place onboard the OJiampioa of

'.theiSeas. ' Yesterday (October 10) ' ¿ho, person1 ¡ charged., ;wliose name isV Thomas.'Ahdersoii, was brought before Mr. Mansfield, ia custody : of detoctlvo officer Kennedy",1 who Bald: the1 prisoner' waa giv;U in chargé "by,; Captain,, M'Eirdy;.;of the'Champion.of"thc8¿a8, for; ^having caused the death of-a ? passenger ott; "iboard., Captain M'Kirdy ,said thore wa3 a ...fight took place between tho-prisoncr aúd'do ?íceased on the.deck of tho vpsael.., .He didnofc 'febe It,' but 'was called Up, ; aud ' foundV.tho' do

ceoaca dying or'iloiul at tihoiimo. ,'riio-Bur-'

;-eeon of tlic sh¡i> said, ; about mid'day- on/'thB1

/Ist October, ho waa called up.'to'Bée'&ëtfeaïod,

? and found him on the deck in arecliuihg'pbsl-' 'tlbn; .Ila felt.for pulse,but could not find any;! ' :Ho oponed ;a vein, but'only about a ' teaspoon,'1 1 ''.'full of blood carne. Thé;man was dead. Ho -

'subaetiuently made a. post mortem examination' 1, ofitlie.bpdy, and ineiaethohead ? he found Au

injury, oxteiidiug behind tho left ear to throe-' . inches. ' i'i'hore was blood corresponding with '.- injury effused on the brain, and also into tlio ' substance of the brain. AU the other, .organs , of the body.witli tlie exceptioaóf the kidneys;

wore» in a healthy state. Death, no doubt , whatever,, waa oaiusedby the injury déScribod,'

-and that injury waa the result of a 'blow or a ifoll. ;,Mr. 'Mansfield: Then tho ; man died : fromi external violence, as marked . ,by 'tho

inferhal'injuries? Witness: Yes, The iu . terna! injury was caused by the external

, violence..;? Mr. Mansfield: ' Ye,s,,'.that's. what .JLmeun,'as the marks, corresponded. ., Sur- geon! They did exactly. John Armstrong ,one of the, passengers by the7 ship, said:both .tho' prisoner! and deceased wore passongors

also. . I-was, prcscut at tho time-the trans- action took Place, which resulted in the death ', of {tho deceaaod/ One of the pnsaengorsand

deceased had a diapute about the payment of -arbottle of ale, aud,deceased called the p'ri i 'ç?Çc,;> aP," ,}oft tho, matter, iii disputo to him'. ', He -decided nghiuat the deceased, who than

became-angry and 'violent,-.- 'and . called I "the prisoner .bad names.'' -They had

.some .words, when deceased began. to ! kick at tho prisonor. Thoy wrestled a round i .?.t1twci, and the, prisoner struck With his data;

but the -deceased; continued to kick, and said' j ifho could, hot strike he 1 could kick. Tho

: second mato carno up and told the deceased ¡ togo away; but he refused, and1 continUod to1

kick the. ruisqner. Thoy thon "grappled each Other an,(i,;wrestlcd. about, when 'both fell on' -'tboidock., the deceased ,'beitig 'under. 'Mr.' t,MTR^:! 'Yo,V,r.say "deceased" began1 l.-;M,; Witness : Why so far as what I" :"ÏSy?i,'JU?t',. 6iatcdl ""o' did,-!"for I ?jüaf

?tcir, tho, whole of it. In 'ioply 'to Mr Snowball,-who defended the lirisoner, the wit f jibBSBatd what,the.prisoner had-done wa3in

his own defence from the kioking of the do ' «««ed.. The captain, in reply to Mr. Snow'

ball.'eaid tho.pnaonor expreBsod'great sorrow ' nt;1'.Ï UM happened. There were two

other witnesses produced, and thoy gave ex-' "actly tile,same version of the case as .tho'firat 1 witness, :Mr. Snowball said': there wore'two'. ';'-'?Vi^«>n8on'thecase-^first.'iwaa'the deceased' ;;kylpd by the-prisoner at all? and, -Hecond, it J',hb,1yfero¡killed,.did"the prisonor-tlo' it in1 his

,0w.aa defence? From the evidence it was ^çloarrthat-the ;affoir was an uufortunateAoci ; ;ççnt-,<or one of chaucer, On the cVidonce be

?-,, forcitlieícourt; no j ury :on earth could convict" ' ijanaVhc therefore oalledfor the iprisonor's dia

(?^lorgo. ' 1 ?->?.? ? ? '''? '.- «???-'; ..' ?-* ? ?-'.'

Mr. MansfleldMia líc.fó.untl'.ky.doQÜmeu'tar 1 handed to hirrt, tliat.thc authorities had done l-.'f bat seemed toliim a very,necessary thingoa

:'board, they hadheld a coroner'si'inqUest on .ithehody, andihad very projièrly-rctùrriod 'au >?? open»vordjet in the case. ,Hc did nota-emem "hor_a precedent for holding arl inquest on shin aboard, except oáo,onthe voyage:of Sir Walter 1 «Balejgli,!when,, on the .vordict; thero^wás'' A /;Wr«4Tjrmiige;d. He thought tho Ohhmpiöu'of .jithaSenss jury.-had'donebètteri'both lu'their "l'í^^dingaíand their verdict. -lIt was quito jclearjfrom,the evidence thataiury cöüW 'not u convict the prisoner,- and therefore ifwas, u36

less to sond himifor trial.1 ;'.:He'fthönl'orderöd

-Wrxrto be dlBelmrged^^^rJï raperT ' ,.??

"i ^"MISCELLANEOUS.EXTRACTA '° vU ¡ ^¡FEWUK OnaiNlj^On THteBdaV; Obtbbor 14th . Felice Orsin ; 'fhu'Italian oxíío, rendorodBO

famous for his CBeapo from the'AuBtriaa^dun

! To /Mrs.-A'Beckett, widowofth'q lá'te'glftod magistrate, has been conajdorately^grantodb; "!tho,Preiidcr a>penslon Of £100 ptr armum,

Lord PalmíptonXJiberaUty-liítA-beWrur" ther 8hown3jqhe gift ofí'ílMVt^waMHW

S?i.^, havÇ rattde arrangemattts

i Miî$ r ^xw!,iBrne"-~0&»s-?o«'ö'"''i'

Tlio'palnful'.^neculàtlons to whibh tlfedate

.A.jj..T^ii:¿'.i'*i.., -Í ? i,..- j}ftrou: ¿e

it rest,- tho

i,«.-,,.-.-,,-.-",-,-,._having been ,j fb'nhd initbe'i'iver.-Liflfjyi'íunder such oirciím ij;stances ?.as^toJléawno doubt that his de1 Sith

was caiiBed by accidental drowning. Ths "< jury'ije'túrheft.'.a verdict' td that effect. ¡

?'. '' A, few: days ago npivards of one. hundred ", bakers bf Madrid waited on the constitutional

'álcadé',that they would''b8'ob -ligèfl to raise. the price. of bread ; the civil '.'goybrhbr, considering this act a' coalition, ^caused soybri of/the-more ; influential bakers r'fbbe arrested; and ordered fortrial.

iinii The 'Viennaccorrespondent of, ZeUTord'iai -latfcs thb'fdlldwlng: "MarsbnlRadetzkylately 'experienced á slight,,accidentan, getting ;Qff his horse, nt -his-general-quarters at Monza. The-doctors "háve forbidden him to mount -agaiüíj-andithe :old;hero, out. of, temper,"do îcld^bd that in;that base, be'should not com> "inàiicj .tho troops.""Noli only, has the Emperor ?puthoriBed-himJo-command the army fronia 'carriage-,'/.but jias inadb,bim'thb,present df-a ¡ Ijfiautiful'and suitable vbhiclo."

i - -The .Jesuit characters, a very , cbfispicuons.!partl',ih'the "Wandering Jewi" ; nrb'öhtirely omittbdiin tbe,;dfamaio£ ithat | name','just revived at the Theatre de la Gaieté, i PaWs;,a'hd'.it:',is,ndt:'allö,wed,to mention the

h'àùiblbf'Eugôhb'Suo, the author, in the play ! billS'. ' "?', ?-.,,-.,.. ,-..,. ,,-,: ,.-.- ..

I'The :Î/nW«-*.confirms/the intelligence given i sbrnje days ' ago'."to' the 'effect that, the, Sultan ' has/presented to the Emperor of the French ' the sanctuary' of St. Anne, held i by iiïèTurks 'since'the!capture' bf 'Jerusalem i by Sultan'Saladin.',,'.?..'..' ;. . ,c . . i TUB yACANT'SEES,-The Gazelle contains i i the quicial .publication of the elevation of Dr; I .Löngl^tb'thö seo bf/D.úfhávn, of.Dr. Tait to

th'e'Bce.ofL'ohdbn/ahd'of Mr. Trench to the deanery of-Westminster. A few moro days; ¡we'aplttbhend/.will'giyb us the.announcement of Air." Iiohgloy's" successor; in Ripon. This bishopric, would'have, been assigned before' nbwVbut for a difficulty which arose in nomi- nating ; a ' fifth' ' Oxford man; the last four bishops ' having boen selected from that 'university.,,,Thb, new Bishop of Ripon, wo behove,.will bo. takon from the other uni- versity.1 ;Tho two divinity professors and ona or, two ,of .the,heads, of, houses are /naturally supposed to have some probability of succeed- ing. « .The deanery of Carlisle Is likely to ha civenitd Mr. Oloso, the Chelton-, liainiwlio'has.long wished to retire from, that' laboi'ious.'post;-Morning Ileraldy : .:!,'"''?' ,.-', ï t-iPnonAiST.n'' >SENTENCE ON1 AncirbEAOûJf

DENISOÍÍ. -Tt.'is'fully,"expected, that', ,the seiiten'co;will;àuïpiint;td.'p»o oí deprivation of liis'ecclesiastical appointments, aamsly.-tlis Archdeaconry, ofTaunton, worth about £900 á yeaf';,.tliö ..Vibarago , of -East Brent, worth fl,OQQ.a¡yoar; "and a prebendall stall in Wella Cathedral, of snïall annurtlv'alué,1 'AU those. 'appointments will fall .to...tho. patronage'of Lord"Aiicklahdr,the bishop .of the diooose. Thora;; will' be' the '.power of,.'appeal to the Judicial;! Cbrnmlttoo' of Eri vy Council iuthia .c'aBóíl.'bujt.'iby the 16tli clause of the Church "Discipline Act, the Archbishqp of Canterbury 'will not be permitted1 to sit on tliat occasion. '.?-MbtiiiftqChrüTJiclé.. ??..' '? ? '',,'

i IA Honniriii:' ASSASSINATION.-One of those 'leVoltlüg the heart sickens, and vvlilch have be'cbnio BO common iii thesodnyB of enormity,was committed in this.county'on the ¡night of the 26th Sept.' ?,Tiho 'Victims were Mr. A. E. Moore, his wife, . phdr.a,'lovely, .orphan : girl, 12. years old, who wasi'by adoption, one of tho family. They had-just seated themselves at .the supper table iii the 'entry of their house, when tho assassin,/'¿.bolly fixing a rest for his gua by pfoppln'ga'board ' between the two sits»«! of althea".-twenty steps from the table, And.,,in-,full, yiew.;of his unsuspecting vic- tims', discharged - at them a double-barrollod guiv, At.ithe first fire Mooro fell. His wife, who,sat on his left, exclaimed, "Lord, have mercy!" and" at' that instant; received the contents' of, a'sceofid gun, fifed iii quick suc- cession. She .fell instantly, and the orphan girl,' who was seated on- Moore's right, and betweon. Mr. Moore and the assassin, sprang .into'v the. house and called for camphor, hut before the servant could, get to her'she waa dead. ',Mr. Mpofe1, received three shots in the ? head ahd/fo'ijr lu the : right, 'Side, of the chest.

'Disarm, aboyo the elbow was much shat .' tercel and.¡the 'hand shot through. He lived a'fevv minutes, but -, never- spoke. Mrs. Moora rècei vedi four'shots in ;.th'e.face, and novar seemed tb'iliàve'hrqathed.',after she fell. A Bingle ' shot.'.struck'., ..thó;; ..young girl a 'little! to "the' .left,' of /the /spine, passed ''through" the- heart; i;and, looming out ;tt ' tliejlçft nipple, lodged 'in lier clothes. I have

this shot in;my,'poB8ësaioh ¡i it- is /evidently a ißlug..'Mi*. Moore was unintelligent, amiable, ?worthy citizen. , Among,.tho most wartn héartdd.-Hvbmanly, hnd'bbnbvolent of lier sex, MTS1. Moore 'hndinoAnp'erioiv"..¡Without chil , dren -herself,' slie'hñd',,shbiyh' fchegdodnesa of her nature îh'.àddpting.frbin/nmo'ng the indi- gent çhyeij, ,h'ppiéICBS, orphans, on.whom she not duly,, lavished'all'the'carc-and kindness of a nidtilier, nut by will lias icntiiem mow but itwlo-j-a -j'oung'ilady. 16'hnd1 a'bby 14 yeara). ..most of libr,l(»rgobfitatb;-T-M,aribh (Texas) Cor- respondent bf Ihb Wew Orleans' Delta.

' v ? ! THE/QUEEN v.,PALMERSTON.,. ..,., The'Bdv.''Çlftnévis'Trcricll,Iàt'dne .time' , confidently^njiméd ' as ' the' how .'. Bishop of

.GloucestcrJ'iá to be recompensed for his di?-. appointhiferit1 by"beipg made Dean of West- minster! '??' 'Sp/iSáys tliePws, and adds :-Via .believe it "to b'6 quito true that Mr. Trench was the cli'oibe^of the'Premier for the vacant .Bee/ ; His'family bcliè'vbd'tlie appointment!

settled, na'tutor the announcement in th» :T¡ine¡,\ the brötherrof"the"!revercrid 'gentleuiah wrote tôfcoTVebt niiierror liïadbb'y that jbiiinal, in its ''bipsrailhfcal.hótlce of ,thc new bishop, and' tdd!<,tlijb!',fact dr"the;.,appointment, a=s grafitbd.JiBiit there was one individual whoso i pleasuii- lirtd'Hbthdon Consulted hefortj tho ap-

pointment.WOB vii-tiially mtítlo,' The .Queen,

public joufnnVnud declined /to siinctioh au, appointment 'On' which,¡)iof. pleasure ha I

never liten'tàkèn.' The bbriyequonce was that' Mr. ,ri'ifi'ncli'l(,hii8Bod.. his//iutendûd elevation',1 and'tlinjt' pf. Bating-was raised to the vacant bishopric in his place. The. lesson we hope will Wtiboilost'ion'the'Premierpit is obvi ouBly indecofotiBthat thb'Qubeh should bo iiratinformed of her nominations through a 'ricwspáp'ur/'f''.^, ",','i ".'?. ??'???>vW -?':- : : '

,: A"TTB>rrr (TO Pól.sdN:/WlTNE3BES OM A TRUfii

-Ani ifafamouB'attempt WaBi'niade ou Tues-, doy/Oct. llthj¡.to'poison tii'libctiss'a number of withCBBe?.>yhOi;had;;heeni Bubpoihacd to give'evidence on a.trial at theWorccBtershira' Quartet Sessions;?''? The partids for trial woro SergeantrMarriott and; Private ¡Barm, of the' ,32nd Bogim'e'riW'-ánd Henry:Tipper, a cab- man, who were charged with robbing an old pensipuer-rramed, Burrow ,of. fourteen seve roigns on ,tholi)thdf August lnstiu The'trial, would take plácb'iri due course at_tho_Quarter. Sessions -;this- week; atid^Tthe' witnossoi .were, assémlbjjid/'. iii Worcester , on. Tues ilay 'foi- ; .¡tap," purpose.,of.-/ giving! evidenoe-' Tipper háti.becn-ádmitted to bail, and it ap

pdars that attempts had beqn made previously ¡ idprevehtjii^ticotaltliigiitscourse. Itseoiha that Tipper goOlie-witnesacs-together -at-a beer holise,,i!i!i,Worce8ter on Tuesday,..a

sont"a man-named l!ury,,;5vhb.:was, to:lia.._ been a vvitiiqsSifbi.thedbfonce.itO'a^tlruggist'i shop for forty-five grains of opium1, whichhe' reprcseniedti.wAa'wanting to poison u.lioräj wltli.: !Tli^wholerof''thls~a"ppeai-s '"to have 'been thrown into nqiiart,of,aIe,-which,Tipper proposbdl to 'treat" the witnesses with.

Three of the witnesses". drnpk'Ofi the -akvbtit' A'fourtb, qh''Mttjng'it'.td,hi8 lipav wasrstrucK with its ijecjiiiàjrly bittéritAsto, and said sonia-'

thing 'bad,,:l)een-;¡nmtii'into''ie;'~i,Atíbth'br'of; the party, acting promptly upon thii'SusiUciou iwhich w^s tlntiá^oiifiod.'ran'td thé èhbp of Mr; Tyler, thro"dr'uggi8t of whom the opium had been! purchased,;:anà,-who lived closo'-'ab hand,' where,he learnt thntaiman.':answering tho deseriptjoii; of BuryAhad pnfbhaAcd opium,

as : ¡already ? described,' and the imrty returiied.' to the beer shopijusti bs^BuVy vías leaving it He collardd bim, and, finding the three' mea who - had jpATOlceri of ' the beef were already very ill', lie gave him into cuBtody, together with Tipiier;and','''m(idicalv.asii8tànce being promptly Beonredfthb drugged "vitriesses were' Hofar recovef;bd'iitnight,nB;ío¡.be able ¡to go before tho Grttp/dj Jury,>who have ïeturnod á true- bul against.¡Tipiienattd his compauiona for:felony., ¿"-Un .??/%?? ?'?' '". '? '?> ??? "

. BEÏJEVOLENT- .Ajrvi.uM.--'We;.,arè7,'ihforin9d

that the Orangd'institiitiouin this oity has

contributed the handsome sum, of £1C0 to the | Ifunds of this 'institution. ,,

[ '-;.'Kl3i*nji;SBKTATl.'ÔK'" iÓF,' TUE CITY. - Mr. H. ¡Langlands is'.again in the field as a candidate for.Melbourno.and will immediately issue his address to the elcoto'rs; ' ','., ,

t^'CoWrt'AuT AcqUPTED.-(From last,, night's

tíóv'ehiJhe)it Gd¡£ctle.)- Jamos -Hllet,'!for coal- ] pletionof prdrnises 'at /Avenal for the puf poses-'of a'Coiift House 'and Pdlicb'Baf ráck8,-^400. íi«vn ??-i '"> ""."' i;i:"./;':,,,1?:,!'/,".'

'7,'ririî CAXTON Ci,un,-Thi8(irlöwly-ofganiso(l.| association 'announces aii amateur,perform-' ano^toiiiake .placo ,at. Coppin's Olympic on the 3rd of January', tho proceeds of 'which\ performauco¡nrc-íOibe devotéd'to'tüo fund for the roliof of ithevBlck nnd necessitous widowi

and orpliansiconncctcd with the printing pro. , fession. ". u