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November 20.-Moiisam, barquo, 108 tons, John M'Doiiald, from Hobart Town, lütli inst, rassongors -Cabin: Mrs. Campbell and two children, Mia3 Guard, Mrs. Read and child ; and throo in tho stoora"o. Captain M'Donald, Agent. °

Novombor SO.-Ilugh Roberts, schoonor, 95 toii3, F,

CrilHtlis, from Newcastle, N.S.W., 8thiii6t.No passen- gers. J. L. and C. Burke, Agents.

Novombor 20.-Emma Prescott, brig, loo tous J Staunton, J3r&niJIobart Town, loth hist. Passongorj -cabin: .Miss E. Reynolds, Mr. Armstrong, Mastors Crook and Laidman ; and five hi tho steerage. Goorco Lowis and Co., agonts.iT'

Novombor 25.-Monarch, barquo, 316 toUB, G Kully from Sydney, loth inst. Passongors-cabin : Mr and Mrs. Steele and family, Mr. Quinn ; and five in tho steerage. Downiug, Griffiths, and Co., agents.

November 20.-Harp, schoonor, 144 tons, H. Olarko from Auckland, 10th October. Passongors-cabin ; Mcssis. Flomiiig, Landers, Littloton; and four Intho steerage. M'Pherson, Francis, and Co., agonts.

Novomber 20. - Champion, s. s. s., 300 tous, F. Helpman, from Portland, 25th hist. Passongors Cabin : Mr." and Mrs. Fisher and family, Miss Cox, Mossrs. Pearson, Browning, Stewart, Scott, Drapor, Burnie, Thompson, Russoll, Androws, Barber, Mitchell, Allen (2), Winter, Evans, Hoborts, Taylor, and 20 in the steorago. . J. Houty and Co. agents.

November 20.-rorro Yarra, A.S.N. Co., S.B.S., 500 tons, W. Boll, from Sydney, 22nd hist. Passongors Cabin :Mrs. Kondall, child, and servant, Mr. and Mrs J. Sands and family^ Mrs. Tooth and child, Mr. and Mrs. Yoamans, Mrs. T. Lovett, Mrs. Murnagio, Miss Chisholm, Messrs. J. Tooth, G. Rattorio, W. Spain Merlin, G. Lowis, J. Watson, T. Bibbs, O. Godfroy Palmor, Butler, and 72 in tho stoorago. W. P, White

and Co. agonts.

November 20.-William Buchanan, barquo, 100 tons, C. Clarko, from Nowcnstlo, N.S.W., 13th hist. No passongors. J. L. and C. Burke, agonts.

November 20.-Black Swan, S.S.B., 143 tons, A, T. Woods, from Launceston 2Cth inst. Passengers cabin : Mrs. Donnett, Mrs. Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Cook, Miss M'Donald, Mossrs. Harrington, Hogarth, VoUontlno, Nathan, Moorhead ; and seven in the steerage. W. Bayles and Co., agents.

Novomber 26.-Caroline, schooner, 120 tons, C. Smith, from Sydney 15th inst, Passongors-cabin : Miss Blewitt, Mr, Cooper; and three in the steerage. J. C. Clakre, agent.  

Novombor 20.- Workington, bl ig, from Twofold Bay.


Novombor 20.-Freak, schooner, put hack.

Tîovombor 20.-Noria Louisa, schoonor from Now

ens' le.

Novombor 20.-Mariquita, schoonor, from Warr-



November 20.-Svendborg, Danish brig, 840 tons. J, Jorzcnson, for Guam. Melchior and Co., agonts.

November 20.-Buonaparte, schooner, 120 tons, J. W. Robb, for Launceston. Captain, agent.


Novombor 20.-Gil Blas, 175 tons, Jolin Nicol, for Otago, Now Zealand. E. B. Cargill, agent.

Novomber 20.-Dew, 238 tons, R. Breckenridge, for Nowa istlo, N.S.W., in ballast. Colo, Bruco, and Norton, pgents.

No\ ember 20.-Nestorian, American ship, 098 tons, J. B. Mo.-ris, for Calcutta, in ballast. Flowor,' M'Lareu,

and Co., ngents.

Novomber W.-Ec7w, ¡.hip, 1180 tons, J. W. Boyd for Callao, in ballast. Clcvo Brothers and Co.)


November 20.-Vixen, schooner, 120 tons, M. M'Donald, for Launceston. J. O. Brown and Oo.< agents.

NOA ember 26.-Tay, ship, 008 tons, J. A. Grant, for Ss'dney, with part of original cargo from Bordoaux. Flowor, M'Larcn, and Co., agents.


November 20.-Pioneer, schooner, for Launceston.

(SAILED ronT raiLLir- UBADS.)

November 20.-Athletce, ship, for Bombay.

Novcmbor 20.-Black Swan, ship, for Callao. November 20.-Sumatra, ship, for Manilla.

November 20.-British Trident, ship, for Calcutta.


For. LIVERPOOL- Ocean Chief, 80th Novombor' White Star, early. '

POR LONDON.-Blackwall, R.M.S., 30th Novombor

Copenhagen, 10th January ; Admiral, 12th Dooombor; | Orwell, 23rd Doe. ; Mermaid, George Marshall, early.

Fon BRISTOL.-Morning Star, on arrival.

Poa Poar ALBERT.-Storm Bird, ovory Tuesday.

FOR WARNAMBOOL, PORTLAND, AND PORT FAIRT. Champion, steamer, ovory Friday ; Lady Bird, ovory ¡Tuesday ; Queen, steamer, ovory Wednesday.

FOR SYDNEY.- Yarra Yarra, this day. FOR SraoMORK.-Gazelle, oarly.

FOR HONO KOKO.-Time und Truth, 1st Dooombor.


November 20.-¡tousam, from Hobart Town : 50 tons stone, 40,000 foot timber, 20,000 palings, 20,000 shingles, 150 posts and rails, 1 cart, 2 bales, 1 cask honey, C packages furnituro, 1 lemonade machine, 8 Iiogslieids brandy, 80 pockots hops, 1 halo cotton, 20 packages draper), 3 horses. Order.

November 20.-Hugh Roberts, from Nowcastlo, 2T.S.W., 110 tons coal, 278 bags maize, Ordor.

Noveinbor 20.-Emma Prescott, from Hobart Town . 40,000 palings, 61,000 feet sawn timber, SO.000 shingles, 75 packages furniture, 1 carriage, Order. .

November 20.-Monarch, from Sydney : 2,009 bagi maize, 10,000 feet limber, 00 tons patent fuel, 50 pocket* hops, 700 baga oats, 207 casks bottlod beer, ,Ordcr.

November SB.-Harp, from Auckland: 100 tons Kaurie gum, 7 casks pork, 188 do.lblack oil, 1} tieroos tobacco, IB kegs butter, 1 caso axos, 1 do. saddlory, 8 horrels pitch, lbalo bags, 302 bags guano, 40,000 laths,


Noiombor 20.-Champion, from Portland: 100 hales wool, 100 caskB bottled boor, 330 bags potato« Order. . '

Novombor 20.-IP. Buchanan, from Nowoastlo, N.S.W. : 140 tons coal, 2,280 bushels maizo, Ordor.

November20.-Black Swan, from Launceston: 303 bags potatoes, A. T. Woods ; 10 do. oats, J. O. Brown; 1 case boots, J. Watts ; 200 packages ¿oosoborrlos, 0 kegs oilmen's stores, 1 balo, 442bags oats, lease kan-' garoo skins, 1 do boots, 334 bags potatoes, 4 horses


Novombor 20.-Caroline, from Sydney: 20 quarter casks wine, 20 octavos do., 90 casos gin, 30 cases brandy, 29 hlids. boor, 9 cases matches, 899 wator pipos, 17 packages machinery,l ease do.15 drays,212 pair stocks, 29 quartor casks vinegar, 295 bags maize, 250 do. wheat,

20 bales hops, 2000 spokes, 300 felloes, 11 tierces sad- I dlory, ß cases do., 110 packigos grocorios, 15 packages furniture, 1 boiler, 37 dozen shovels, Ordor.


Novomber20.- Vixen, fiom Launceston: 80 oars, 15 bags flour, and 200 sheep.

November 20.-6717 Blas, from Otago: 4 hlids. i j qr.-cosks brandy, 20 chests, 20 half-chosts toa, 255 bap ' sugar, 20 Itcgs, 10 bags rolls, 2 cases hardware, 5 doz. Kcytho-polC3, 5 eases, 1 cask drugs, CO bars, 8 bolts, 9 slieots iron, 1 bundle hoops, 1 case drapery, 50 bags salt, 2 iron safes, C eases stationery, 14 boxos tobacoo. C half-barrels applos, 2 cases vinegar, 5 cases axos, 1 cask spirits, 40 cases brandy, 40 casos Geneva, 20 casks arsenic, 5 bundles lonthcr, 1 bag saddlery, 4 casks soda, 0 doz. reaping-hooks,^



November 21.-White Swan, from Melbourne,


November 21.- White Swan, for Adelaide



November 21.-Dobsons, from Holbourne.


November 19.-Maid oftlic Valley, for Melbourne ; SVininr, for Adelaide.



November 19.-Glencoe, from Port Albert ; Binni T, from Sydnoy ; Lady Leigh, from Whaling.


Novombor 20.-Tasmania, for Syí noy. Novombor 21.-Pet, for Batavia.

No\ omber 22.-Glencoe, for Port Albort.



November 19.-Comet, from South Sea Wands.

Novombor 20.-I'arra Karra, from Melbourne Grafton, from Clarence River.

Novombor 21.-Viola, from Hobart Town ; Sex Nymph, from Adelaide ; Shamrock, from Morton Biy.

November 22.-Edward Oliver, from Liverpool.


November 19.-Marchioness of Londonderry, for Madras ; Brilliant, for Holbourne ; Waratah, for

Wido Bay.

November 21.-Thomas Royden, for Manilla; Prince Alfred, for Japan.

POST OFFICE NOTICE.-MAILS OUTWARDS.-It Is no- tified at the Goneral Post Office that malls will be mode up for the undermentioned places, closing as follows :-Blackwall, tor London, 20th, Inst., 6.80 p.m'; Yarra Yat ra, for Sydney, this day, 12.45 p.m. ; Ocean Chief, for Liverpool, this day, 11.45 a.m. ; Black Sican, for Launceston, 29th inst., 12.45 p.m.

OCEAN CHIEF AND BLACKWALL.-Wo notlco that tho former of these favorites of tho Australian flcot, lias been detained until Sunday morning, consequent upon tho Interruption of business by tho general

holidays. i

Both those vessols will, therefore, sail on-Sun Jay morning, and an interesting raco will bo tho cjn fccquenco, as, no doubt, both captains will do their

utmost lo dollver thoir gold and mails first, and tho I i ctult will bo looked for hero with much interest. I

Last year a similar raco occurred botwoon tho

Lightning and Blackwall, as they sailed from Port | Phillip heads together on the 28th Deccmbor, the re- | suit M as In favor of tho Lightning, as she arrivod boro < eenie thirty-flvo days before tho Blackwall, tho latter vessol having made a long noBsago. Tho Lightning it probably, at this timo, about sailing again from . Liverpool, as ' she loft this port with a full cargo, on !

the 27th August lost. I

THE ABSCONDING SAILORS.-Two of tho absconding ci ew from the Day Spring have been captured by tho , Mounted Police They had engaged themselves at

soroo work on shore, near tho Surrey river. Nino ' sailors for tho General Hewitt "have beon ongagod in ' Melbourno, and sont down by laststoamor. Yostorday a eonstablo was put on board the General Hewitt, to Îirovcnt any desertion from tho vessel by tho now

lands, the Captain not having yet como down, ho being doloinod in Melbourno to ongago moro soamon.

-Portland Guardian. j

The barque John Williams will, wo understand, bo detained hore for about a fortnight, in ordor to under- go the repairs necessary in consoquenco of damage sustained in a hoavy gale on tho 9th of October last. She has hod a rather boisterous passage, and has loät her bowsprit, davit, boat, sprit-sail yard, and jib boom. This vossol is tho property of tho London Missionar)' Society, and was built about ten yoara ago from a hind raised by tho collodions of children chiefly in connection with their schools, and has tra Versed these seas "on formor occasions in furtherance of tho objects aimed at by the society. Onher prosent ?voyngo she loft London July 23rd, calling at tlio Capo of Good Hope, from which placo sbo sailed on tho 7th of October, and arrivod at Hobart Town on Sunday 10th inst. Honce sho will proceed to Melbourno, Sydnoy, and Polynosla, and in all probability will not

lovlslt Europe for four or five years. Wo hoar that ! during her stay in this port public meotlngs will be ' called to elicit the sympathies of this community in j tho causes of Christian missions. Shortlyboforo hor

reaching the Cape of Good Hope a seaman committed j suicide by throwing himsolf overboard, it Is Bupposol

Ina fit of iusanity. Tho only vessel reported by the j John Williams is tho Sutkdge, bound for India, which ! left the Cape fn her company on tho 7lhult,-Tas- mania Daily News, 20tU November.