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BECENTfcY British televiewers saw' something unusual: a     bearded 47-year old bachelor, has been knitting ever since he was three years' old, knitting is his life work and his hobby. During tiie last 27 years this plump,

amiable knitter has lectured about knitting to SO million women, de signed thousands of patterns for men, women and chlldrenr He designs knitting patterns by sitting at a desk and dictating instructions the way a business man dictates letters. His profes sional life is spent designing for a knitting wool manufacturer; in spare moments at home he knits for himself or for some fortunate friend. And £0 all those' frightened women who are often put yS by formidable-looking instructions, he says: 'Take it stitch by stitch and it'll work out fine. . Never look through the leaflet first or you'll be too scared to start*' -How right he is. Many's the jumper we've not made because the instructions looked so fierce. * * *

FILM STAR TO STUDENT PERHAPS many people have wondered what became of the pretty Australian child film star Helen Grieve, who appeared in 'The_Overlanders' in 1945 and * in 'Bush Christmas' the follow ing year. Now an attractive blonde of 19 years, Helen is one of the first year students at tending Sydney University. Brisbane people saw Helen at the premiere-..- of 'The Over landers' in which Chips. Rafferty was the leading' actor. He was also the . horse thief in 'Bush Christmas,' the children's story which was so popular in England. ? — ? - — At— that-H£nie 'Helen aur prised us by saying that she would not like to take on acting as a career, despite the fact that she was con sidered talented enough to 4o so. She has now decided that ag there is very little film work available in Australia she will do a science coarse,

j^jKilk-^a^ai«T»ljbiniiig the IMplwBatfclSarps. - : -^-^'v' .,- *---. ^-*-^-- i3pdicr::orr:trg~a3vertjsers/ maybe, *^» but hsyeo't-most radio listeners been waiting for this ? Dr. R. Clarke Jones, of Massachusetts, has in^ vented a new device that automati cally cuts off radio advertisements and broadcasts only music. , The device wiJI silence the radio]

after one or two syllables of speech, and turn, the radio on again after a tSar or so of music, ' either vocal or ''instrumental, has been played. It is expected to cost between J 5 and 20 dollars'1f^placed-orrihe market. jA Word of warning, though. It is unabfe to discrimirtate be tween ordinary speech, drama, or' advertising, so please put it out of action before it's time . - for your favourite serial ! , . ♦ *- * LEATHER HANDBAGS HAVE you noticed that leather handbags are. being replaeed by ones of grosgrain, suede and similar fabrics ? A leather hand bag 16 worth taking time and

trouble over to keep it looking handsome, especially as this kind of handbag may become some what of a rarity. ' r~ Clean and polish' it every month with a good cream, and clear it out frequently. Don't fill it to bulging, because a little of this treatment and the pouch will pull away from the frame or you will find that that the grip will not fasten. If you have a vacuum cleaner, use the brush or dusting attachment to clean the inside of your handbag. * * * WELL SUITED CERTAIN LY there has^ been \j nothing fprrtipr frown your thoughts during the last week than a winter suit. But if you intend making such a garment for the winter, with wool as pre cious as .the golden fleece, it is wise to collect ideas so that you will get value from your choice. Make sure that the fabric is strong if you intend giving it constant wear. You will be right if you have a double-breasted jacket, slim skirt, and hipline. in terest. Perhaps pleats, folds or pockets will accent the basque of the jackets; collars, a touch- of fur or velvet will highlight the neck; or buttons will fasten everything, even the skirt.