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There were great doings at Schwerin (Ger- many) in October, owing to thc marriage of Prin- cess Elisabeth, sister of the Grand Duke of Meck- lenburg-Schwerin, with the Hereditary Grand Duke of Oldenburg,which took place there.

Á few days before a gala performance was given at tho Opera House, the first part consisting of an entertainment specially arranged for the occa- sion. Art, poetry, and music were symbolically represented, songs being sung and recitations given in excellent style. The towns of Schwerin and Oldenburg were pictorially, reproduced, the counterfeit presentment of the bride's magni-   ficent home (the grand ducal palace at Schwerin) and of the stately castle at Oldenburg, which will be the bridegroom's inheritance, being re- ceived, with great enthusiasm. The principality of Oldenburg is small, but its castle is famous for its handsome gardens, its valuable collection of pictures, and its fine library. The Hereditary Grand Duke being still in mourning for his mo- ther, who died last February, the invitations to the wedding were confined to members of the family, but these were sufficiently numerous to secure a large and distinguished party. Among the guests were the German Emperor and his brother, Prince Henry of Prussia, tho latter being specially interested in the event, as it was at his country home that thc Royal couple met and the betrothal took place in the summer. The bridegroom's father and brother, Grand Duke and Prince George of Oldenburg, as well as the Duke and the Duchess Alexander of Oldenburg-distant relatives from Russia-were also present, in ad- dition to the Grand Duke and Duchess Wladimir (eldest sister of the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg Schwerin), the Hereditary Grand Duke and Du- chess of Mecklenburg Strelitz, the Duke and Du- chess Paul, Duke and Duchess Johann Albrecht (brothers of the Grand Duke), and Duke Friedrich Wilhelm, Duke Adolph and Duke Heinrich (half brothers).

The bride, who is tall and fair, with a bright complexion and kindly expression, looked radiant in a dress of white satin embroidered with sil- ver; her train, which was the one worn by her mother at her wedding, being of cloth of silver, magnificently embroidered with silver flowers in high relief. The Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg Schwerin wore the lovely dress that she had for the coronation of the Emperor, which set off her beauty to the best advantage. It is of rose colored silk embroidered in silver, the train, which is embroidered in like manner, being of a deeper rose colored velvet, while the bodice is made in Russian fashion, with hanging sleeves of velvet. On her head she wore the Russian Koko- schnik, a splendid tiara of velvet, covered with jewels. Her young daughter, Princess Alexan- drine, who was only confirmed last month, and who will come out this winter, wore a pretty girl- ish dress of pure white satin, daintily trimmed with pink roses, her train of white satin being surrounded by a wreath of roses. The Duchess Alexander of Oldenburg and the Grand Duchess Wladimir also wore the Russian court dress. All the princesses, but none of the other ladies, had trains, carried by pages.

Alter the marriage ceremony there was a grand defiler cour of all the guests before the bride and bridegroom, and then luncheon was served to the Royal visitors in the armory, a handsome hall decorated with suits of armor and weapons, and to the suites in attendance in the Golden Hall.

The Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess of Ol- denburg left later in the day for their country place, Lehnsau, in Holstein. A new house is being built at Oldenburg for them, which it is expected will be ready by the beginning of December. The preparations for the wedding had to be made with great speed, owing to the necessity for the Grand Duke of Mekleuburg's departure before cold wea- ther sets in, as in consequence of his delicate health he is always obliged to winter at Cannes. -The "Queen."