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The Recent Royal Agricultural

. Society's Show.


Tile Sunshine Harvester.

The subject of the accompanying illustration ls one of the moob striking evidences of the advance made during recent years In agricultural machinery.

Australian farmers are not slow to avail themselves of the means thus afforded for rapidly dealing with large and small : areas . of growing grain. When in action the Sunshine Harvester is usually drawn by three horses, and the driver operates the machine wlth

; out-any assistance. It . ÍB only a ;

few seconds from the first con7 tact with the reaping or stripping part of the harvester until the grain is saf ely lodged in the bags, after having been threshed, clean ed, and screened in the most tho rough manner, and with almost in credible dispatch. The inventor, Mr. Huglr V. M'Kay, has spent 13 years developing and perfecting his machine in a quiet way. The demand goes on increasing. Last season, although the factory ac commodation was largely extended , and the staff increased to over 100

workmen, it is said that the sup ply was not. equal to'the .demand, and many orders had to be refused. The company's factory and ma chine shops are at Ballarat, Vic toria, and are worthy of inspection by farmers from a distance visit . lng that colony. Since the first

invention of the Sunshine Harves ter several years ago, it has made rapid progress among the farmers of Australia, auci is now extensive ly..used "in every colony of the group. ' In Queensland it ls the principal machine used, aud far mers aver it suits the conditions of-the dry- plains of the west of the'colony most admirably. Mr. M'Kay was also the exhibitor of

The Sunshine Harvester.

the Sterling Stripper, Bonnie Binder, Wendouree Winnower Chaff-cutter, etc., all of which bear the stamp of Mr. M'Káy'a masher hand in every detail. Ail these machines are in use from Cape York to Perth (West Australia), and are giving every satis faction to Mr. M'Kay's customers .'Ui every colony.