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A Royal Marriage  




The marriage of H.R.H. Prinncess Louise Victoira   d'Orléans, only daughter of T.R.H. the Duke and Duchess d'Alencon, with H.R.R. Prince Alphonse of Bavaria, youngest son of the late Prince Adal- bert of Bavaria, was celebrated with great pomp and splendor on the 15th instant in the Chapel Royal of the Königliche SohlosB Nymphenburg, near Munich, the residence of the bridegroom's brother, H.R.H. Prince Louie Ferdinand. Seldom is such an assemblage of royal personages seen together as that which filled the salons and chapel of Nymphenburg Castle on the occasion. Nearly every country of Europe had its representative. The Royal Family of Bavaria was a host in itself, consisting of H.R.H. the Prince Regent, H.R.H. Prince Ludwig (eldest son of Prince Regent and Heir-Apparent of tho throne of Bavaria), H.R.H. Princess Ludwig (nea Arohda. hess Maria Thérèse of Austria), and two Bon» and two daughters. Princes Ruprecht and Carl, and Princesses Adolgo jde and Mario; Prince Leopold^ (Booond eon oí Regent) and Princess Leopold (nee Archduchess Gisela, daughter of tho Emperor of Austria) with their two daughters, Princesses Augusta and E iza beth ;. H.R.H. Prince Arnulf (third und youngest BOC of Trinco Regent) and tho Princess Aruulf (no . Prin cess Therese of Lichonstein) ; H.R.H. Princes Thérèse (daughter of tho Prinoo Regent); HRH, PrinoPBB Adalbert, mother of the bridegroom, with hot two daughters, Princesses Elvira and Cl*ra; H.R.H. Princess Amelie (daughter of H.R.H. Duke Car Theodore) ; H.R H. Duke Max Emmanuel and the Duohess (née Princess Aurelio do .Saxe Cob irg Gotha) ; and H.R.H. Duke Ludwig. Tho foroign Royalties consisted of : Queen Isnbel II. of Spain (mother of the Princess Louis Ferdinand), th-ii Majesties the ex-King and Queen of Naplea (the lattor is sister of the Luchess d'Al nçoD), H.R H, the Duke of Gonoa (brother of the Quoon of It dy), tho Duchess of Genoa (née Princess Isabel oí Bavaria, sister of the bridegroom), H.R.H. Archduke Salvator of Tusoany and hiB wife (nco ArcbdichiBE Valerie of Austria, daughter of the Emperor of Austria), H.R.H. Prince Ernest of Mtinin gen, and the father and mother of tho bride, the Dake and Duchess Alongon, with th-Mr only eon, Prince Emmanuel, who, with tho Count d'Eu (brother of the Duke d'Aleneon), respresentod the Count ol Paris, head of the House of France. By quarter-past 10 all the guests had assembled in one of tho beautiful salons full of works of art, paintings, and ouriositios, exquisitely arranged by tho artiatio handB of the charming chatelaine, Princess Louis Ferdinand (nee Infanta Paz of Spain), and mostly brought by hei from her own romantic country. At halt-past IC the ceremony of tigning the civil marriage took place in one of the adjoining salons in tho presence oí Baron Crailsheim, Minister of State, the witnesses, and guests. Then all adjourned to the Chapel Royal, where the religious ceremony was porformed by the Archbishop of Munich, assisted by soma high dignitaries of tho Church. After the marriage vowe were pronounced, a nup ial MBBS, with full choral ac companiment, was celebrated. The déjeuner wae served afterwards, and was a very brilliant affair. The enormously loner table was beautifully orna mented with garlands of flowers, and waB one masE , of silver and cut prlass. Tho service was vieux Sóvres.

The menue wore very pretty, conaisting of the portraits of the bride and bridegroom (busts), surrounded by little Cupids, two of wnioh support tho Royal orown, being etched in pen and ink on ivory. The bride's dress was of white peau do soio, perfectly plain, ' without lace or trimming of any kind, made with a

long Court train. The bodioe was quito high to the throat, with a little fulneBS, whioh was brought into folded pleats at the waist, the Bleoves were high at the shoulders, tightening gradually down to tho wrist, where, out in flaps, they fell over the hand to the knuckles. She wore no jewels or ornaments of any kind except a wreath of myrtle, and a spray of the same mixed with orange blossoms at the throat. Her veil was of tulle falling over her face, and cover ing her dress to the ground and reaching to the end of har train behind. Tho young couple left that after noon for the wedding tour en route for Venice. The bride's travelling dress waa of dark blue cloth, qoito plain, with a long tight jacket of the same. Her hat was small and round, of dark blue straw, simply trimmed with ribbon of the Bamo oolor.

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