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Mr. Milner Stephen.

Mr. Milner Stephen, whose death was recently recorded, was a gentleman very widely known throughout Australia. It appears, from the parti- culars we have received of his death, that though his illness was brief his sufferings were so intense that an operation was decided upon, not with any definite hope of prolonging his life, but to relieve his agony. The operation disclosed the fact that he was suffering from an exceptional case of stone in the bladder. The calculus, it is surmised, had been forming for probably 50 years. He was a man of firm and positive opinions as to the

existence of the other world and its influence in and on the lives of men, and in his last hours this faith did not desert him, for his last words were "I know I'm going up there, and am glad to go. I never did harm to anyone." His death took place at the residence of his adopted daughter, Mrs. Ralph Ward Tomlinson, where he had been since his return from New Zealand. The funeral was attended

by Messrs. F. Stephen, sen., F. Stephen, jun., W. Stephen, and Evelyn Stephen, the last named having come specially from Sydney to re- present the family. Numerous wreaths and floral tributes, testified to the affection of his bereaved friends. It may be observed, in reference to state- ments which have appeared in reference to the deceased gentleman's early career, to the effect that he was involved in criminal charges of which he was acquitted, that the affair in question arose out of an action for libel brought by Mr. Stephen against an editor for criminal libel. This took place in 1838, 56 years ago, and resulted in the editor being convicted and fined £50. Immediately after the editor laid an indict- ment against Mr. Stephen for perjury, but the case was abandoned after hearing the evidence of the complainant.